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Understanding Oklahoma Form 511NR for Part-Year and Non-Residents

When it comes time to handle state tax obligations in the Sooner State, part-year residents and non-residents must acquaint themselves with Oklahoma Form 511NR. This specialized document is tailored to ensure proper tax calculation and compliance for those who haven't resided in the state for the entirety of the tax year.

Eligibility for filing Oklahoma tax form NR 511

To determine whether you need to file Form 511NR, you'll need to assess your residency status. If you lived in Oklahoma for only part of the year or made income from Oklahoma sources while living elsewhere, this form applies to you. It's designed specifically to allocate the correct amount of taxable income to Oklahoma, ensuring that you're only taxed on the income that's appropriate for the state.

How to Fill Out Form 511NR Oklahoma

Filling out this Oklahoma tax form might seem complex, but breaking it down step by step can take the guesswork out of the process. Here are the Oklahoma form 511nr instructions you'll need to focus on:

  1. Personal Information: Enter your Social Security Number, Spouse's Social Security Number (if applicable), name, and address.
  2. Filing Status: Choose your filing status (Single, Married filing joint return, Married filing separate, Head of household, or Qualifying widow(er) with dependent child).
  3. Residency Status: Indicate your residency status (Nonresident, Part-Year Resident, or Nonresident/Part-Year Resident/Nonresident).
  4. Oklahoma Source Income: Complete Schedule 511NR-1 "Income Allocation for Nonresidents and Part-Year Residents" to arrive at Oklahoma Source Income (line 1) and Federal adjusted gross income (line 2).
  5. Oklahoma Adjustments: Enter any Oklahoma adjustments (Schedule 511NR-C, line 7) on line 9.
  6. Income after adjustments: Subtract line 9 from line 8 to get line 10.
  7. Oklahoma itemized deductions: Enter your Oklahoma itemized deductions (Schedule 511NR-D, line 11) on line 11.
  8. Exemptions: Enter the total number of exemptions claimed on line 12.
  9. Total deductions and exemptions: Add lines 11 and 12 to get line 13.
  10. Oklahoma Taxable Income: Subtract line 13 from line 10 to get line 14.
  11. Oklahoma Income Tax: Calculate your Oklahoma Income Tax using the tax table or Form 573, line 22. Enter the tax amount on line 15a.
  12. Health Savings Account additional 10% tax: If applicable, add the additional tax on line 15b and enter a "2" in box on line 15.
  13. Oklahoma Income Tax (line 15a plus line 15b): Add lines 15a and 15b to get line 15.
  14. Oklahoma child care/child tax credit: Complete Schedule 511NR-E: Child Care/Child Tax Credit if you are eligible. Enter the credit amount on line 16.
  15. Subtract line 16 from line 15: Subtract line 16 from line 15 (This is your tax base) (Do not enter less than zero) on line 17.
  16. Oklahoma withholding: Provide W-2s, 1099s, or withholding statements on line 27.
  17. Oklahoma estimated tax payments: If applicable, enter the payments on line 28.
  18. Credits from Form 577 and 578: Enter the credits from Form 577 and 578 on line 30.
  19. Amount paid with original return plus additional paid after it was filed (amended return only): Enter the total amount paid on line 31.
  20. Payments and credits: Add lines 27-31 to get line 32.
  21. Overpayment, if any, as shown on original return and/or prior amended return(s) or as previously adjusted by Oklahoma (amended return only): Enter the overpayment amount on line 33.
  22. Total payments and credits: Subtract line 33 from line 32 to get line 34.
  23. Amount of line 35 to be applied to 2020 estimated tax (original return only): If applicable, enter the amount on line 36.
  24. Donations from your refund (total from Schedule 511NR-G): Enter the donation amount on line 37.
  25. Total deductions from refund: Add lines 36 and 37 to get line 38.
  26. Amount to be refunded: Subtract line 38 from line 35 to get line 39.
  27. Signature: Sign the form and provide your occupation.
  28. Paid Preparer's signature: If you used a tax preparer, have them sign the form and provide their occupation.
  29. Paid Preparer's PTIN: Enter the tax preparer's PTIN.
  30. Copy of Federal return: Attach a copy of your Federal return.
  31. Mail the form: Mail the completed form to the Oklahoma Tax Commission at the provided address.

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