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What Is an STD Testing Results Form?

The printable blank STD test result form is used to protect your health by diagnosing venereal diseases. Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can be conveyed through any sexual activity. This specific PDF form is designed for participants of Southern Illinois University. The form consists of several blocks with questions and necessary information about possible test results.

What Do I Need the STD Results Form For? 

The main reason for screening for STDs is to diagnose people with infections before they might transmit them to others. Here is the list of reasons why you might need this printable form:

  • People between 13 and 64 years of age have to be tested for HIV at least once in a lifetime according to their level of risk;
  • All women should be tested for venereal diseases every year if they are sexually active;
  • Pregnant women should be tested for infections like HIV, hepatitis B, and syphilis;
  • Bisexual and gay men should take a test for venereal diseases every year if they are sexually active;
  • Any person having unprotected sex has to get tested for HIV at least once a year.

How to Fill Out the STD Test Results Form?

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Go through all the fields and enter your personal information. The fillable STD Result Form consists of several blocks:

  1. In the first block, fill in information about yourself, such as your full name, date, Dawg Tag number, and answer the questions presented below.
  2. Include the information about what you need for the test.
  3. Next, you need to read the data about the incubation period and options for possible results.

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After successfully filling in the STD Testing Form online, do not forget to leave your contact details for the results before sending the filled blank to the address of a recipient.

Organizations That Work with STD Test Result Form Printable Version

Student Health Service

What people say

  • Delia Patel
    Fitness Trainer
    I recently completed the STD Testing Results form on PDFliner, and I was very impressed with the platform's user interface. The platform was very intuitive and easy to use, which made filling out the form a breeze. I also appreciated the ability to manage PDF pages, which allowed me to easily reorder the document and make it more organized. I highly recommend PDFliner to anyone who needs a reliable and user-friendly document management platform.
  • Amara Singh
    As a student, I needed to complete the STD Testing Results Form for my University, and PDFliner made it so easy for me. The platform allowed me to create fillable fields on the PDF, which made filling out the form a breeze. I also liked that I could draw, highlight, and erase the document, which helped me clarify my responses. PDFliner's sharing feature allowed me to send the completed form to my healthcare provider easily, and I received my test results in no time. Thank you, PDFliner!
  • Max Chen
    Graduate Student
    PDFliner's online STD Testing Results form was a lifesaver for me as a working student who doesn't even have enough time to sleep. The platform allowed me to complete the form quickly and easily. I also appreciated the ability to share the completed form with my healthcare provider using PDFliner's sharing feature. The platform's secure connection feature gave me peace of mind knowing that my sensitive information was protected. I highly recommend PDFliner for anyone who needs to securely manage important documents online.
STD Results Form PDF
(4.6 / 5) 44 votes
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