Virginia Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale

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What is the Virginia Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale?

The auto bill of sale Virginia is the official document that binds the seller and buyer of the motor vehicle. It can be a truck, car, or motorcycle. The document is widely used in Virginia. Yet, if you are from another state, you can’t use the same document. You may even find the difference in local laws that will not allow you to act similarly and use the same words.

The policy on taxes may differ as well. Normally, this document is signed at the last step of negotiations when everything is agreed between parties, and they have made an exchange of the product for money or plan to do it before the arranged deadline. The form contains details of the agreement and makes it legal. You can use the template filled and signed by the seller and buyer in court if you disagree with any aspect there.

The original VA bill of sale must be kept by the buyer. It is attached to the certificate of the title that the seller provides. These two documents are used to register the vehicle's new owner in the DMV's local office.

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What I need the Virginia Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale for?

  • You need a Virginia car bill of sale as a seller to provide specific data about the car, and the payment you’ve agreed upon with the buyer. This document secures your rights and declares the amount of money you receive during the transition of the vehicle. It also confirms that the procedure has a deadline when the buyer has to pay the total sum;
  • As a buyer, you need the original printable vehicle bill of sale to attach it to the other documents and register the car with the new name at the DMV office. This document specifies the conditions of a car’s transition from one person to another. You have to add the certificate of the title to receive the approval of the officials on the change of ownership.

How to Fill Out the Virginia Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale?

If you are looking for the VA DMV bill of sale PDF, you can easily search the local Virginia DMV website. The document can be found on the Internet as well. The easiest way is to use PDFLiner. Go there and enter the form. You can fill it out while you are online without downloading anything on your device. Use the tools that are offered there. Once you are done, save the original on your device. Send the document to the other party via email or print it and hand it in person. Here is what must be mentioned in the form:

  1. Provide information about the vehicle, including the model, make, year, color, VIN, odometer reading, style, and seller registration number;
  2. Provide information about the seller, including the name, address, and the amount of money the seller receives;
  3. Provide information about the buyer, including name and address;
  4. Sign the document and let the other party sign it.

Virginia Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale

Organizations that work with the Virginia Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale

  • Virginia buyers and sellers of motor vehicles;
  • Private residents in Virginia.
Fillable online Virginia Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale
(4.5 / 5) 35 votes
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