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No need to complicate each editing operation with scanning, printing and uploading additional tech. Now being online is quite enough. Just stay with us.

The whole PDF editing process won’t take more than half an hour. The first step is choosing the file, and we offer three ways for it:

  • Find the ‘Upload’ button on our website, click on it and upload the file you want to work on from your computer.
  • We have plenty of PDF forms to fill in and edit in PDFLiner database.
  • Simply provide us with the link to the file you need.

When the file is uploaded, you’ll get to the dashboard where you’ll be able to familiarize yourself with the whole set of our instruments. Firstly, let’s figure out how to add text to your PDF document.

Fill In PDF Forms Online image 1

Look for the ‘T’ button. It must be in the upper left corner of the dashboard. Click on it, then place the cursor in a place that you’d like to fill with text. The text box is easily dragged across the document so that you wouldn’t need to be too precise on your first try. Everything about your text can be changed, including the font, size, format and even color.  

PDFLiner offers its users such an exclusive editing option as signing the document online. You can find the ‘Sign’ option by the pen image. When you click on it, all there will be left to do is finding the most convenient place for your signature.

Fill In PDF Forms Online image 2

Besides the most used instruments, there are many additional options that are just as great. For example, you can add images to your document. Simply click on an ‘image’ icon and browse our database for the picture that suits you or upload an image from your computer. Another way of adding an image is to make a quick capture. To do that, click on ‘Capture your image’ panel in a PDFLiner Image Wizard.

Fill In PDF Forms Online image 3

Use ‘Erase’ and ‘Blackout’ instruments for quick transformations. The ‘Erase’ tool changes any given fragment of your document into white. The ‘Blackout’ tool, meanwhile, paints it all black. There’s also a ‘Highlight’ tool which is transparent and simply lets you mark parts of the text with bright lines without eliminating it.

Fill In PDF Forms Online image 4

With the ‘Date’ tool, you’re free to assign the document to today’s date or any other date of your choice. In the small cursor menu that goes with this instrument, there are options for changing the look of the date window.

To make document navigation easier, we installed a ‘Pages’ box into our PDF editor. It lets you switch between the pages of the file by clicking on their previews. This tool also lets you add extra pages or change their order in the final version of the document. 

Fill In PDF Forms Online image 5

Another superb function is ‘Add Fields’: it can transform some outdated PDF form into the very document you need. This tool provides you with a bunch of unique functions, such as creating extra fields with text, date or any other type of data to customize your document. The signing option is available here as well. And keep in mind that you can not just sign your files, but also add your initials.

Fill In PDF Forms Online image 6

Ready? Save

When everything is ready, just click on the ‘Save’ button in the upper right corner of the PDFLiner editor. It’ll take less than a minute for it to save all the changes in your document and place it on your dashboard.

PDFLiner Q&A Section

1. What is PDFLiner?

PDFLiner is a number one service for editing and filling the documents online. It also provides its users with secure cloud storage where you can keep your files and exchange them for editing and filling out by other users.

2. How to fill a PDF document online?

There are many ways of filling a PDF file online. You can use the text tool and add your text to the fields designed for filling out. Besides, you can add your fields for filling in anywhere you like. If all there is to fill in is your signature and date, use one of the options for quick editing. 

3. Can I fill and sign a PDF application form online?

Yes, with PDFLiner, all the stages of the PDF editing process are easily completed online. Besides signing the form yourself, you can send it to another user and get a notification once the form is filled and signed by them. 

4. How to fill a scanned PDF form online?

PDFLiner supports all the PDF-related formats. Simply upload your scanned file to our website just like you would do with any other file, and proceed with your work.

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  • Fred Walters
    Now that I’ve switched from Word to PDFLiner, I save lots of time processing and digitally distributing tons of billing forms, work orders, forecast reports, and invoices. In addition to this, thanks to PDFLiner, we’ve significantly minimized our paper consumption. Excellent tool that helps me cope with my business workflow faster and easier.
  • Peter Scheffel
    Self-employed attorney
    PDFLiner allows me to streamline the processes of generating and managing legal documents, as well as collecting electronic signatures for all my contracts and agreements. I like that I can customize forms on the go and access PDFLiner from all my gadgets. No more printing or scanning! That’s just brilliant!
  • Lisa Matthews
    University student
    When you’re a student, you deal with PDFs a lot… Newsletters, various worksheets, official forms you need to fill in and sign, etc… To me, filling out a PDF form used to be among the trickiest and most time-consuming things ever. But then a friend of mine introduced me to PDFLiner, and oh my God, my life has changed since then. It’s easy to use and has so many great features. Just awesome, I love it!
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