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(4.5 / 5) 141 votes

(4.5 / 5) 141 votes
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Get your OREA Form 100 Agreement of Purchase and Sale in 3 easy steps

  • 01 Fill and edit template Fill OREA Form 100 Agreement of Purchase and Sale
  • 02 Sign it online Sign OREA Form 100 Agreement of Purchase and Sale
  • 03 Export or print immediately Export OREA Form 100 Agreement of Purchase and Sale

What Is OREA Form 100 2024?

OREA Form 100 is an agreement of the purchase and sale between two parties in the Province of Ontario. The form was created to reveal the intention of the buyer to purchase the property. It documents the process of negotiations between two parties. The buyer reveals their intentions and desired conditions for the future sale procedure. The seller can make corrections in this Agreement of Purchase and Sale Form 100. 

What do I need the OREA form 100 for?

OREA form 100 in PDFLiner editor

Whether you are a seller or a buyer, you might want to preview OREA Form 100 Revised in 2020 here since you can benefit from using this document:

  • The buyer needs this blank to fill it with the desired conditions of property purchase. You can send the document to the seller as an offer you are ready to make. You outline your proposal and wait till the seller answers you back. You can ask for a detailed home inspection or insurance from the seller;
  • The seller can make the changes in the document. He can return the fillable form with the editions to the buyer.

Use the PDF available on this page to fill the form. PDFLiner provides all the tools to complete the document. Although the agreement consists of 6 pages, there are lots of explanations and only a few blocks to fill.

Organizations that work with OREA form 100 fillable 2024

  • Ontario Real Estate Association;
  • Ontario locals.

How to Fill Out OREA Form 100?

Step 1: On the first page, you need to write down the name of a buyer and a seller.

Step 2: Complete the details on the property, including address and frontage.

Step 3: Name the purchase price and the deposit you are ready to pay as a buyer. Put the dates and initials of both parties.

Step 4: The second page contains your fax, email address, chattels, fixtures, and rental items. If the property has HST, you have to mention it as well.

Step 5: Complete the page by putting your initials.

Step 6: Pages 3 and 4 contain the description of the agreement. Don’t forget to sign them if you agree with the rules that are mentioned.

Step 7: Page 5 must be filled by witnesses. There must be two witnesses and dates. You can include the signature of the spouse if you have one. There is a block for brokerage information too.

Signing OREA form 100

Step 8: The last page contains the names of both parties, dates, and signatures.

Step 9: Download OREA form 100 by clicking the "Done" button.

Form Versions

2015 Fillable OREA Form 100 (2015) Fill Out Form

FAQ: Editable OREA Form 100 Popular Questions

  • Is OREA form 100 legally binding?

    Yes. This Purchase and Sale Agreement becomes effective and binds the parties involved in a transaction as soon as all interested persons put their signatures on it.

  • How does a sale and purchase agreement work?

    A person wishing to acquire a property in Ontario should complete this document, describing their requirements. A seller can agree to these terms or make adjustments and send them to the buyer for review. When everyone is happy with the conditions, both parties sign the form.

  • How long does it take to complete Ontario real estate association agreement of purchase and sale?

    It is a fairly lengthy document of six pages. However, most of them are explanatory information for the parties, so filling them out will not take much of your time. However, be attentive when reading the explanations.

  • How to sign an OREA agreement of purchase and sale form?

    PDFLiner makes it easy:

    • When you enter the required data into the document, click on the “Sign Field.”
    • The signature creation tool will be opened automatically.
    • Choose the most convenient way for you, click “Save,” and your signature will appear on the form.
  • How to get OREA form 100?

    You can see the complete list of forms and download the one you need on the OREA website. You can also ask your realtor to send you the required document. Or you can find the purchase and sale agreement OREA in our library and fill it out with our editor right away.

Fillable online OREA Form 100 Agreement of Purchase and Sale
(4.5 / 5) 141 votes
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