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What Is OREA Form 510? 

Also referred to as the OREA Agreement to Lease Commercial Form 510, It’s a legally binding contract that reflects someone’s intention to rent a commercial property. It features vital data about the conditions of the deal. Both sides fill out this form before it becomes valid. Basically, the 510 form functions as an agreement sealing the lease-and-deposit deal and spells out the details about the property’s extra utilities. 

What I Need the OREA Form 510 PDF For?

You need this form to ‘seal the deal’ between the commercial property’s owner and the person or company who plans to rent it. Because it clears up the terms and conditions of the lease, it’s a solid foundation for both parties’ mutually beneficial cooperation. In case you face any difficulties filling the form out under your own steam, you can always consult an attorney for assistance. 

How to Fill Out the Form?

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The form consists of two pages. It’s rather straightforward and intuitive. The following points should be included as you edit the template to suit your situation:

  1. Agreement duration period.

  2. Renter and landlord full legal names.

  3. Details about the commercial building in question.

  4. Term of lease.

  5. Pricing details.

  6. Both sides’ signatures.

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Organizations That Work With the OREA Agreement to Lease Form 510

  • Ontario Real Estate Association.

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Fillable online OREA Form 510, Agreement to Lease, Commercial
(4.5 / 5) 72 votes
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