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What is the Bill of Lading? 

Bill of Lading is the document that is issued by the company or its representative responsible for cargo transporting. Although at first, this document concerned only the marine industry, now it is used for any type of transport.

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What I need Bill of Lading for? 

The Bill of Lading is one of the most important documents related to international trade. You need to submit it to ensure that:

  • Exporters receive payments;
  • Importers receive the merchandise;
  • The cargo is transported safely. 
  • The document accompanies the policy of insurance and an invoice. 

Filling out Bill of Lading

Bill of Landing is pretty short and consists of one page. There are several blocks. On the top left corner of the document, you need to specify the information about Agent and Contractor:

  • Shipping from: name, address, zip code, state and city, SID# and FOB;
  • Ship to: name, address, zip code, state and city, SID# and FOB;
  • Freight charges;
  • Special instructions. 

On the top right corner, fill the fields about carrier name, document number, etc. After that, go to the section related to customer order information and enter the following information:

  • Customer order number;
  • PKGS;
  • Weight;
  • Packaging;
  • Additional information about shipper;
  • Grand Total.

The last section is dedicated to information about the carrier. You need to specify the commodity of the shipment, its package, weight, and so on. 

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Organizations that work with Bill of Lading

Companies transporting goods. 

Fillable online Straight bill of Lading
(4.5 / 5) 101 votes
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