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There’s a slew of weighty reasons to choose an online PDF editing solution over desktop PDF editing software, including exceptional time- and cost-effectiveness, as well as plenty of functionality-related benefits some of the best cloud-based PDF editors boast. If you’re currently on the hunt for a great Sejda alternative online PDF editor, we’ve got something really special for you. Read on if you genuinely want to find the worthiest Sejda alternative PDF editing option.

Here are the features that PDFLiner, our PDF online editor, shares with Sejda:

  • Our Sejda alternative service grants you the possibility to avoid the daunting downloads when working with your PDFs and perform all the necessary tasks online.
  • You get to make the most of the service’s multiple editing tools.  
  • PDFLiner allows you to sign your documents online by simply clicking and dragging your mouse. Adding your signature from another file on your PC is also possible.

Wondering why exactly PDFLiner is the best Sejda alternative? Its selection of features is a lot more complete than that of the Sejda option. See for yourself below.

So, here’s the list of additional PDFLiner functionality:

  • PDFLiner conforms to international security standards, saving all your documents on Amazon S3 servers. In other words, with PDFLiner, all your data is 100% protected.
  • Enjoy creating customizable PDF files and add fields for varied types of content.
  • PDFLiner allows merging up to five files of various formats.
  • Annotate your PDFs by adding comments and sticky notes to them.
  • You get to share your documents with your clients or partners using URLs ore QR code.
  • Upon editing your document, you can print it out while staying in your PDFLiner account.
  • After editing your PDF file, you get to download it to any PC or mobile device.

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