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How to Make PDF Forms Fillable

PDFLiner is the service for ultimate PDF editing without wasting time on switching between multiple software and extra printing and scanning devices. You’re free to transform any uploaded PDF document to your liking. You’re also welcome to work with files from our database. With such useful tools as adding text, images, signatures alongside the possibilities of changing file formats, the process of working on your PDF documents becomes smooth and enjoyable.

Adding fillable fields to a PDF gif

With our online dashboard, any document you want to work on becomes your space for various changes. This means you can make any PDF form fillable by adding extra fields and open the already present ones for editing.

To add extra fields for filling out and use the whole set of tools that come with this instrument, you need to upload a PDF document yourself or choose one of the forms provided by PDFLiner.

Step 1. If you want to work with a file that’s not in our database, choose one of the two ways:

1.1. Choose the “Upload Document” tab on the main page and click on the button by the same name. After that, choose the file you need. It’ll be uploaded in a second.

Uploading PDF in PDFLiner screenshot

1.2. Choose the “Type Document URL” tab, insert the URL of the PDF file you need and click on the “Fill Now!” button.

Step 2. If there are no fields to fill in the form you uploaded, you can add them yourself. You’re free to add fields for text, number, date, image and marks. To access all that, click the  “Edit Form” button on your dashboard.

Adding fillable fields to a PDF button in PDFLiner

Step 3. To add a text field, click the “Text Field” button on your dashboard.

  • Place the field by clicking anywhere you want in the document.
  • You can change the size of the field by dragging its corner.
  • Click the “ОК” button in the quick menu to keep the field in its place.

PDFLiner screenshot

Adding a text field to a PDF screeshot

Step 4. To add a number field, you have to click the “Number Field” button on the dashboard.

PDFliner fillable fields editor screenshot
Note: If you need the number field divided into cells, tick the “Characters in cells” in the dashboard on your right  and write the number of the cells you need in the “Max length” field.

Step 5. The same scheme works for adding signature, mark and date fields.

Fillable fields editing tools

Step 6. To add an image, click the image icon on the dashboard and then click “Image” to place the picture where needed. 

PDFLiner image field editor screenshot

Step 7. Now you can save your fillable document and share it with other users along with an invitation to complete it. To make it available for you and your co-workers, find the red ‘Save’ button in the upper right corner of your screen, click it and operate the file from your PDFLiner profile. After that you can start filling your form in.

Editing fields order in PDF

Step 8. After you added all the data required, click “Done”. Your form is filled and ready to be printed or sent electronically.

FAQ: Creating Fillable PDF Popular Questions

  • Are there fillable PDF forms for free anywhere?
    Yes, there are several huge online databases for fillable PDFs, and ours is one of them. So if you care to find the form you need, search for it in the “Search for Documents” tab on our main page.
  • Can I find IRS PDF fillable forms online?
    Yes, there’s plenty of IRS forms right where you are, on the PDFLiner website. Check out the Tax & Finance category to find the ones you want to fill in.
  • What is the easiest program to make a fillable PDF?
    There are several programs that allow you to create fillable PDFs, and the easiest one to use will depend on your specific needs and technical skill level. PDFLiner is user-friendly and offers varying levels of customization, so you should be able to find one that suits your needs.
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Make any PDF Fillable at No Time with Online PDF Editor

  • Add Fillable Fields
    Make the most of our drag-and-drop instrument for adding text fields, signature fields, drop-down fields, and checkboxes to your docs.
  • Create Templates
    Create a PDF template from scratch and fill it out the way you see fit. Then customize it using our multiple features.
  • Send PDF for Signature
    Add signature fields to any section of your digital doc and share it with people for e-signing.
  • How to make a fillable PDF form without Acrobat?
    Acrobat is not the only tool to make a PDF document fillable. One of the ways you can do this is by using PDFLiner an online PDF editing tool. Simply upload your document here and follow the guide.

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Hear What PDFLiner Users Have to Say About Fillable Fields Feature

  • Ursula Griffith
    Real Estate Agent
    Working in real estate means you need to generate a lot of documentation. For instance, you want each customer to fill out and sign an application. You work with a lot of people, most of whom aren’t really enthusiastic about filling out papers, so having the opportunity to easily create a fillable PDF template is a life changer.
  • Blake Stanley
    Small Business Owner
    I really appreciate the fact that I can rely on PDFLiner to create a PDF document where my employees and/or customers can enter their respective data in no time. It has saved me so much effort! It does reduce the cost of maintaining the documentation, too, and there’s a lot of that in construction.
  • Lisa Morgan
    I was looking for an all-round PDF solution for my documentation as a freelance designer, but I didn’t expect to delegate part of my job to it! With this fillable PDF feature, it takes no time to make a wedding invitation template and send it to my customers. They love it because the field navigation is really intuitive.
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