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How to Share a PDF Online

Make the most of the PDFLiner PDF editing and sharing platform whenever you need to edit and/or sign your document with several colleagues. Our document management tool allows you to easily collaborate on PDF projects in real-time with your colleagues and partners, irrespective of your current location. 

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We’ve gathered all the ways of PDF sharing online for you:

Step 1: Upload PDF online to share

Start by uploading any form to PDFLiner from your PC, or simply find one in our forms library.

Share a PDF Step 1 screenshot

Step 2: Fill out and edit

Here you can fill out or edit your file, and then click the “Done” button in the upper right corner.

Step 3: Click the Share button

Now your file is ready for sharing. In the opened menu, choose the “Share” function.

Share a PDF steps 2 and 3 screenshot

Step 4: Choose the way to share your file that suits you most

1. By Email. 

If you want to share this document only with specific users but keep it closed for others, please enter your recipients’ email addresses and specify the permission settings (view or edit). In the “Notification Email Settings” category, you can customize the email subject and the notification text itself. Once you’re done, click the “Share” button.

Each recipient will receive an email with a direct link to the document you’ve shared with them. Collaborators will get the possibility to edit or just view the doc based on your permission specifics. 

2. Share PDF link

In case you want to simply share the form with anyone without, choose the “Public Link” option, specify permission settings and the link expiration date. Then copy your link and click “Share” button.

Share PDF online step 4 sharing options screenshot

3. Share to sign

The last option is to share the document so another person may sign the paper. If you choose it, the recipient cannot edit the document, but they also don't need to register on the PDFLiner site.

Share to sign button

Once the recipients finish editing and e-signing the PDF, they will be allowed to print, save, or send/submit it (only for users with access to edit). You will receive a notification that your document was edited or viewed.

Sharing a PDF Notification screenshot

Step 5. Track Your Documents

Keep track of your shared documents and edit the sharing settings in your dashboard.

Share PDF online step 5 screenshot

In the “Shared” tab you can see the documents that you shared with other users, you can also change the settings here. For example, you can change the permissions or a link expiration date. You can also stop sharing the document here.

Share PDF online Shared documents screenshot

In the “Shared with me” tab, you can see all the documents that were shared with you. Here you can see who is the owner of the document and the permission that you were granted. 
Share PDF online Shared with me tab screenshot


Share PDF files online with PDFLiner and enjoy the most user friendly features. Save loads of time on document management by editing and collaborating on documents electronically. As you can see the process is simple and convenient. Let us know what you think about the sharing process, as we are constantly trying to improve our service.

FAQ: PDF Sharing Online Popular Questions

  • How to share a PDF on Facebook?
    Simply include the public sharing link generated by our editor in your next Facebook post or send it in Messenger.
  • How to share a PDF as a link?
    Get back to step 2 of our instruction: there’s an option to get a URL for sharing your file in the “Sharing” menu or read a full guide here.
  • How do you link the filled in information in a PDF?
    For that, you must use the special link annotation function. Unfortunately, we haven’t edit it to our function set yet, but we’re working on it.
  • How to share a PDF on Twitter?
    You can do this with PDFLiner PDF sharing platform that lets you upload PDF online to share it as a public link on Twitter. Follow the guide from this article and find out how to create the link.
  • How to share a PDF on Instagram?
    Share PDFs online on Instagram is pretty simple. Upload your file to PDFLiner and create a public link using this guide, and then add this link to a PDF on your Instagram page. You can also save PDF as an image and upload it to your account.
  • How do I share a PDF privately?
    PDFLiner provides secure sharing feature:
    • Log into your account and upload your file.
    • Lock it with a password if needed.
    • Share your document by email following this guide.
    • Specify the length of the sharing.
    • Track the changes in your dashboard.
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Share Your Fillable PDFs with Online PDF Editor

  • Create Custom PDF Templates

    Work up your own unique PDF forms and edit them the way you prefer. Share your docs with anyone you choose for reading or editing.
  • Send Files for Signature

    Position signature fields anywhere in your doc and share it with the other users to sign.
  • Monitor Your Shared Files

    Keep tabs on your shared PDFs by making use of the ‘Shared’ folder in your account. Refreshes your memory instantly.

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