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How to Lock a PDF: Stepwise Manual to Protect Your PDF

The PDFLiner website provides its customers with the highest degree of protection and guarantees their data security so that you can safely work with documents of any importance. However, we understand how crucial it is to be able to protect your information further. That is why, among our online editor's multiple tools, you can set a password for documents. You can lock a PDF file from viewing, editing, and sharing with other users without your knowledge. It's not difficult to do it; just follow our short step-by-step instructions.

Protecting your documents with passwords allows you to restrict unauthorized access to them and prohibit unwanted users from performing certain actions on files. Without a password, other people cannot open locked PDF documents, edit, print, or comment on them. In some cases, extra caution is indispensable.

Step 1: Log In or Sign Up

First, you need to sign up to use our online editor and lock PDF from editing.

Step 2: Upload Document

You can work with your files and forms from our extensive catalog. If you want to use your document on the main page, click the red 'Upload Document' button, select the file from your device, or simply drag and drop your file.

Lock a PDF from editing steps 1 and 2

Step 3: Edit and Save

Using the editor, fill out your PDF form, add additional fields or pages, edit it, and sign it (if necessary). Then, save the document by clicking on the 'Done' button in the screen's upper right corner.

Step 4: Go to MyDocs

After that, a pop-up window with possible further actions will appear. You need to select 'Go to MyDocs' to open a list of all files added to your account.

Password Protect PDF steps 3 and 4

Step 5: Choose the 'Lock file' option

Opposite each document, there are icons with some actions. To see the entire list, click the button with three dots. The 'Lock file' option is at the bottom of the dropdown list.

locking file step 5

Step 6: Password protect a PDF

After you click the 'Lock file' button, you will be asked to create a password to secure PDF files. Follow basic safety guidelines when drafting. Combine numbers, symbols, uppercase and lowercase letters to come up with a reliable combination. Enter the password twice in the window that appears and click 'Lock.' This way, you save it, and no one can use the protected PDF file except you or people who know the password.

locking pdf step 6

Now please note that a lock icon appeared next to the protected document. You can add a password to PDF docs already saved in your account. Repeat the described steps for each file for which you want to set a password. Now all your data is even more protected.

What You Can Do with Password Protected PDF Files

As you can see, protecting all your papers is pretty simple. To do it, you do not need to install any auxiliary software or sophisticated apps; you can find all the necessary tools in our editor. Setting a password only means additional data protection, not completely blocking it from modifying. Editing locked PDF files will still be available as usual.

All saved documents are stored in your account. Since PDFLiner is a web service, you can use your forms on any device: a smartphone, PC, or tablet. You can set a password for the form you need at any time. You can unlock the required PDF files and allow others to use them if necessary.

You can re-edit them, add pages, pictures, and additional fields, send them by email, download them to your device in PDF or JPG formats, print them, or completely delete them from your account. You can also send a link to fill out the form or sign it to your colleagues and employees.


Password Protect Your Documents with Secure PDF Editor

  • Lock a PDF From Editing

    Make the most of our security features, one of them being the possibility to password protect your documents.
  • Secure E-Signatures

    Our ‘Lock PDFs’ and ‘Verified Signature’ tools allow you to elevate the protection of your e-signed docs to the max.
  • Monitor Your Locked PDFs

    Enjoy the convenience of easily noticing and keeping tabs on your password protected PDFs with our smart lock icon.

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