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How to Use Ask AI Feature to Chat With Your PDF

How to use AI PDF Reader GIF

Step 1: Find the document and load AI PDF editor

Finding the document in PDFLiner's library

Use the search on any page of the website or in the form above and find a PDF file in PDFLiner's document library. Click the "Fill this form" button and wait until the editor is loaded.

Step 2: Choose the "Ask AI" tool

Ask AI tool location in PDFLiner editor

Once the editor is loaded, you will see all the tools on the upper panel. In the right part of the panel, you can find the “Ask AI” tool. To start chatting PDF, click on it.

Step 3: Chat with your PDF

AI Assistant helping with fill out PDF

Once you click on the “Ask AI” tool, the AI Assistant (based on ChatGPT) will read your PDF and will be ready to answer most of your questions about it. You can now write your question or choose one of the most popular questions.

Best Use: AI Support Tool

If you are unsure how to use PDFLiner's tools or where to find the tool you need, simply ask the assistant about it. For example, ask, "How to add text to the PDF?". AI will highlight the tool you need on the toolbar and write you a complete guide on how to use it.

Using AI Assistant as support to add text

You can also ask, "How to save/download/print the PDF?" or "How to share the PDF?" and receive a list of tools you can use right there in the chatbox.

AI Assistant prompt ideas for support

Note: The AI Assistant is not an expert. It can help you with general questions about the document and PDFLiner. Still, if you need specialized or professional advice, consulting with a qualified expert in the relevant field is always best. The AI Assistant can provide information based on the data it has been trained on. It may not have the most current or comprehensive information, especially in rapidly evolving or highly specialized areas.

Chatting PDF Use Cases

There are many AI PDF Reader use cases that can help you get a better understanding of this feature; here we gathered the most popular ones:

1. Use PDF Summarizer

Let’s say you have a huge financial report or a user manual, and you don’t have much time to read it from cover to cover. Instead, you want to quickly understand the key points and takeaways without spending hours sifting through pages of text. This is where PDFLiner’s Ask AI feature comes in handy. 

Using this AI PDF reader and summarizer, you can write the prompt “Give me a summary of this document” or “How do I install this unit?” and receive a short summary or explanation.

Moreover, if the document contains complex terminology or is in a language you need to be fluent in, the AI assistant can provide translations and explanations to ensure you grasp the essential points.

2. Complete Assignments

If you have a university, college, or school assignment to read a book and then answer the questions, but you feel overwhelmed with other, more substantial assignments at the moment, you can always save some time by using one of the best AI PDF Readers.

All you need is to find the book in PDF, upload it to PDFLiner, and ask the AI assistant to summarize it and answer the questions about the book or paper.

3. Understand Legal Documents

We have to deal with many different legal documents like contracts, agreements, consents, etc. And sometimes, their wording can be a bit confusing, especially if you're not well-versed in legal jargon. It can be a time-consuming and daunting task to sift through pages of complex text to understand the implications and obligations entailed.

That’s why you absolutely should try the “Ask AI” feature to summarize the key points, determine whether the terms and conditions are fair, and explain complicated terminology in simple words.

4. Get Basic AI Tax Preparation

If you are not sure how to complete a tax form or even if you should complete this exact form, you can chat with the AI Assistant about the form’s requirements and general instructions for filling it out.

Here, you should note that if you have more personalized questions about your specific case, the AI advisor will not be able to help you as it lacks the ability to understand the unique nuances of your particular situation.

5. Enhance Learning and Research with AI PDF Reader

In the realm of academia or professional research, we often encounter a lot of documents, articles, and papers that are crucial for our work. However, going through a vast amount of information can be time-consuming and sometimes overwhelming. With the "Ask AI" feature on PDFLiner, you can expedite the learning and research process and significantly increase productivity.

By uploading the PDF documents to PDFLiner, users can prompt the AI assistant to summarize key findings, extract crucial data, or even provide a simplified explanation of complex theories or concepts contained within the documents. This can save you a lot of time and make the learning or research process more enjoyable.

Prompt Ideas To Chat with PDF Efficiently

The number of tokens is currently limited. That’s why you’ll need to carefully think about prompts to get the correct answer. Here are some examples that you can use:

  • Give me a 100-word summary of this document.
  • Analyze the terms and conditions and explain them to me using a list.
  • How to Fill Out {Form Name}?
  • Who should use this form?
  • Explain the term {term} as for 15-year old.
  • List the key points from {section name} of this document.
  • Provide a brief outline of the document.
  • Identify the main argument or thesis of this document.
  • Summarize each section of this document in one sentence.
  • Find and explain the importance of {specific term or phrase} in this document.
  • Identify any action items mentioned in this document.
  • List any dates and deadlines mentioned in this document.
  • Provide a simplified explanation of the procedure described on page {page number}.
  • Translate the main points of this document into {language}.
  • Locate and summarize any disclaimers in this document.
  • Are there any notable biases or assumptions made in this document?
  • Provide a bullet-point list of all the steps mentioned for {specific procedure} in this document.
  • Find and list all the references or sources cited in this document.

Each of these prompts is designed to extract specific information from a PDF document in a structured and concise manner, which can be crucial in a token-limited environment.

FAQ: AI Assistant Popular Questions

  • Can AI read books?
    AI can process and analyze book text through various Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques. This allows the AI to understand, to a certain extent, the content, structure, and context within the text. Despite being able to process and analyze text, AI lacks a true understanding of the content like humans do.
  • Does Ask AI use ChatGPT to chat with PDFs?
    PDFLiner uses OpenAI API for this feature, which is basically the same model that is used in ChatGPT. In order to read PDF in ChatGPT you’d need to use a plugin, and still, you will not be able to see the document and chat with it at the same time. PDFLiner’s Ask AI feature enables you to get any information that you need, while still having the document in front of you.
  • Can I use AI as a PDF summarizer?
    Yes, once you upload the PDF, you can ask the AI Assistant to summarize the document's contents for you. It will give you a short version of what this document is about in just a few seconds.
  • Can chatbot read PDFs?
    It depends on whether the chatbot is powered by modern AI models or uses simpler ones. PDFLiner’s chatbot is basically an AI assistant that can read and understand your uploaded PDF.
  • How many tokens do I get with Ask AI?
    You get 30,000 tokens for free. If you need more tokens, you need to subscribe to PDFLiner and get 500,000 per month tokens on the "Self-employed" plan and 2,000,000 tokens per month on the "Company Growth" plan.
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