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What is the Ontario Standard Lease Agreement

The fillable and printable online PDF blank of the Ontario Standard Lease form is a contract between the proprietor and renter created as a result of the typical lease procedure.

What I need the Standard Lease Agreement Ontario for

The Standard Ontario Lease Agreement template is needed for:

  • acquiring the right to occupy a rental unit;
  • forming a favorable legal environment where property owners and renters can cooperate;
  • making things more transparent between the two parties;
  • ensuring that everyone has equal, discrimination-free treatment in housing.

How to Fill Out the Ontario Standard Lease Agreement

Ontario Standard Lease Form in PDFLiner editor

The document consists of seven fillable and six additional informative pages (Appendix). Here are the major points you should indicate when completing the form:

  1. Landlord’s and renter’s names.
  2. Rental unit details.
  3. Contact data.
  4. The time frame of the current tenancy.
  5. Rent details: dates, total amount, and services included. 
  6. The complete description of smoking rules.
  7. Discounts and deposit details.

If you come across any problems when sorting out this form under your own steam, you’re free to seek professional help with it. Maximum accuracy and clarity should make up your utmost priority.

Organizations that work with the form 

  • the Ontario government.

Form Versions

2018 Ontario Standard Lease Form for 2018 Fill Out Form

FAQ: Standard Form Lease Ontario Popular Questions

  • How to sign Standard Rental Lease Form Ontario?

    To sign the Ontario standard lease fillable form, open the document in the PDFLiner editor and:

    1. Scroll down to the end of the 7th page.
    2. Click the "Sign Field".
    3. Choose a way to create your signature.
    4. Click the "Sign" button.
  • Who should use the Ontario Lease Agreement PDF?

    The Ontario Standard Lease Form should be used by any individual or organization who owns or manages residential rental properties in Ontario.

  • Does Ontario Standard Lease Form give discounts to students?

    Yes. Considering the fact that students are definitely pinched for money, Ontario Standard Lease Form is offering special discounts just for students. You can browse the special offers page on the website to find out more. Also, students can enjoy some student-specific benefits through the student discount program.

What people say

  • Alice Daniels
    Real Estate Agent
    PDFLiner's Ontario Standard Lease Agreement form made renting a breeze! The user-friendly interface made it easy for me to fill in my personal information, and the extensive library of pre-written templates ensured that I didn't miss any important clauses. Thanks to PDFLiner, I can rest easy knowing that my rental agreement is legally sound.
  • Jake Pritchett
    As a first-time renter, I was nervous about drafting a lease agreement on my own. However, with PDFLiner's Ontario Standard Lease Agreement form, the process was incredibly straightforward. The form provided helpful explanations for each section, and the option to sign digitally made the whole process quick and painless.
  • Maggie O'Neill
    Small Business Owner
    I was in a time crunch and needed to secure a lease agreement ASAP. Thankfully, PDFLiner's Ontario Standard Lease Agreement form was exactly what I needed. The form was customizable to my specific needs and easy to navigate. The ability to print or share the form digitally was also a huge plus. PDFLiner definitely saved me time and hassle!
Fillable online Ontario Standard Lease Agreement
(4.2 / 5) 117 votes
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