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What Is a W 8 BEN Form

An W-8 BEN Form is a document foreign individuals or entities use to certify their status as non-US taxpayers. A W 8 BEN form purpose is quite simple, and it is required by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to ensure that individuals or entities outside of the United States comply with U.S. tax laws. By completing and submitting the form W-8 BEN, foreign taxpayers can claim a reduced tax withholding rate on income received from sources in the US, such as royalties, dividends, or interest payments. If you are a U.S. resident, you must use a W-9 form instead.

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How To Fill Out an W-8 BEN Form Online

Filling out an IRS form w-8ben pdf online is a straightforward process. Here are the main instructions for form w 8ben to follow:

  1. Get a copy of the form: You can find and fill out this form for free on the PDFliner website.
  2. Enter your information: Enter your personal information, including your name, country of citizenship, and mailing address. Also, provide your taxpayer identification number, if applicable.
  3. Provide your foreign tax identification number: If you have a foreign tax identification number, enter it in the appropriate field.
  4. Claim treaty benefits: If you are eligible for treaty benefits, provide the appropriate details on the form. You will need to reference the specific tax treaty between the US and your country of residence to determine the applicable withholding rate.
  5. Sign and date the form: Once you have completed tax form w 8ben, sign and date it electronically.
  6. Submit the form: After signing the form, submit it electronically to the appropriate withholding agent, such as your bank or employer.

What Should IRS Form W-8 BEN Include

An IRS W 8BEN Form should include the following information:

  • Personal information: Provide your full name, address, and country of citizenship.
  • Taxpayer identification number: If you have a US taxpayer identification number, provide it on the form. If you do not have a US taxpayer identification number, you can provide your foreign tax identification number.
  • Claim for treaty benefits: If you are eligible for treaty benefits, provide the applicable details on the form. This includes the specific tax treaty between the US and your country of residence and the applicable withholding rate.
  • Certification of foreign status: Certify your status as a foreign individual or entity by completing the appropriate section of the form.
  • Signature and date: Sign and date the form to certify that the information provided is accurate.

Who Needs to Fill Out W 8 BEN Tax Form

The following individuals or entities need to fill out IRS Form W-8BEN:

  • Non-US individuals who receive income from US sources, such as dividends, royalties, or interest payments
  • Non-US entities, including corporations, partnerships, and trusts, that receive income from US sources
  • Non-US intermediaries, such as foreign banks or foreign brokers, hold the income on behalf of non-US individuals or entities
  • Foreign students who receive scholarship payments from a US source
  • Non-US residents who sell US property and are subject to US tax on the gain from the sale

Fillable online W-8 BEN Form
(5 / 5) 63 votes
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