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What Is Form 1099-B (2024)?

Form 1099-B, or Proceeds from Broker and Barter Exchange, is a document used by brokers or barter exchanges to record clients’ profits and losses throughout a tax year. Taxpayers use the data from IRS Form 1099-B to calculate their initial gains and losses when filling out Form 8949.

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What do I need Tax Form 1099-B 2024 for?

If you are a broker or deal in bartering activities, you have to fill out this form for each client who:

  • sold stocks, commodities, debt instruments, options, or other securities throughout the tax year; 
  • exchanged assets or services with barter exchange assistance;
  • got cash, stock, or property from the corporation you know, etc.

Mail a copy of a brokerage 1099-B form to clients by February 15 of the year succeeding the tax year.

How to Fill Out Form 1099-B?

Step 1: Click the “Fill Out Form” button to get a fillable blank.
Step 2: Provide the payer’s information (name, address, contact details, etc.) in the upper left box.
Step 3: Enter payer’s and recipient’s TINS in the section below.
Step 4: Include the recipient’s data (name, address, account no., etc.) in the left column.
Step 5: Form 1099-B online version for 2022 has 16 lines to fill out. Enter the required data in each corresponding box (a description of the property in box 1a, the date of acquisition on line 1b, the date of the sale or exchange in section 1c., etc.). 
Step 6: Once you complete a 1099-B form, click the “Done” button to download this printable form as a PDF file on your PC.

Organizations That Work With Form 1099-B 2024

  • Brokerage companies;
  • barter exchange firms.

Form Versions

2022 Fillable Form 1099-B for tax year 2022 Fill Out Form
2021 Fillable Form 1099-B for tax year 2021 Fill Out Form
Fillable online Form 1099-B (2023)
(5 / 5) 1 votes
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