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What Is Form 1099-Q?

If you are wondering what is a 1099 Q tax form, you are not the only one. This form was created by the US Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service. It is called Payments From Qualified Education Programs. This form is sent to those who pay for the school expenses of the Coverdell ESA or 529 plans. In this case, the report contains the number of withdrawals that were made by you during the year.

You need to use the tuition program to receive the document. Some of the money that is calculated in form 1099-Q may be taxed based on the way you spend them. Coverdell ESA and 529 plan are tuition programs that help you to save money on studying. They cover different parts of education based on your choice, yet, they have the same basics, which is the person invests money for the student, which is not taxed.

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What Do I Need the Form 1099-Q For?

  • The 1099-Q tax form is required by contributors to the tuition program like Coverdell ESA and the 529 plan. Whenever you decide to pay expenses for a school program on behalf of a student, you will receive this form. Some of the money is taxable others are not based on the amount you’ve spent on the program;
  • The administrator of the program sends you the tax form 1099 Q any time you pay for the tuition or transfer the funds to the accounts. You have to receive the form before early February of the next year after you’ve paid for the previous one;
  • The IRS requires the form to make sure that all the taxable money in the program is paid.

How to Fill Out Form 1099-Q?

IRS form 1099 Q is not complicated at all. You will quickly figure out how it is built. Once you learn what is a 1099 Q form used for, you understand that as a sponsor or contributor to the school program, you don’t have to fill it out. Instead, you have to expect this document no later than the middle of February.

The form is filled by the Administrator of the program and is sent to several recipients, including IRS and the sponsor. You can find the form on PDFLiner. The editor helps you to complete it online using numerous tools. Once you fill it you can send it online. You may also send it via email or print it and send it by regular mail. Here is what you need to include there:

  1. Include the information about the payer or trustee, mentioning the name, address, city, ZIP, and phone number;
  2. Write down the payer’s/trustee’s TIN as well as the TIN of the recipient;
  3. Fill in the recipient name, address, city, ZIP, or postal code if it is foreign;
  4. Name the account number of this person;
  5. Calculate gross distribution, earnings, and basis in sections 1, 2, and 3;
  6. Write down the year when the payment was made;
  7. Put a tick in the box if this is a trustee-to-trustee money transfer in section 4. In section 5 put a tick in the appropriate box describing the type of distribution;
  8. Put a tick in the box in section 6 if the recipient is not the beneficiary.

Organizations That Work With Form 1099-Q

  • Department of Treasury Internal Revenue Service.
Fillable online Form 1099-Q
(5 / 5) 51 votes
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