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What is the Ontario Rental Application Form 410?

OREA Form 410 is required by the state law of Ontario as a legal medium that allows residents of the state and other regions of the US to apply for rental. It gathers personal information of one or several applicants to let your local realtor find the most suitable property. Form 410 Rental Application isn’t accompanied by other forms, but you have to include your driver’s license number, ID number, employment data, etc.

What I need the Ontario Rental Application Form 2023 for?

Ontario Renting Application Form:

  • Is the safest way for you to apply for rental via any local realtor office;
  • Assures you that your rights as a tenant are protected by state law;
  • Is not obligatory to become a tenant but recommended by the government.

There are no time limitations for submitting an application for tenants, as it depends on your individual circumstances. Send it as soon as possible to receive a reply from the estate agency or realtor faster.

Filling out Ontario Rental Application Form PDF in 2023

OREA Form 410 in PDFLiner editor

  • The first section requires your name, age, driving license number, occupation, SIN number, and personal information of other occupants (children, spouse, etc.) In 2nd next section, provide the addresses of your two last places of residence, including names and contacts of landlords.
  • The next section relates to your present and previous workplaces and the current employment place of your spouse.
  • Next, you should provide your bank account details and payment account numbers. If you have any financial obligations, provide them as well. Then provide information about your vehicles, sign it up, and send it to the licensed local private realtor or real estate agency.

Organizations that work with Ontario Application for Renting Form 410

  • Private realtors;
  • Real estate agencies;
  • Landlord agents.

Relevant to OREA Form 410 Resources:

How to fill out an Ontario Rental Application Form 410? Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Open the application for rental in PDFLiner by clicking it;

Step 2: Enter your name, date of birth, occupation, and driver’s license;

Step 3: Enter the name and driver’s license of another person who will share the car with you if you have one;

Step 4: If you have pets, mention and describe them;

Step 5: Name the reason for leaving the current place of residence;

Step 6: Indicate the last 2 places of residence if you have them, including the address and name of the landlord;

Step 7: Provide the information about your current employment and prior one;

Step 8: Include the data on your spouse’s employment;

Step 9: Fill in the information on financial obligations and personal references;

Step 10: Name the models of your cars;

Step 11: In the end, you have to put a signature. Do it with PDFLiner as well; just use the left click on the appropriate box and create it in a minute.

Signing OREA form 410 in PDFLiner

Form Versions

2004 Fillable Ontario Rental Application Form 410 for 2004 Fill Out Form
2009 Fillable Ontario Rental Application Form 410 for 2009 Fill Out Form
2019 Fillable Ontario Rental Application Form 410 for 2019 Fill Out Form

FAQ: Ontario Rental Application Form 410 Popular Questions

  • What should you include in OREA 410?

    It is important to provide detailed information about you and those who will share the rent with you. You have to reveal the details of your previous rental history. You also need to prove that you are occupied and have a bank account, so you will need the details including the payment account number.

  • How to sign an Ontario Residential Application Form online?

    You have to use the PDFLiner to sign the document online without having to scan anything. The program allows you to sign it in the most comfortable way:

    • If you have to place a signature on the last page, and there is a box for it, just press the “Signature Field” with the left click;
    • Pick the “Add Signature” button and press it;
    • Choose the option you want, whether it is to draw a signature from the beginning, make a capture by the phone, or upload the one you’ve already created;
    • Once it is done, click “Save.”
  • What can a landlord ask for on a OREA Rental Application?

    The landlord may ask you to provide details on your previous rental experience, including the addresses and the names of previous landlords. You can expect to provide the phone numbers as well. You have to share your bank account numbers and the information about your current job and previous ones. You need to inform the landlord about your car and pets if you have them.

  • Where can I get the fillable OREA Form 410?

    The fillable application for renting is available at the official website of the Ontario Real Estate Association. Yet, if you want to fill it online without downloading it on the computer, you can use the form available on PDFLiner. You don’t even have to pay to use all the tools the program offers since there is a free trial period.

  • What is the Ontario Rental Application Process?

    The whole process is rather a period of time when the landlord is looking through your documents and deciding whether you meet the expectations and are right for the place you want to occupy. You have to gather all the data including your previous rents, job, financial situation, and make sure you complete all the boxes in the form.

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Fillable online Ontario Rental Application Form 410
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