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How to Fill Out a W-2 Form PDF in 2023

The printable W2 form (also known as Wage and Tax Statement) provides the correct sum paid to the employee and the taxes withheld from their paychecks during the year. Every employer should fill out this form by the end of the year. The amounts of taxes withheld and employees’ info are based on the information they provided with a W-4 Form.

W-2 example from the video

Step 1: Employer’s and Employee’s Information

On the left part of the blank W-2 form, you need to add data shown on your tax return and on the employee’s W-4:

  • Employee’s SSN;
  • Your EIN;
  • Your business name and address;
  • Employee’s name and address;
  • Control number (optional).

Step 2: Wages, Tips, and Compensation

Next, move to the right part and enter the employee's total wages earned during the year, including regular wages, tips, bonuses, and other forms of compensation on line 1. 

If the amount doesn’t exceed the 2023 wage base ($160,200), copy it to lines 3 and 5. In case total wages are higher, enter $160,200 on line 3 and copy the amount from line 1 to line 5. 

Suppose the employee received tips directly from customers and reported them as Social Security tips; write that amount on line 7. And if you distribute a portion of the tips received among employees by yourself, show this amount on line 8.

On line 10, report any dependent care benefits you provided during the year. This may include:

  • Dependent care assistance programs (DCAP);
  • Employer-provided dependent care;
  • Non-taxable employer reimbursements.

Step 3: Withheld Taxes

On line 2, write a total Federal income tax withheld during the year. This amount should be based on the employee’s taxable income and filing status they specified on W-4.

On line 4 report Social Security taxes. In 2023 it’s 6.2% of the SS wages (box 3).

On line 6 enter Medicare taxes paid during the year. This year's tax rate is 1.45% of Medicare wages (box 5).

Step 4: Lines 11 - 14

Line 11 is used to report your distributions from a nonqualified deferred compensation plan to the employee. This information is needed for SSA.

Lines 12 are to report other compensations or deductions using single or double letter codes that correspond to each. In the W-2 template, we use code D to show the employee’s retirement plan contributions.

Check one of the boxes 13 if they apply:

  1. Statutory employees are the ones whose earnings are subject to SS and Medicare taxes but not federal income taxes.
  2. Retirement plan box is for employees who contributed to their plans during the year.
  3. Third-party sick pay box is to report that the third-party payer made the sick payments.

On line 14, you can include any additional information you wish to communicate to your employee.

Step 5: State and Local Taxes

If your state or locality requires income tax withholding, you will need to report the amount withheld on Form W-2. Check the specific tax regulations for your jurisdiction to determine the reporting requirements and ensure compliance.

Once you are done, print W2 form and send it to your employees.

Form W-2 2023 Deadlines

1. To Employees

Employees should receive their copies B, C, and 2 of Form W-2 by January 31st, following the end of the tax year. Ensure you promptly provide the form to your employees, as delays can lead to dissatisfaction and potential penalties.

2. To SSA

As an employer, you must file Copy A of the downloadable W 2 form, along with the transmittal form W-3, with the Social Security Administration (SSA) by the last day of February (or the last day of March if filing electronically).

Real-Life W-2 Examples

Example 1: Simple Case 

first example of w-2 form

Sarah Johnson is an employee of XYZ Company, who earned a total of $170,000 in 2023 and reported $2,000 in tips. Sarah's W-2 form would be filled out as follows:

  1. The employer's (XYZ Company) and Sarah's information are added on the left side of the form.
  2. On the right side of the form, under 'Wages, Tips, and Other Compensation,' $170,000 is added to line 1. Since this amount exceeds the 2023 wage base ($160,200), $160,200 is entered on line 3, and $170,000 is added to line 5.
  3. Sarah reported $2,000 in tips, which is added on line 7.
  4. Suppose XYZ Company withheld $35,000 in federal income tax over the year. This amount is added on line 2.
  5. Social Security taxes are reported on line 4, which is 6.2% of the Social Security wages, i.e., $9,932.40.
  6. Medicare taxes are entered on line 6, which is 1.45% of Medicare wages, i.e., $2,465.

Example 2: Nonqualified compensation and retirement plan

second W-2 example

Consider Jane Doe, an employee at DEF Company. In 2023, Jane earned a total wage of $180,000 and received $10,000 as nonqualified deferred compensation as a part of her compensation package negotiated with DEF Company. In addition, she contributed $5,000 to her 401(k) retirement plan.

Here's how Jane's W-2 form would be filled out:

  1. The employer's (DEF Company) and Jane's information are added on the left side of the form.
  2. On the right side of the form, under 'Wages, Tips, and Other Compensation,' $180,000 is added to line 1. Since this amount exceeds the 2023 wage base ($160,200), $160,200 is entered on line 3, and $180,000 is added to line 5.
  3. Suppose DEF Company withheld $40,000 in federal income tax over the year. This amount is added on line 2.
  4. Social Security taxes are reported on line 4, which is 6.2% of the Social Security wages, i.e., $9,932.40.
  5. Medicare taxes are entered on line 6, which is 1.45% of Medicare wages, i.e., $2,610.
  6. On line 11, Jane's $10,000 nonqualified deferred compensation is reported.
  7. Jane's contribution to her 401(k) retirement plan is indicated in line 12. Code D denotes this contribution so that it would be written as 'D 5000'.
  8. In line 13, the 'Statutory employee' box would be checked, as Jane falls under this category.

Remember, these examples are simplifications and don't account for all possible deductions and tax situations. It's always important to consult with a tax professional or use reliable tax software to ensure accurate tax reporting.

Useful Tips For Fillable W2

  • Don’t forget about deadlines. Employers should meet specific due dates and provide the necessary information on time.
  • Copy A should be sent to SSA.
  • Copy 1 goes to the state, city, or local tax department.
  • Copies B, C, and 2 go to employees.
  • Copy D should be kept for records by an employer for 4 years.
  • Always double-check everything you enter in the form — especially personal info and calculations.

IRS Form W-2 Resources

Form Versions

2020 Fillable W-2 Form (2020) Fill Out Form
2021 Fillable W-2 Form (2021) Fill Out Form
2022 Fillable W-2 Form (2022) Fill Out Form

FAQ: IRS Form W-2 Popular Questions

  • What is the purpose of a W-2 form?

    W2 form was created by the IRS to reveal the amount of taxes that are usually withheld from the paycheck during the year. Use it to file your state and federal taxes. This document must be filled by an employer for every employee and sent to the IRS as well.

  • How сan I get a copy of my W2 online?

    If your employer offers an online portal for employee tax documents, you can log in and download or print a copy of your W2. If your employer does not offer online access to W2 forms, you can request a copy from your employer's human resources or payroll department.

  • Why is the form W-2 needed to file a tax return?

    The IRS needs this data on salary and wages for your employees if you are an employer. It reports that state and federal taxes are withheld from the paycheck you have. For employees, it is also important to receive the form from their employer. They have to include the information while filing the tax return.

  • What does a W-2 form look like?

    It's a one-page document with numerous boxes you have to fill. Some of them are signed with letters, while others have numbers for your convenience. The IRS offers 11 pages of the document. However, there are lots of copies of the same page and instructions to them. You have to provide information for 1 page only and make copies afterward.

  • When does an employee receive Form W-2?

    The IRS asks all employers to send these copies to their employees no later than by January 31 of the current year. It must be made after the accounting year is closed, which usually happens on December 31 every year. You can contact the employer if you don’t receive your copy until that time, and address the IRS further if there is no response.

  • What does a Wage and Tax Statement show?

    Wage and Tax Statement shows any income earned and taxes for the year before in order to be reported on income tax returns.

  • How to print the Wage and Tax Statement?

    1. Go to your documents or click the Done button in PDFLiner editor.
    2. Choose a Print option.
    3. Pick the needed device and click the Print button.

  • How to get a W2 from previous employer?

    Contact your previous employer and request a copy of your form W2. However, if your employer doesn't provide this information, you may be able to get a copy of your W2 from the IRS. To do this, you will need to fill out a Form 4506 and submit it to the IRS.

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