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How to Draw on a PDF Online

Any modern PDF editor has a drawing tool that helps edit and add shapes or other drawings to your document. The PDFLiner is not an exception, so here’s an instruction on how to draw on PDF using our online PDF drawing editor.

how to draw on a pdf short video guide

Why Should You Use a Drawing Tool?

A PDF drawer tool allows you to add several graphic elements to a PDF document. With it, you can emphasize different fragments of your document. Simply add shapes, forms, or draw lines on a PDF file.

Draw on Documents with PDFLiner

You can try and experience the PDF drawing app.
Draw on a new, empty file, upload your own document, or choose one of the existing forms.

Step 1. Log in using your email and password (or use login with your Gmail or Facebook account);

pdfliner main page with an arrow showing how to log in

Step 2. Go to "My Documents" and find the “Add document" button in the upper right corner. You can either upload your document or create a new one.

PDFLiner Dashboard with an arrow showing how to create a new document

Step 3. Once you open the document, click on the “Insert” button and choose a needed tool to draw PDF online.

PDFLiner editor with an arrow pointing on a drawing tool

Step 4. You can add a ready-to-use shape (cross, check, circle, arrow, line) or click on the “Draw” button to add a customized pattern.

Edit Your Drawing

Using PDFLiner editor, you can change color and size or add a hyperlink to the shape or drawing you’ve inserted. With your touchpad or mouse, click on the drawing. Under the main toolbar, you will find additional settings for your drawing:

  1. Change size – you can change the thickness of your lines by moving the slider to the left or right.
  2. Color change – select the drawing color or make a custom one using a color palette;
  3. Hyperlink – add a link to the inserted shape or form.

A drawing made on PDFLiner pdf editor

Video Guide:

Here is a quick video for better visualization:

What Else Can You Do With a Drawing Tool?

The PDFLiner drawing tool contains an extremely useful features kit. Besides adding shapes and forms or drawing a custom image, you can also insert a picture from your Windows or Mac PC/laptop. 

To add an image, you should:

Step 1. Click on the “Insert” button and select “Add image.”

Add Image tool in PDFLiner editor

Step 2. Upload the Image. The Image Wizard by PDFLiner has two options of adding a picture to the document, you can either upload it from the desktop or capture it with a webcam.

Uploading image to a pdf with PDFLiner

Use this feature if you need to complete your PDF file with a ready-made picture or take a high-quality photo with a web camera. It’s easy and can be done within a few minutes.

Another helpful utility of the “Insert” button is the Text field option. We wrote a simple guide on how to add text to a PDF.

To conclude, using the PDFLiner drawing tools, you can draw on your documents or create new customized ones within a few minutes. All you need is a bit of practice.
Customized pictures with PDFLiner drawing tool


FAQ: PDF Drawings Popular Questions

  • What are the system requirements for PDFLiner?
    Since PDFLiner is a PDF drawing app that works online, all you need is a stable Internet connection. Make sure that the signal of your network is strong and won’t cause any errors during document editing.
  • How to draw on a PDF document?
    It is easy to draw on documents using our online service. Follow the instructions and guidelines in this article. In case you experienced any issues with our drawing tool, make sure to contact us using the Support tab.
  • Who can use the PDFLiner drawing feature?
    PDFLiner is created to help you deal with different kinds of documents and forms. You can use our extensive library of official IRS files with detailed guides to fill your tax, insurance, and other documents quickly. We also provide editing school and university papers, non-profit documents, real estate, human resources, and many more types of fillable PDF that you can find online. PDF drawing and editing are easy if you don’t have to complete the forms on paper.
  • Can I draw lines on PDF?
    Follow the instruction and choose “Insert” and “Add line”. After you placed the line wherever you need, you can change its length and color.
Have more questions? Contact Support

Draw Anything You Like with Online PDF Editor

  • Redline PDF Documents

    Redline your files whenever you need by making the most of our service. Seeing red is sometimes a necessity for developing a laser-like focus.
  • Customize Your Files

    Make sure of the ‘Draw’ tool for personalizing your PDFs to match your company’s unique style or, say, create gift certificate templates.
  • Draw in Your Docs

    This feature allows you to draw in PDF files and then save them as PDFs or JPGs. Our service makes editing files online fun and easy.

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