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What is Printable IRS Form 1040 2022-2023?

IRS 1040 form is a necessary document for all US citizens to declare their yearly income. Although there is a standard form template, its variations can be changed according to the groups of taxpayers it was designed for. 

What do I need form 1040 for? 

There are three main reasons why you need to fill the blank:

  • To set the tax amount for each citizen. This number depends on the level of income;
  • Check if a person needs to receive a tax refund;
  • Thanks to completed form, the state gets information on whether the taxpayer should pay money. 

Filling out form 1040 online in 2023

Form 1040 PDF screenshot

Form 1040 has about 79 fillable lines. In general, it divides into two main sections: 

  • The part with personal information. Here is necessary to specify your family status, full name, home address, and so on. Also, please note, if you have a joint return with your spouse, then get his or her name too;
  • The second part is much harder and requires more attention. Here you need to write down the dependents if you have such and fill out the fields related to your income.

Do not forget to put the sign at the bottom of the document. And also PDFLiner provides you with a printable 1040 template, so there is a possibility easily print it.

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How to Fill Out Form 1040?

Step 1: Make sure to find all the information that has to be put in form, including both your and your spouse’s (if you have any) name, SSN, address, and phone number;

Step 2: Read all the instructions to the form;

Step 3: Fill out the first part with your personal information and all your dependents' information;

Step 4: Complete the second part with income-related information;

Step 5: Calculate your taxes using the IRS tax table and enter the amount in the line 16.

Step 6: Enter your deductions.

Step 7: Calculate your refund or the amount you owe and enter the information.

Step 8: Add the date, occupation, and your signature, as well as the same information of your spouse (if you have any).

Form Versions

2021 Fillable Form 1040 for 2021 tax year Fill Out Form
2020 Fillable Form 1040 for 2020 tax year Fill Out Form
2019 Fillable Form 1040 for 2019 tax year Fill Out Form
2018 Fillable Form 1040 for 2018 tax year Fill Out Form
2017 Fillable Form 1040 for 2017 tax year Fill Out Form

FAQ: Let’s Go Through Form 1040 Popular Questions

  • Where to file form 1040?

    Taxpayers can file 1040 electronically. To file it by regular mail, you’ll have to check the instructions for the form. There are the list of addresses on the last page, where you can select the address required according to your state of residence.

  • Where can I get a blank 1040 form?

    There are 2 ways of getting a blank 1040 form:

    1. Download the fillable one on the official Internal Revenue Service website
    2. On most PDF editors. For example, PDFLiner provides its users with access to the online library with all kinds of templates. We provide the latest versions of tax forms. You can find and fill out 1040 there.
  • Where to find child support on a 1040 form?

    You won’t find it on your 1040 since it isn’t there. You don’t need to report child support payments on 1040. In fact, neither the payer nor the recipient does not have to include child support payments in their tax forms.

  • What is line 37 on a 1040 form?

    Line 37 in printable IRS form 1040 is where you have to fill the amount you owe. To calculate this amount, you’ll have to subtract your total payments from total tax (lines 24, 33).

  • Where can I find my income tax on 1040?

    To calculate the amount of your income tax, it's necessary to subtract the number on line 46 of the Schedule 2 from line 13 of the 1040.

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