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What is a Schedule C (Form 1040) 2022 - 2023? 

Form 1040 is a must-have for all US citizens. It shows your income and how much taxes you owe. Schedule C is an addition to Form 1040 for business owners, self-employers,  and people who earn money from a hobby. Businesses and professionals who work as sole proprietors use it to report income or loss for a year. It’s also known as Profit or Loss From Business for Sole Proprietorship.

What I need 2022 - 2023 Schedule C Form 1040 for? 

Fill tax Schedule C form 1040 for 2022 if you are a business owner, statutory employee, sole proprietor, and any other agent with diverse types of incomes. Knowing your incomes and losses, government defines taxes you need to pay. Before 2019 if your income was less than $5,000 in business expenses, you had to fill in the 1040 Schedule C-EZ form instead of C. However, C-EZ version is no longer available, so you should use IRS Form 1040 Schedule C 2022 in both cases.

Per Internal Revenue Service, the profit or loss statement should be definitely filed if your activity qualifies as business:

  • Main purpose of activity is meant for income or profit.
  • And in the activity is continuous and regular.

Basically, the most simple examples of self proprietor are: financial consultant, freelance designer, writer, photographer, artists, freelance programmer, local bakery, small shops, etc.

How Does Schedule C (Form 1040) for 2022 - 2023 Look Like?

Schedule C 1040 form in PDFLiner

The document consists of 5 parts you need to fill. On top, you can find the fields where you need to specify company’s name, address, accounting methods, and other details to provide the government with general information about your business.

Taxes Schedule C 2022 is pretty similar to Schedule C 2021. In Part I, give information about your income. It is a very small and understandable section. Part II is about your expenses. In Part III, provide information about cost of goods sold. Here you need to specify the price of materials, supplies, cost of labor, and so on. If on line 9 (Part II), you claimed car or truck expenses, fill the Part IV. If not, feel free to skip it. Part V is for declaring other expenses. 

With PDFLiner you will be able to open a blank Schedule C form, edit and print it or download it as a PDF document. The file already contains fillable fields, so all you need is just to enter your information. There is also a Quick Fill option that will help you to enter all the needed information faster and in a correct order.

Once you completed the document go ahead and complete your tax return that’s also available on PDFLiner. Share the file with your tax consultant or accountant if you need them to double-check the information.

Who Files a Tax Form Schedule C

If you are wondering who must file a Sch C tax form the answer is clear. A sole proprietor with a business income uses a Schedule C to report that income. For example, if you mow lawns for a living or sell items you make, you would use a Schedule C to report your business income.

Schedule C Due Dates

Schedule C is due on the same form and on the same date as your business tax return, either the sole proprietor income tax return (Form 1040, Schedule C) or corporate tax return (Form 1120). If you file your business tax return electronically, you have until the due date of the return (including extensions) to file Schedule C.

Usually, the due dates are the following:

  • For sole proprietors, the tax return is due on April 15, unless you file for an extension.
  • For C corporations, the tax return is due on the 15th day of the 4th month following the close of the tax year. For example, if the tax year ends on December 31, the tax return is due on April 15.
  • For S corporations, the tax return is due on the 15th day of the 3rd month following the close of the tax year. For example, if the tax year ends on December 31, the tax return is due on March 15.
  • For partnerships, the tax return is due on the 15th day of the 3rd month following the close of the tax year. For example, if the tax year ends on December 31, the tax return is due on March 15.
  • For estate and trust tax returns, the tax return is due on the 15th day of the 4th month following the close of the tax year.

New Guidelines for 2022 Tax Year

Starting from January 1, 2022, the standard business mileage rate will be 58.5 cents per mile. From July 1, 2022, onwards, the standard business mileage rate will be 62.5 cents per mile. A new form, Form 7205, will be used to claim the deduction for qualifying energy efficient commercial building property under IRC 179D.

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  • Freelancers.IRS Form W-9 Resources

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How to Fill Out a Schedule C Form 1040?

Step 1: Open the document in PDFLiner and press a first box. Enter name of a proprietor.

Step 2: Provide the data on business or profession. State name of the business, the address, SSN, and EIN if needed.

Step 3: Tick the right box in accounting method and types of payments.

Step 4: Include detailed information about income in part 1. You have to state the gross profit, other income, returns, cost of goods sold.

Step 5: In part 2, you need to calculate expenses. Enter the information, checking twice whether it is correct. Include office and car expenses, ads, commissions, and fees. If you use your home for business specify  expenses on line 30.

Step 6: Part 3 must include information about the cost of sold goods.

Step 7: Part 4 is for the information about a vehicle you have.

Step 8: Indicate all other expenses not included in previous parts in part 5.

Step 9: Double-check all the information and click the Done button.

Form Versions

2018 Fillable Schedule C (Form 1040) for 2018 tax year Fill Out Form
2019 Fillable Schedule C (Form 1040) for 2019 tax year Fill Out Form
2020 Fillable Schedule C (Form 1040) for 2020 tax year Fill Out Form
2021 SCHEDULE C (Form 1040) for 2021 tax year Fill Out Form

FAQ: Schedule C Tax Form Popular Questions

  • What is the purpose of Schedule C PDF?
    • Schedule C of Form 1040 was created to report on income and losses from your business.
    • It is intended for sole proprietors and businesses. You have to be self-employed to send the form to Internal Revenue Service and report gains/losses and file with the tax return.
  • Where to deduct internet expenses on Schedule C of 1040?

    You will find that there is no specific box for the Internet expenses. Yet, you have to include them as well if you have them. Part 5 stands for “Other Expenses” and can be filled with numbers from expenses on the Internet. You can name them “Business Internet Service Expenses”. After that, transfer this number to the 27th Line.

  • Where to deduct business gifts on Schedule C?

    Use Part 5 to write down the business gifts if you gave them. Name them “Business Gifts” and calculate expenses. Afterward, add everything you include in Part 5 and indicate the total number on line 27a, which stands for “Other expenses.”

  • How to get a Schedule С Form 1040?

    You can get it in two ways. First one is classic and standard. You can find the document on Internal Revenue Service website. However, to fill it, you will have to download PDF, print it, and use ink-and-paper method to complete the document step by step. Yet, you can simply open the file on PDFLiner and fill all lines online in no time, using tools the program offers you.

  • How to file a Schedule C Form 1040?
    • You have to attach this 1040 Sch C to Form 1040, 1040-NR, 1040-SR, or 1041.
    • After filling it, send the information to Internal Revenue Service. You don’t need to use the classic method and send it by mail to a physical address of Internal Revenue Service, do it online instead.
    • You may also file the document via the IRS app.
  • What is line 23 Schedule C?

    23rd line is for taxes and licenses you pay in business. You will find it in Part 2 named “Expenses.” You may deduct the personal property or real estate taxes on the business assets, fees, and licenses for your business or trade. Include the Social Security and Medicare taxes you pay for employees.

  • How to sign the Schedule C Form?

    You don’t need to sign Schedule C, but still have to sign a form that comes with it. Either print the file and sign in a classic way or open PDFLiner and press a Sign Field with the left click. It will provide you with several options. Create an e-signature from scratch, upload pictures from your phone, or use signatures you have on computer.

  • How do you determine profit or loss?

    To determine whether business earned profit or had losses during year do the following:

    1. Gather all information about any kind of income.
    2. Calculate total income.
    3. Collect information on business expenses.
    4. Calculate total expenses. 
    5. Subtract total expenses from total income.

    If the result is positive that means you should report profit, but if it’s negative you will report loss.

  • What are returns and allowances on Schedule C?

    Returns and allowances on a Schedule C are business expenses that are returned to the business or that the business is allowed as a deduction.

  • What is depletion on Schedule C?

    Depletion is an allowance for the exhaustion of natural resources. It is used to figure the cost of extracting minerals and other natural resources from the ground.

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