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How to Sign PDF Online

PDFLiner is a set of top editing tools for your PDF files integrated into one online service. With them, you can easily customize your documents on the go, keep them secured and organize your workflow and your interactions with other users. 

The online PDF signature tool is probably, the most used instrument out of our online editing accessories. Let’s learn its multiple functions and how to work with them. 

How to Sign PDF Online - gif image

There are two ways of signing your PDF file.

E-Sign PDF with our "Add Sign" tool

Step 1. If you’ve used our service before, remember the ‘Add Sign’ button on the upper toolbar. It has an ink pen icon. Click on it!

E-Sign PDF with our "Add Sign" tool - screenshot1

Step 2. "Signature Wizard" will open. Click on the ‘Add New Signature’ button.

E-Sign PDF with our "Add Sign" tool - screenshot2

Step 3. Choose how you want to Generate your signature.

E-Sign PDF with our "Add Sign" tool - screenshot3

Step 4. Place your signature where you want it to be on your document.

E-Sign PDF with our "Add Sign" tool - screenshot4

Use a "Signature Field" to Sign Forms

Another way of signing your document electronically is through the ‘Signature Field.’ If you want to sign one of our fillable forms you will most likely find the "Signature Field" on your document right where you should sign it.

Step 1. Click on the ‘Signature Field’.

Use a "Signature Field" to Sign Forms - screenshot1

Step 2. Choose a signature that you already have or click on "Add new signature" button.

Use a "Signature Field" to Sign Forms - screenshot2

Step 3. Make a signature using one of the three instruments and click "Save".

Use a "Signature Field" to Sign Forms - screenshot3

After that, your electronic signature will appear on the document you can control its size by using the controllers right below the toolbar.

Now You Have Your Signed PDF

Keep in mind that PDFLiner not just lets you sign any document online and save it momentarily. You can also make your files with added signature fields and share them with other users so that they could fill and sign them.

Now You Have Your Signed PDF - screenshot

To organize your workflow, you need to be logged in to the PDFLiner system and have the person you want to share your documents with logged in, as well. If they are unfamiliar with the PDFLiner service, they can use third-party products for file-sharing.

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FAQ: Sign Documents Online Popular Questions

  • How to sign a PDF on iPhone?
    Signing your PDFs on iPhone can be done in just as few easy steps, as PDFLiner works on iPhones and iPads.
  • Is it possible to find free online PDF signing services?
    Most of the high-quality online services that offer PDF digital signing are not free but have a free trial period. So if you need to sign your document just once, there’s no need to subscribe to any of them.
  • How to electronically sign a PDF?
    Easy as pie, just browse through our step-by-step instruction.
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Resolve All Your Issues with Secure ESign

  • Add Valid E-Signature to PDFs
    Collect and add your electronic signatures to your PDFs on the go. They are completely valid and bear the same legal status as handwritten signatures.
  • Keep Your Signatures Secure
    PDFLiner is 100% secure shared central repository of information that caters to the most complex engineering projects.
  • Create Signatures Online
    With the right tool, creating electronic signatures is a simple process. PDFLiner will help you make your signature at no time.
  • eFile Tax Forms
    Via PDFLiner you will easily find fillable tax forms. You will be able to fill out and sign your tax form in just a few steps.
  • Go Mobile
    Our online document management tool accessible across all platforms. With PDFLiner you can edit and sign your documents, share them, collect signatures right from your mobile.
  • Save Precious Time
    By making the most of our smart online editor, you will save lots of time completing and signing forms. No more paper-based time-consuming document workflow.

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Hear What PDFLiner Users Have to Say About PDF Signing Feature

  • Helen Cohen
    Self-Employed Accountant
    Wow, this tool is amazing!!! I use it on a regular basis to edit and digitally sign a variety of tax forms and accounting docs. It gets the job done wonderfully, and, what’s even more important, it saves me heaps of time!! I also love that via this tool, I can send my clients forms for e-signature. Super convenient!!
  • Owen McKenzie
    Insurance Agent
    I e-sign all kinds of insurance-related stuff with PDFliner. What I particularly like about its e-signature feature is that you can create handwritten signatures and sign lots of various docs in a matter of moments. Just draw your signature using your mouse or touchscreen and you’re all set. Piece of cake! Kudos to the team behind this excellent tool!
  • Monica Navarro
    HR Onboarding Specialist
    Security is my primary concern when it comes to working with digital signatures. I used to approach the whole digital-signature thing with a healthy dose of skepticism, but I feel safe and relaxed now that I work with Pdfliner. Their policies and the company, in general, are very reliable, while their e-signature feature is possibly even safer than a hand-written one. It matters a lot to me. Been working with them for over a year, so yeah, I know what I’m talking about.
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