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Get your Mood Meter in 3 easy steps

  • 01 Fill and edit template Fill Mood Meter
  • 02 Sign it online Sign Mood Meter
  • 03 Export or print immediately Export Mood Meter

What Is Mood Meter Template?

The mood meter is not an official document you have to provide to your employer or doctor. It is rather a personal instrument to understand your current behavior and to be able to recognize the first signs of depression or any other emotions you are currently experiencing. You may consider it as your personal diary. The data you reveal using your mood meter online can stay personal, or you can show it to your psychologist if you agree.

It recognizes the emotions you are currently experiencing and helps you to understand the problem or the key to your well-being.You can measure the happiness or sadness you are currently experiencing, calculate everything and find the perfect schedule for your day. Emotions you recognize with the help of a printable mood meter can be recorded on a daily basis and help you with your usual approach to the activities you perform.

This chart is not necessary to fill in for anyone. Yet, if you want to find out which emotions you are currently experiencing, how strong they are, and how to change them, you can keep a record using this simple chart. It contains the basic information for you, so you don’t have to be a psychologist to understand the key factors.

Mood Meter Screenshot

What I need the mood meter template for?

  • Use the mood meter chart to find out what you are experiencing and learn how to deal with it. This chart is simple to understand, even for total newbies in psychology. It helps you to take control over your mood and deal with emotions;
  • Your psychologist may ask you to fill out a mood meter printable PDF and make sure that your daily emotions match your current state. You can easily understand the energy you spend on these emotions and how to switch from one emotion to another by analyzing the chart in front of you. For simplicity of use, it is highlighted in different colors.

How to Fill Out Mood Meter Template?

There is nothing complicated about the mood meter PDF in front of you. You can fill it in or just read the chart and match the boxes with the names of the emotions you are experiencing. Just find the chart on PDFLiner, open it, and read the brief guide to the form. You will quickly realize that you can take part in this funny activity whenever you want and wherever you are.

You will not make mistakes here. All you need is to read the chart, think about your emotions, and write everything down if needed. Build the chart with your emotions while you are in the template. PDFLiner allows you to edit everything online and add new pages right away. Don’t forget to save everything on your device after. Here is what you will find in the chart:

  1. Read the names of emotions in the chart;
  2. Pay attention to the level of energy you pay and write it down;
  3. Answer several basic questions from the second page.

Organizations that work with mood meter template

  • Health and Wellness Organization;
  • Psychologists around the country.

Fillable online Mood Meter
(5 / 5) 59 votes
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