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Understanding CollegeChoice Advisor 529 Enrollment Form

The CollegeChoice Advisor is a professional tool that supports those planning to venture into higher education. This savings plan offers a simple method to save for higher education costs. With this plan, your savings can grow tax-free, and withdrawals for eligible expenses are not taxed. 

Additionally, there are also potential estate tax benefits. In terms of flexibility, the savings plan offers a range of investment portfolio options and an extensive qualified expense list, which includes tuition, fees, books, and even room and board.

CollegeChoice Advisor 529 savings plan advantage

Education expenses can be daunting, but the CollegeChoice 529 advisor plan provides a worthwhile solution. It makes the journey considerably more manageable by providing a pathway to save, practically easing the financial burden that college tuition often places on families:

  • Is for informative purposes only;
  • Allows you to decide whether you need a CollegeChoice Advisor 529 Savings account or not;
  • Defines the functionary of the account and benefits of obtaining it;
  • Does not allow you to apply for an account;
  • May lose value. Request the latest version of the form before applying for an account.

You should get acquainted with the informative form before applying for a CollegeChoice Advisor 529 Savings account to be aware of its purposes and legal limitations.

How to Fill Out CollegeChoice Advisor 529

You may wonder about completing this CollegeChoice form correctly. Remember to ensure that all details are accurate to the best of your knowledge. Omit nothing, even if you think it's not relevant. With every step of filling out the form, verify that each detail is as accurate as possible. Avoid unclear abbreviations and write out full descriptions where necessary.

  1. Start by locating the "Name of Account Owner" field. Click on it and enter the full name of the person who owns the account.
  2. Move to the next field, named "Social Security Number or Tax Identification Number." Input the relevant number, making sure to not make any typographical errors.
  3. Afterward, locate the field for "Date of Birth." Enter the birth date in the format the field specifies, usually in the MM/DD/YYYY format.
  4. Proceed to the "Mailing Address" section. You will see blanks for "Street," "City," "State," and "Zip Code." Fill these out corresponding to the account holder's mailing address.
  5. Locate the "Telephone Number" field and enter the account owner's contact number.
  6. Scroll down and you will find the "Beneficiary Information" section. Repeat the process of inputting the name, social security number, and date of birth, this time for the beneficiary.
  7. The following section will have you designate the "Successor Account Owner" using the same steps as the first section regarding the account owner.
  8. The next section is for "Contribution Information." You will need to tick the appropriate boxes according to the type of contribution you are making and fill out corresponding fields with the appropriately calculated amounts.
  9. Further down, you will find a section for "Investment Selections." Here, you can enter Investment Option Codes and specify monetary amounts or percentages for each option you are opting for.
  10. Next is the "Signature" section. You will need to input relevant dates and also use the digital signing feature of PDFliner. This feature lets you draw your signature, type your name, or upload an image of your signature.
  11. Make sure to look for any other fields that need to be filled out. Some forms may have optional sections for additional options or permissions.

Once all fields are completed, you can choose to either download the form to your computer or email the final version directly from the website.

Criticality of the CollegeChoice 529 advisor 

The CollegeChoice Advisor 529 is an important financial resource for future college students. It serves a dual function. On one hand, it aids in financial planning for college, helping you navigate the murky waters of college tuition, room, board, and more. On the other hand, it is a beneficial tool for potential tax benefits. Utilizing the CollegeChoice 529 advisor will lead to smoother financial sailing managing college expenses without compromising on quality.

Organizations that work with CollegeChoice Advisor 529 savings plan form

  • Ascensus College Savings offices;
  • P.O Box 219354, Kansas City, MO 64121.

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Fillable online CollegeChoice Advisor 529
(4.9 / 5) 33 votes
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