193 Healthcare Templates

  • Personal Health Record Template Personal Health Record Template What is Personal Health Record Template? Your personal health record template (PHR) is a tool that you can use to store and track your health information. This information can include your medical history, medications, immunizations, and test results. You
  • Doctor Note for Work Doctor Note for Work What Is Doctor Note for Work Fillable doctors note also known as doctor’s excuse letter is the form that is provided by the doctor to the patient whenever it is required by the employer. It is an official document that explains a day or several days
  • COVID-19 Doctor Note COVID-19 Doctor Note What Is COVID-19 Doctor Note Template? Covid-19 doctor note template is also called a letter from a Health Care professional supporting workplace requests for accommodations related to COVID-19. This is the document that suggests you need to stay at home
  • Patient Wristband Template Patient Wristband Template What Is a Patient Wristband Template? A patient wristband template is a fillable blank form to be used when generating an informative wristband for inpatients. The primary purpose of this form is to make essential medical information visible. W
  • Doctor Return to Work Note Doctor Return to Work Note What Is a Return to Work Note From a Doctor? Doctor Return to Work Note is a form that confirms or disclaims your ability to get back to work after some time that you were absent because of your health status. It also points to some physical restrictions
  • STD Testing Results Form STD Testing Results Form What Is an STD Testing Results Form? The printable blank STD test result form is used to protect your health by diagnosing venereal diseases. Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can be conveyed through any sexual activity. This specific PDF for
  • Proof of Vaccination Form Proof of Vaccination Form What Is Pet Vaccination Form? Proof of vaccination form for pets is a federal veterinary form of the US that is designed to provide approval of vaccination of an animal if it is requested by any private or federal institution. Dog Vaccination Record
  • Prisma Health Doctors Note Form Prisma Health Doctors Note Form What Is a Prisma Health Doctors Note The Prisma Health Doctor's Note is an official medical document issued by healthcare specialists affiliated with Prisma Health. Its primary purpose is to provide a formal and legitimate record of a patient's me
  • Work Restrictions Letter Template Work Restrictions Letter Template What Is a Work Restriction Letter? A Work Restriction Letter from a Doctor is an official document used when someone gets a work-related injury or needs special rules at work due to health issues. Treat it as a note from the doctor saying, 'You need t
  • Dental Excuse Note Dental Excuse Note What Is a Dental Excuse Note form? Fillable Dental Excuse Note is used by dentists or doctors who want to provide information about their clients of student’s ages to their schools. Doctors download Dental Excuse Note to notify the school about the
  • Veterinarian Notes Form Veterinarian Notes Form Veterinarian Notes Form ✓ Easily fill out and sign forms ✓ Download blank or editable online
  • Medicare enrolment form (MS004) Medicare enrolment form (MS004) What Is Medicare Enrolment Form MS004 It’s a document designed to facilitate enrollment in the Medicare program, Australia's national healthcare system. Its purpose is to collect vital information from individuals seeking Medicare coverage, incl
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What Are Healthcare Templates?

Healthcare templates are fillable forms required by patients, doctors, medical professionals, hospitals, private clinics, and other healthcare institutions. For a specialist, these templates make it easier to register new patients and examine their medical history. For a patient, they are a helpful tool to collect their personal information, general medical history, and contact data in case of an emergency. Using healthcare form templates, a medical professional can keep an eye on the patient's condition and progress of treatment.

The scope of use of such samples is wide. For example, an employer has to confirm or disclaim their ability to return to work after some time of their absence because of their health status. For this, a specialized form called a Return to Work Note From a Doctor is filled out. If you have a pet, a private or federal institution may ask you to complete a Proof of Vaccination Form for pets to ensure that it was vaccinated.

Most Popular Healthcare Form Templates

Whether you are a doctor looking for a customizable blank for your clinic or a patient who needs to provide their medical history and test results in a standardized format, the templates below can help you cover the task. Here is a list of the most popular medical forms: 

  • Personal Health Record Template
    The first blank is called a Personal Health Record Template (or simply PHR) used by a patient to store and track their health information. It can help you monitor your healthcare providers, treatments, and appointments. If you have a personal medical record template, you are empowered to make informed decisions about your healthcare and monitor important health information.
  • COVID-19 Doctor Note
    Nowadays, this healthcare template is highly in-demand. This document states that a person needs to stay at home for 14 working days because of illness. This form is given to a person by a professional physician. This form is essential to isolate the ill employee from other workers and clients. This document lists symptoms based on the health problems of a patient which are further certified by a medical specialist. This way, a professional ensures that the employee can be contagious if they attend work soon.
  • Patient Wristband Template
    This blank is needed to make an informative wristband for a patient. It enables essential medical data to be visible. A medical worker might be in charge of filling out a Patient Wristband Form on admission. A patient might need to wear a special wristband when they are in a clinic or a hospital. Since the form’s design was built to report crucial patient data, it is very short, so it won’t take you long to complete it.
  • Proof of Vaccination Form
    A Proof of Vaccination Form is required for traveling with a pet to take it through control and cross the border. It is suitable only for dogs and cats. It contains information about vaccinations such as DHPP, Bordetella, Rabies, Lyme, and Leptospirosis (for dogs) and FVRCP, Rabies, and Feline Leukemia (for cats). It’s essential to ensure that the timeframe of your journey corresponds with the expiry dates of vaccines. The Proof of Vaccination Form may be required by Airport and Land border control services, veterinarian clinics, animal exhibitions, etc.
  • Dental Excuse Note
    A Dental Excuse Note Form is used by a dentist who wants to notify a school about the appointment with a student and how long a medical procedure will last. Since it is not a business agreement, the document does not require legal bounding. It enables schools, teachers, parents, and students to ensure their day off is legal. A fillable Dental Excuse Note is available in any dental clinic. It includes such data as the date, the name of a student who wants an excuse from the studies, the time of appointment at the medical office, the end of the appointment, for how many days the student must be excused from studies, the date they will return to school, and the doctor’s name.

Where to Get Healthcare Services Online Templates

These templates are available online, and you can get them on the official website of a healthcare provider. However, sometimes, you might not find a suitable template there. This is where you can address PDFLiner, a versatile online platform for editing various PDF documents. It offers a rich library of ready-made templates, which saves lots of time seeking and filling out a needed form. This solution can also help you significantly minimize your paper consumption since you can send the downloaded PDF electronically. It helps you to protect your sensitive data due to secure connection, draw, highlight, erase the text, create fillable fields on any template, and even sign the form digitally.

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