13 Veterinary Forms

  • Proof of Vaccination Form Proof of Vaccination Form What Is Pet Vaccination Form? Proof of vaccination form for pets is a federal veterinary form of the US that is designed to provide approval of vaccination of an animal if it is requested by any private or federal institution. Dog Vaccination Record
  • Puppy Health Guarantee Template Puppy Health Guarantee Template What Is Puppy Health Guarantee Template? Puppy Health Guarantee Template is a form that assures a puppy doesn’t have particular genetic problems and has all vaccinations. This fillable document is required when you buy or sell a puppy. It describes
  • Form 51, Rabies Vaccination Certificate Form 51, Rabies Vaccination Certificate What is NASPHV Form 51? This one-page certificate is paper proof that you have your pet vaccinated against rabies. Usually, it serves as an insert to the main pet passport and is needed to monitor the vaccination schedule, visit veterinarians, and go thro
  • Emotional Support Animal Letter Emotional Support Animal Letter What Is an Emotional Support Animal Letter An Emotional Support Animal (ESA) Letter is a document issued by a mental health professional that verifies the therapeutic need for an emotional support pet. Its purpose is to grant individuals with emotional or
  • IATA Veterinary Certificate For Domestic and International Airline Travel IATA Veterinary Certificate For Domestic and International Airline Travel What Is an IATA Veterinary Certificate For Domestic & International Airline Travel? An IATA (International Air Transport Association) veterinary certificate is a document required for pet travel on domestic and international airlines. IATA veterinary
  • Puppy Information Pack Puppy Information Pack What is a Puppy Pack Information? Puppy Information Packs is a comprehensive guide that provides new puppy owners with all the info
  • Dog Adoption - Rehoming Agreement Dog Adoption - Rehoming Agreement What Is Dog Rehoming Contract Template Also known as Dog Adoption - Rehoming Agreement, a Dog Rehoming Contract template is a legally binding document used when transferring dog ownership from one individual or organization to another. This cont
  • DD 2209 DD 2209 DD 2209 Form - A Complete Guide One essential document for anyone transporting pets or livestock is a veterinary health certificate, specifically the DD form 2209. This form affirms that the animal(s) have undergone necessary medical checks and are in goo
  • Puppy Sale Contract Templates Puppy Sale Contract Templates Puppy Sale Contract Templates ✓ Easily fill out and sign forms ✓ Download blank or editable online
  • Pet Grooming Release Form Template Pet Grooming Release Form Template Pet Grooming Release Form Template ✓ Easily fill out and sign forms ✓ Download blank or editable online
  • Pet Medical Records Template Pet Medical Records Template What Is a Pet Medical Records Template? A Pet Record Template is a document provided by a veterinarian after a pet's examination. This document is widely used in pet clinics. As an owner of the pet, you can use a printable Vet Record Template to keep
  • Horse Lease Agreement Template Horse Lease Agreement Template What Is a Horse Lease Agreement Template A Horse Lease Agreement Template is a pre-formulated document that outlines the terms and conditions between the lessor (owner of the horse) and the lessee (the individual who wishes to lease the horse). Such templ
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What Are Veterinary Forms Templates

This segment of documentation presents vet paperwork for collecting data on pets. The pet services industry needs online PDF forms to help onboard new animals, get proof of their vaccination, qualify adopters, and present more valuable options. For example, if you decide to breed and sell dogs, you need a Puppy Health Guarantee Template Form to avoid problems after making a deal.

For dog adoption, you require a special fillable document, Dog Adoption — Rehoming Agreement. Thus, these documents serve to confirm the information necessary for the pet’s content.

Who Uses Veterinary Templates

Most pet owners have to deal with procedures that require Veterinary Forms and Veterinary Form Templates. You do not need a form for safe procedures or actions that do not need your consent associated with your pets. The following list provides the most common reasons for filling out these forms:

  • for the safe purchase and sale of a pet;
  • to confirm your pet’s vaccination;
  • to confirm the pet's health with veterinary medical records;
  • in case a pet is taken from a shelter;
  • to confirm the ownership of the pet;
  • if the pet requires surgery, you need these forms to give consent to the surgery;
  • to confirm permission on grooming;
  • for safe transportation of pets.

How to Fill Out Vet Forms PDFs

The Vet Forms have different variations, but there is basic information about your pet you should fill out. 

  1. To start, you need to enter your personal information, namely your full name, address, and contact details. 
  2. Then you need to specify information about your pet, such as name, species, breed, sex, color, and other details. 
  3. Also, indicate the age of the animal and the features that might affect the criteria in the document. If this is a procedure, you need to confirm or deny it.

After successfully filling the form you need online, do not forget to check the correctness of the information. You can save it further and send the filled form to the address of a recipient.

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