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What Is a Bill of Lading Form?

Let’s start with the bill of lading definition. Often shortened to BOL, it’s a legally binding document given by a carrier to an exporter with detailed information on what, where, and how much is being shipped. This doc also functions as a shipment receipt when the delivery is done.

The most common type of the document is order bill of landing. It means that deliveries are only made to the rightful holder of the bill of lading, as specified by the shipper or consignee. To ensure safe delivery, the agent making the delivery must verify the bill. The bill of lading is also considered a negotiable bill.

What Is a Blank Bill of Lading Template Used For?

There are some vital reasons why you need to utilize the simple bill of lading template:

  • the contract works as a receipt for the items transported;
  • it’s a document that legally seals a verbal agreement between the carrier and shipper.

Wondering about the difference between straight and order bill of lading? The former is issued when the items in question have been paid in advance, while the latter is involved when the shipment takes place via a bank credit.

Who Issues a Bill of Lading Form?

A bill of lading PDF is a legal document that is issued by a carrier to a shipper. This document is used as a receipt for the merchandise that has been shipped, and it also indicates that the carrier has accepted the merchandise for transport.

What is the Purpose of a Bill of Lading?

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A bill of lading is a legal document that serves as proof of ownership for a shipment of goods. It is also a contract between the shipper and the carrier that outlines the terms and conditions of the shipment. For example, a template of bill of lading may specify the type of goods being shipped, the quantity, the destination, and the date of shipment.

How to Fill out a Bill of Lading Template PDF

Have you ever dealt with freight processing? Then you’re probably aware of the fillable bill of lading form PDF. The doc is not a cakewalk to complete and contains a multitude of boxes to fill in. Here’s what it must contain:

  1. The quantity of to-be-shipped items.
  2. The exact weight.
  3. Carrier’s and recipient’s personal details.
  4. Shipment date.
  5. The exporter’s instructions.
  6. Packaging specifications.
  7. The stated value of the cargo.
  8. Detailed descriptions of the items to be exported.

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The number of pages depends on whether you’ll be completing a short form or a full-blown contract. If you face any difficulties filling out this printable and fillable PDF blank, you’re free to turn to professional help. PDFLiner is your go-to electronic source of niche-focused templates. Once you filled out the form, go ahead and download bill of lading template or share it with your customer.

Organizations That Work With the BOL

  • freight shipping companies.

FAQ: Printable Bill of Lading Form Popular Questions

  • Who is the consignee on the bill of lading?

    The consignee is the person who is designated to receive the shipment. It means that the goods are being shipped to them and they are responsible for paying the shipping charges.

  • When a regular bill of lading is issued?

    A regular bill of lading is issued when the shipper is able to provide the carrier with all of the required information at the time of booking.

  • Who provides bill of lading?

    A printable blank bill of lading is a legal document that is issued by a carrier to a shipper that details the type, quantity, and destination of the goods being shipped.

  • Where do you get a bill of lading template?

    You can find a PDF bill of lading template here at PDFLiner. To start filling it out, click the Fill this form button, and you'll see the template loaded in the editor. Once you filled it out, you can download it or share it with your customer.

Fillable online Bill of Lading Template
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