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What Is Form 1099-S 2024?

The 1099-S is filed for reporting proceeds from a sale or exchange of real estate. It allows reporting total income from any residential real estate business, including sales, exchanges, interest, as well as timber. People who are responsible for closing transactions should fill out this fillable blank. The file includes information about both the filer and transferor.

What Is a 1099-S Form Used For?

  • To inform the Internal Revenue Service about the sale or exchange of the particular type of real estate, including inherited property. They don’t cover residence if you got a certification from the seller.
  • To report involuntary conversion. If the building can be confiscated, or it’s in danger of condemnation or requisition, you should submit the form.
  • If you need to report the number of timber royalties payments.

How to Fill Out IRS Form 1099-S?

Form 1099-S in PDFLiner

What is 1099-S used for? Since it’s an additional tax blank you file with other IRS documents, it doesn’t include many sections.

  1. Start with the filer’s information. Write the filer’s data in the first field, and indicate a TIN below.
  2. Then add the transferor’s TIN, name, and address. The account number is required if you file several examples of Form 1099-S for one recipient.
  3. Write the information about a property. Indicate the date of closing of the agreement and gross proceeds. Write down the address of the property or its legal description.
  4. Note the buyer’s part of the tax.
  5. This printable blank doesn’t require any signature, so currently, you have this document filled out.

When I Have to Report 1099-S?

According to the IRS calendar, the party responsible for filing the blank must provide it when submitting an individual tax return no later than March 31.

Organizations That Work with 1099-S

Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

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Form Versions

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2020 Fillable Form 1099-S for 2020 tax year Fill Out Form

FAQ: Let’s Go Through Popular Questions

  • Do S corps get 1099?

    No, corporations do not receive these forms. It does not matter whether they are C or S corporations, 1099 forms do not require for them.

  • Where should report the 1099-S on Form 1040?

    Sellers should report the transaction on Form 1040 because the 1099-S does not list the property value. For making it, complete the IRS Schedule D application and Form 8949, which will be further transferred to line 13 in 1040. Both the seller with the IRS receive a copy of Form 1099-S.

  • Do you have to pay taxes on 1099-S?

    Yes, because the form is used for reporting the non-employment income. You must submit this information to the IRS to deduct taxes from the gross amount received out transactions.

  • Where do I report form 1099-S on my tax return?

    The form 1099-S is reported on the tax return in the section for capital gains and losses.

  • Who issues form 1099-S?

    The 1099-S certification exemption form is issued by the settlement agent when a property is sold. It should be filled out by the seller and given to the buyer at closing.   

  • Who must file form 1099-S?

    The seller of a piece of real estate must file form 1099-S on behalf of the buyer.

Fillable online Form 1099-S (2023)
(4.9 / 5) 77 votes
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