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How to Sign a Document on Mac

If you want to understand how to sign a document on Mac, you are in the right place. Downloading PDF, printing it, signing it manually, and scanning it back is not the option for people who have lots of work and not much time to do it. Learn how to create a signature on Mac in a few moves.

You don’t have to sign the document in the old way. Since the US and many European countries recognize electronic signatures as official, you can use an online editing platform, like PDFLiner, to add a signature to a PDF on Mac. The process is simple, even for a person who has never used any online editors before. There is a free trial period on PDFLiner, so you can register your profile and start right away:

Step 1: Open your browser on Mac

Make sure you stay connected to the Internet to be able to launch the program. You may choose any service to digitally sign a PDF; however, PDFLiner is our prime choice because of its multiple editing features.

Step 2: Visit PDFLiner

Open the website and log in if you have an account. You can do it via your Google Account or even Facebook. You can create a new one to use all the tools of the editor without any hindrances.

Step 3: Upload your PDF

If you already have the document on your Mac, you can download it on the homepage of PDFLiner. Just press the red button and choose the way you want to upload the file. If you want to create it from the very beginning, you can do it in the upper right corner, near your profile.

Another option is to pick one of the standard forms from the huge library of PDFLiner. There are lots of business and tax forms you might need to fill during the year. Find out the right one and simply fill the sections with personal information.

Step 4: Click the Add Sign tool

You will see the Add Sign icon on the left side of the upper panel. Select "My Signature" and press it to insert a signature. The window with several options will appear in front of you.

Step 5: Create a signature

You can download it from your device as a JPG or upload it from the PDFLiner’s library if you have used it before. The simplest way is to write down your name in the upper section, and it will turn into an electronic signature. Find the place for the signature and add it.

Step 6: Click the Share or Export button

Choose what to do with your signed document next. You may share or export it by selecting and clicking the appropriate buttons.

Benefits of Online PDF Signing Tools

PDF signing tools provide you with a unique opportunity to simplify the process of document authorization. You can provide your electronic signature to certify the official value of the paper without printing a document and using a pen. PDFLiner also offers:

  1. The ability to put your electronic signature in a few steps and verify it to provide a high level of security. You can put a timestamp there to confirm the authentication of your signature.
  2. You may change the font and color of your signature if you want.
  3. You may secure your documents with a watermark.
  4. There are options to edit the document as much as you need, write down texts, add notes, highlight the most important sections of a PDF, blackout or white-out pieces of the document. You can also insert charts and images inside the paper.
  5. You may draw anything you want on the document. If you want to add the arrow points, you can do it via the Insert button. The editor allows you to add and delete pages. You can also change pages with each other and add more fields in documents.

Frequently asked questions

  • How do you create a signature on a Mac?
    Pick the program that allows you to sign documents. You can use PDFLiner, the PDF editor that doesn’t require installation. You can use it in your browser.
  • Do I need to download any software to sign a PDF on Mac?
    No, you don’t have to download anything if you pick the right editor. Still, ensure there is a strong Internet connection. You can install some programs that offer electronic signatures, but it is more convenient to use the one you can open in the browser.
  • Is it safe to use PDFLiner for electronic signature?
    PDFLiner offers a high level of security for your documents. It also verifies a signature with a timestamp. It is safe to use the program.
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