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How to Share a PDF as a Link to Fill

Allow anyone access to your registration forms, surveys, application forms, and other documents by sharing a public link with them. PDFLiner made the process of sharing simple and user-friendly.

Here’s a guide on how to create a URL link for a PDF document:

Step 1: Start by uploading any form to PDFLiner from your PC, your preferred cloud service, or your email. Alternatively, find the form template you need in our extensive database.

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Step 2: Click the Done button and choose the Share option.

Share pdf as a link step 2 screenshot

Step 3: Choose the Public Link option.

Step 4: Specify permissions and expiration date of the link.

Step 5: Copy link.

Step 6: Click the Share button

share pdf as a link steps 4,5 and 6

Now you have your link to a PDF. Share it with your colleagues and clients and make your document workflow easier.

FAQ: PDF Share Link Popular Questions

  • Are PDF links safe?
    PDF shareable link is usually public, this means that anyone with a link can access the PDF. So in case if you accidentally publish link to your PDF online it will not be safe anymore. But no worries, in this case you can always cancel the sharing in your dashboard or protect your document with a password.
  • How to host a PDF online?
    In order to host a PDF online, upload PDF files to PDFLiner and create a public link using this guide.
  • How to protect a link to a PDF?
    If you created a public link to your document, the first thing you should keep in mind is safety:
    • Send the PDF link only to people that you know.
    • Don't post the link online.
    • Control the link expiration date.
    • Protect PDF with a password.
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Co-edit Documents with Secure PDF Editor

  • Share Your PDFs
    Enjoy sharing your files with other users of your choice for reading or editing. Opt only for the features you really need with PDFLiner.
  • Fill Out Joint Forms
    Make the most of this possibility whenever you need to complete a certain form with your spouse or any other person.
  • Monitor Your Co-Edited Files
    Use the ‘Shared’ and ‘Shared With Me’ links to keep tabs on the users you shared your files with (and the users who shared files with you).

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Hear What PDFLiner Users Have to Say About Link to Fill Feature

  • Emily Wesley
    Real Estate Agent
    I have a lot of customers who are not particularly tech savvy, so they are easily daunted by difficult procedures. Fortunately, PDFLiner offers a very straightforward tool for making any necessary edits. Linking files is very quick, and I appreciate the fact I stay in control of what exactly can be changed.
  • Danielle Hadley
    Success Manager
    As a CSM, my whole work is about keeping the customer well-informed and happy. I’m a fan of PDFLiner’s link-to-fill functionality as it makes the process very transparent for both me and the people I work with. Having a dedicated folder for shared documents is a great bonus feature if you have a lot of work to do.
  • Toby Alston
    Customer Support Specialist
    Our company uses a lot of forms to document our communication with customers. I’m really glad to have PDFLiner because it helps me send them ready-made feedback and service request templates to fill out online. That would surely become a burden if they had to download the documents. Monitoring any changes is easy, too.
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