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What Is the Ethiopian Embassy Washington DC Yellow Card?

The 'Yellow Card' is no ordinary form; it's a crucial part of your travel kit when planning a visit to sites like Ethiopia. It is an internationally recognized certificate issued by the World Health Organization confirming that you have received the vaccination against yellow fever. Remember, this proves vital as yellow fever is endemic in several African and South American countries.

Why would you need this card

Since it's proof of vaccination, the purpose of the Ethiopian embassy Washington DC yellow card is primarily for your safety during travel to and stay in yellow fever endemic regions. Additionally, it aids in preventing the global spread of the disease. Visitors without this verification may face delays, quarantine, or even deportation upon arrival.

How to Fill Out Ethiopian Embassy Washington DC Yellow Card

Comprehending how to fulfill this form template is not a complex task. Here's the simplified step-by-step:

  1. Start with the 'Photo' field, and upload a recently recognizable photo of yourself.
  2. Enter your 'First Name' as it appears on your passport or ID card.
  3. Insert your 'Father’s Name' and 'Grand Father’s Name' in the respective fields.
  4. If relevant, provide your 'Other Nick Name'.
  5. Click the appropriate checkbox to specify your 'Sex'.
  6. Enter the 'Date of Birth' in the format mm/dd/yyyy.
  7. Write the name of your 'Place of Birth'.
  8. Specify your 'Nationality', both former and present, as well as your 'Ethnic Group' if applicable.
  9. State your 'Height', 'Color of Eyes', 'Color of Hair', and any 'Special Mark' you might have.
  10. If you previously owned an Ethiopian Passport, fill in the 'Passport No', 'Last Renewal', 'Place of Issue', and the 'Issuing Authority'.
  11. For 'Birth Certificate' information, provide the 'No', 'Place of Issue', the 'Issuing Authority', and the 'Date of Expiry'.
  12. Enter your residence information under 'Ascendant’s Residence' by providing the 'Region', 'Zone/Sub City', 'Woreda', 'Kebele', and both 'Res. Telephone' and 'Office Telephone'.
  13. Indicate your 'Marital Status' and, if married, provide your spouse's details including 'Full Name of the Spouse', 'Spouse's Date of Birth', and 'Spouse's Nationality'.
  14. If you have children, provide details under 'Name of the Child', 'Passport #', and 'Remarks'.
  15. Specify your 'Occupation After or Since Acquiring Foreign Nationals' and your 'Present Occupation'.
  16. Under the 'Residence (If It Is Abroad)' section, supply information about your 'Country', 'State', 'Zip', 'Address', 'City', 'Telephone' and 'Email'.
  17. If your residence is in Ethiopia, fill in details under the 'Residence (If It Is in Ethiopia' section, including 'Region', 'Zone/Sub City', 'Woreda', 'City', 'Kebele', 'House Number', '', and 'Telephone'.
  18. Fill in the 'Date' field with the day you're filling the form and sign it under 'Signature'.
  19. Review all information for accuracy and then submit, download, or print the form on the PDFLiner platform.

Points to remember when dealing with the Ethiopian embassy Washington DC yellow card

If you are in the United States, the Ethiopian embassy in Washington, DC, is your point of contact for questions or assistance. To ease up this process, you should:

  • Confirm requirements: Make sure you are aware of the latest travel health information ahead of time. The data can change, and the embassy will provide the most up-to-date information.
  • Check accuracy: Review the completed Yellow Card form to ensure there are no errors. Mistakes may result in a delay or refusal of your travel plans. Remember, your Yellow Card must be kept with you at all times during your travel.
  • Contact the embassy: If you have any questions or issues, don't hesitate to contact the professionals at the embassy who can provide guidance and support.

Fillable online Ethiopian Embassy Washington DC Yellow Card Form
(4.8 / 5) 72 votes
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