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What Is the Maryland Pension Exclusion Worksheet?

The Maryland pension exclusion worksheet is a form designed to help Maryland retirees calculate the amount of their pension and eligible retirement income that can be excluded from state taxes. This Maryland form template is pertinent for individuals looking to maximize their savings during their retirement years. Thanks to this form, eligible retirees can potentially reduce their taxable income, resulting in lower state taxes.

Making use of digital resources

Leveraging the convenience of digital platforms like PDFliner not only aids in how to fill out the form but also streamlines the entire process. Here on the PDFliner, you may find fillable IRS forms and Maryland state templates at your fingertips, meaning no more handwriting errors or lost documents in the mail. With PDFliner, you streamline the process of completing the worksheet by eliminating the need for printing and manual input, ensuring a more efficient and error-free submission.

How to Fill Out the Maryland Pension Exclusion Worksheet

To fill out this Maryland worksheet accurately, you will need to gather all relevant information regarding your retirement income. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you through the process:

  1. Identify the pension and retirement annuity amounts included in your federal adjusted gross income, excluding Social Security or Railroad Retirement. Input these amounts in the respective fields for yourself and, if applicable, for your spouse.
  2. Observe that the preset maximum allowable exclusion is $31,100 for both you and your spouse. These values are not to be altered as they are fixed for the tax year.
  3. Document the total amount of Social Security and Railroad Retirement (Tier I and Tier II) benefits each of you and your spouse received. Populate these amounts in the designated areas. 
  4. To calculate the tentative exclusion, subtract the values reported in step 3 from those in step 2. Should the result be negative, enter zero. Do this for both yourself and your spouse.
  5. Determine the pension exclusion by choosing the smaller amount between the figures from steps 1 and Write these final figures in the provided areas for both you and your spouse.
  6. If both you and your spouse are eligible for the pension exclusion, sum your individual allowable exclusions. Record the collective exclusion amount on line 10a of Form 502.

Importance of accuracy

When completing the State of Maryland pension exclusion worksheet, accuracy is paramount. Accurate reporting ensures you receive the correct pension exclusion, thus affecting your overall tax liability. Misreporting, intentional or unintentional, can lead to penalties or missed opportunities for tax savings. Therefore, take your time to ensure every number is correct before submission.

Fillable online Maryland Pension Exclusion Worksheet
(4.7 / 5) 86 votes
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