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2347 U.S. Government Templates

  • DD 1833 Form (ISOPREP)
    What is DD Form 1833 ISOPREP? DD 1833 is a special form that must be completed by every soldier or the US Army representative that is going to the places where he/she may be isolated from others because of hostile activities of the enemy. This form is called ISOPREP or Isolated Personnel Report. It was created by the Department of Defense. What I need the DD 1833 for? DD 1833 form was created by DoD officials in 2008 to help military personnel. The main aim of the document is to: Protect the military employees from the enemy; Help military personnel to get through recovery after being isolated from society. The due date of the form ends with the end of the mission. It is a necessary form to fill out for military personnel going to the areas of OCONUS. The data helps officials to keep track of personnel. Filling out DD Form 1833 ISOPREP Online DD 1833 is a 2 pages form that consists of 9 sections. It can be handwritten or typed. Blocks colored in red are necessary to fill out. The form consists of: Section 1 with personal information: name, address, SSN, ID, a branch of service, unit, type of blood, the color of hair and eyes, weight, height, etc.; Section 2 covers the uniform data: the size of shirt, pant, hat, and boot; Section 3 contains data on the training and capability, including your scores on writing, reading, language knowledge; Section 4 is for reintegration information: make sure you list only contacts that wish to stay updated; Section 5 is for the JPRC and PRCC use; Section 6 contains all the extra information, like fingerprints, and so on; Section 7 is photos: front full and right profile; Section 8 is for the review information: date and signature; Section 9 must be filled out with personal authentication information. Organizations that work with ISOPREP army DD form 1833 Department of Defense; Headquarters Department of the Army; SIPR Joint Personnel Recovery Agency.
  • Form I-9 - Employment Eligibility Verification
    What is Form I-9? Form I-9, also known as Employment Eligibility Verification, is developed by US Citizenship and Immigration Services to verify the identity of residents and non-residents hired to work in the US. The form must be completed by both employers and employees. What I need the Form I-9 for? The employees have to complete I9 documents form, which requires them to provide certain identification documents and become legally authorized to work in the United States. Employees who do not comply with the rules for filling and storing the I-9 form may be severely penalized. Filling Out the Form I-9 Completing the fillable employment verification form requires the following information: Section 1: Employee Information and Attestation;  Preparer and Translator certification; Section 2: Employer or Authorized Representative Review and verification; Section 3: Reverification and rehires; List of acceptable documents. Organizations that work with Employment Eligibility Verification The form belongs to the company or organization where the employee works. Relevant Forms: fillable I-9 Supplement
  • Recommendation For Award (DA 638 form)
    What is the DA 638 Form? DA 638 is the form that may be signed by an army servant who wants to recommend another soldier for the award. A soldier cannot recommend himself/herself. There can’t be self-recognition in the army, but if you are aware of the outstanding act worth of attention, you have to report it. What I need the Army Award Form DA 638 for? You need DA 638 in case you want: To report on achievement of your fellow soldier; Let the army leaders know of a selfless, outstanding act of your fellow soldier; Recognize heroic operations made by another person. There is a due date of the DA form 638 fillable. You can expect that the commission will consider whether the action is worthy of the award via this form during the two years. Two years term starts by sending the DA 638 form. Filling Out DA Form 638 The fillable form DA 638 requires detailed information of the heroic act that soldier wants to report. You have to specify the following information about it: Identity of the person who is worthy of being awarded according to the recommender; Detailed information about recommender: name, rank, organization, contact information; Information about the achievements of the person who is considered for the award; Attached approval documents and signs of the command members; Signatures of authorities. Once everything is arranged, this form must be sent to the Approval Authority, which is usually the Company Commander. The form must be sent to the US Army Department for the evaluation. Organizations that work with Form DA 638 US Army Department.
  • DS 82 Form - Passport Renewal Application
    What is a DS-82 Form? DS-82 is a passport renewal application that must be filled out before the expiration date on your document. This is a form for the US passport renewal only. This form does require numerous attached documents. If you want to renew the passport due to the expiration date, you have to add the old one to it. You also have to pay fees and attach the photo. What I need the DS-82 for? The printable DS 82 form is required to be filled out in case: You want to change your last name after marriage. In this case, you need to attach a marriage certificate to the application form; You want to change your last name after divorce. In this case, you have to attach court order; The expiration date of your passport runs out in a month or so, and you want to renew it. Filling out DS-82 Form PDF [year] Form DS-82 is relatively simple. But you need to fill every line of it. And before you even start to fill it out, check whether you actually can do this. Read the Instruction on the first page. All your answers must be positive, or this is not the form you need. If everything is ok, you may continue filling out the form. The first part contains all the data about you: name, address, date, and place of birth. You may also choose the type of document you are applying for. Be very specific about the reason why you need to renew the passport. There is an extra fee you have to pay for your form to be accepted. Don’t forget that you need a photograph for your new passport. Organizations that work with fillable DS 82 form: The US officials; The Department of State. Related to Form DS-82 Documents: Fillable DS-11 form Fillable DS-3053 form Fillable DS-5525 form How to fill out Passport Renewal Application
  • Form DD 2977, Deliberate Risk Assessment Worksheet
    What Is Form DD 2977? Form DD 2977 is a fillable deliberate risk assessment worksheet that is used in the U.S. army as the standard form for documenting risk management proceedings for mission tasks and related requirements. What I Need the DD 2977 For? As a military commander in the U.S. army, you need the DD 2977 risk assessment form as part of your risk management process to document hazards. The form integrates with the Army’s standard risk matrix. Use a fillable DD 2977 template to register any countermeasures. Do not treat the form as static; it should be filled out as new information becomes known. How to Fill Out DD Form 2977 PDF? You can use a hard copy of the form or find a DD form 2977 fillable PDF and complete it online. As an alternative, print out a printable blank that is available on the internet. The form consists of three pages; the procedure is as follows: Refer to page 3 for instructions on each block. On page 1, enter details on the event/operation in question, identify the overall residue risk level, and the information used as part of the 5-step risk assessment process. On page 2, use the standard risk assessment matrix, enter any review details for ongoing operations, and capture feedback, if any. Organizations That Work with DD 2977 U.S. army
  • DD Form 370
    What is DD Form 370? DD Form 370 is a blank that is used for getting additional information about the individual who wants to serve in the Armed Forces of the USA. The form is sent to the acquaintance chosen by the applicant.  What I need DD Form 370 for? DD 370 fillable form is used to understand whether the applicant meets the required criteria to serve in the Army or not. You need to fill out the following information: Your relations with the applicant; Provide a short list of applicant's qualities; Provide information about applicant's relationship with drugs and alcohol; Describe the information (if positive) specifically. How to Fill out DD Form 370? You need to enter the address of the facility you need to return the form to. The next box requires the information about the applicant (name, date of birth, dates of employment or school attendance). The next boxes require your reference for the applicant. The information about the name of the recruiting officer, unit, command name, your relationship to the applicant, how long you know the applicant is required. The rate of applicant's qualities, such as trustworthiness, adaptability, ability to work with others, initiative, judgment, physical fitness, leadership, maturity, and dependability is also necessary. The last boxes require you to note the relationship of the applicant with drugs and alcohol. If there are certain reasons why you would not recommend the person for the Army, you should note them as well. Organizations that work with DD Form 370 PDF The Armed Forces of the United States.
  • Trustee Resignation Form
    What Is a Trustee Resignation Form?  It’s an official document utilized to resign as trustee of an organization. Whether you’re seeking this specific doc or need any other industry-specific template, our extensive database of pre-designed form samples is always at your service. Healthcare, real estate, tax affairs, finance… The list of categories our database contains is truly impressive. All our templates are free of charge and fully editable. What I Need the Trustee Resignation Form PDF For This form is needed for confirming the act of resignation, recommending a replacement, and shifting your obligations right as a trustee to your successor. By making use of PDFLiner, you can easily fill out this form online, digitally sign it, or send it to anyone for e-signature. Our PDF editing features are more than impressive. They are sure to help you bring your go-digital ideas to life in the smoothest way possible. How to Fill Out the Form This one-pager is straightforward, intuitive, and fairly easy to cope with. However, it does come with certain points that may evoke questions. With that said, you can always consult a professional attorney in case you need assistance as you progress through the form’s completion. Here are the doc’s must-include elements: Resignation date. Beneficiary names. Witness signatures. State and county. What’s particularly good about our service is its exceptional flexibility. Whether you want to fill out the form online or prefer to print it out and sort out the completion manually, PDFLiner is sure to come in handy. The team behind our platform aims at our users’ maximum convenience and is always ready to adjust the tools we offer to your unique needs. Organizations That Work With the Printable Trustee Resignation Form PDF law firms.
  • Florida Last Will and Testament Form
    What is a Florida Last Will and Testament Form? The Florida last will and testament template PDF is a written document used for managing one's own property and business after death. Each state has its own rules regarding its format and order of filling. Florida law requires this online form to be notarized and verified by the local probate court. What do I need the printable legal Florida last will and testament form for? Using this blank, you can set how your property will be divided and used after your death. This way, you can be sure that it all happens exactly the way you want it. If you have young children, you can appoint a guardian according to your own wishes. The same goes for your pets. If you do not make a will, all your property will be distributed between your relatives by the state. If a person who filled out this form online or on paper is declared incompetent, the document will not be valid. How to Fill Out State of Florida Last Will and Testament? The PDF document, which is set in Florida, is five pages long. Remember, you and two adult independent witnesses must sign the fillable Florida Last Will and Testament Form. At the beginning of the paper, you enter your personal data, confirming that you were of sound mind when filling out the file. Next, you should appoint your representative who will oversee the execution of your will. It is followed by a large block in which you specify which of the beneficiaries will receive which share of your property. At the very end of this free document, you and your witnesses must put your signatures. You can download Florida Last Will and Testament Form, save it to your account or print it right on the site. Organizations that work with Florida last will and testament template Appointed representatives Notary public
  • Form SS-5 - Application for Social Security Card
    SS-5 Form: What is It? The SS-5 form is an application document needed for receiving a Social Security Card from the Social Security Administration (SSA). Your social security number is vital for finding a job, receiving medical care, sorting out financial issues, and claiming your SS retirement benefits. In case you’ve lost or accidentally destroyed your Social Security card (or if it has been stolen), you’re going to need to obtain a new one using the SS-5-FS application form. What You Need SS-5 Form For There’s a variety of reasons why you may need to utilize the SS-5 form. They are: You’ve never obtained a SS card before; Your old card is damaged, and you need a replacement social security card; There’s an error on your old Social Security card (e.g. your name is misspelled), and you need to change that; You’ve just become a US citizen, and need a security social number; You’re in a marriage/divorce situation, so your old card is now invalid; You’re applying for your newborn/adopted child’s Social Security card. How to Fill out SS-5 Application Form First, read the guidelines on the application form carefully, for they feature some important details on certain additional documents that must also be submitted to prove your age and identity. Then, fill out the SS-5-FS form with the correct and up-to-date data in order to receive a Social Security card as soon as possible. Here’s what you’ll need to provide when completing the SS-5 form: Your name, place, and date of birth, citizenship, ethnicity, as well as your parents’ names and SS numbers; Your full address; Your signature; Other self-explanatory details. Organizations that Work with SS-5 Form Social Security Administration SS-5 Form Resources Download blank SS-5  SSA Instructions for SS-5 How to fill out SS-5
  • ATF Form 4
    What is ATF Form 4?  ATF Form 4 is the document that determines the conditions of transferring the firearms. Without it, you are prohibited from moving the gun or other types of firearms.  What I need ATF Form 4 fillable version for?  You need to submit ATF Form 4 to: Identify the transferor and transferee and provide all the necessary information about them; Determine the payment of the transfer tax; Define the firearm and prove the weapon is legal and has the license; Register the firearm to the transferee.  How to Fill Out ATF Form 4 Online? ATF Form 4 is pretty long and consists of 12 pages. You need to submit it before the transfer of any firearm. On pages 4 to 6, you can find the detailed instructions on how to fill the form.  In short, there are three parties involved in the process: transferor,  transferee, and officer. You should provide personal information about a seller and a buyer. Also, include the firearm’s description and attach all the licenses. After that, the officer should take into consideration and confirm that everything happens within the law, and only then a firearm can be transferred.  Organizations that work with ATF Form 4 PDF Anybody who wants to transfer the firearms. 
  • ATF Form 4 (2019)
    How Do I Acquire Fillable ATF Form 4 (2019)? Use PDFLiner forms catalog to obtain your form. First of all click "Fill this form" button, and in case you'd like to find it letter see the steps below: Log In and go to the home page. Find the “ATF Form 4 (2019)” in the Search for Documents tab. Pick the document and click the blue button. Here you go, complete the fillable ATF Form 4 (2019) with the editor. Filling Out a ATF Form 4 (2019) Online PDFLiner is a user-friendly PDF editor, so you won't have any difficulties with this form. You should simply follow the instructions: Enter the ATF Form 4 (2019) in the editor. Choose a first fillable field and type your information. Go to the next field. Add all the info and sign form if needed. Push the “Done” button to save your document. That's how you complete any form in just a few clicks. In the event when the file doesn't have fillable fields, check out the toolbar and add text, signature or date to your PDF. To add new fillable fields click on the “Add Fields” button. By using PDFliner online document management tool, you can easily line up the editing that ATF Form 4 (2019) instructs, turn a PDF into a fillable form, share an access to it, add e-signature instantly, and stash all your PDF files on our cloud-based platform, so you will be able to access them anytime anywhere.
  • VA Form 21-4138 (Statement in Support of Claim)
    What is a VA form 21 4138? VA Form 21-4138 (also known as Statement in Support of Claim) is a document needed to prove a veteran’s claim for disability benefits/compensation from the Department of VA. The form features the veteran’s personal data, along with a statement supporting their claim. Upon receiving and evaluating the VA Form 21-4138, the Department decides on the claim. What You Need VA Form 21-4138 For A veteran needs the VA Form 21-4138 to inform the Department of VA of the crucial facts upon filing a claim for disability benefits or compensation.  In a nutshell, the form helps you with the following: Providing necessary personal claim to the Department of VA so that they evaluate your claim; Supporting your story with all the important data; Assisting the Department in quickly noticing the special case situations. How to Fill out Va Form 21-4138 Online VA Form 21-4138 is exceptionally straightforward and easy to fill out. Just make sure you complete it indicating the following data: Your (veteran’s) name and SSN; Your VA file number; A statement to support your claim; Date and signature; Your full address and phone number. Bear in mind that the statement part of your VA Form 21-4138 is what’s fundamentally important. It must feature a detailed, well-structured and well-written statement to support all your claims. We recommend that you write a draft of your statement first. And once you make sure you’ve taken all the details into account, get back to completing your VA Form 21-4138. Organizations that Work with Va Form 21-4138 The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
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