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94 Department of Defense Templates

  • DD 1833 Form (ISOPREP)
    What is DD Form 1833 ISOPREP? DD 1833 is a special form that must be completed by every soldier or the US Army representative that is going to the places where he/she may be isolated from others because of hostile activities of the enemy. This form is called ISOPREP or Isolated Personnel Report. It was created by the Department of Defense. What I need the DD 1833 for? DD 1833 form was created by DoD officials in 2008 to help military personnel. The main aim of the document is to: Protect the military employees from the enemy; Help military personnel to get through recovery after being isolated from society. The due date of the form ends with the end of the mission. It is a necessary form to fill out for military personnel going to the areas of OCONUS. The data helps officials to keep track of personnel. Filling out DD Form 1833 ISOPREP Online DD 1833 is a 2 pages form that consists of 9 sections. It can be handwritten or typed. Blocks colored in red are necessary to fill out. The form consists of: Section 1 with personal information: name, address, SSN, ID, a branch of service, unit, type of blood, the color of hair and eyes, weight, height, etc.; Section 2 covers the uniform data: the size of shirt, pant, hat, and boot; Section 3 contains data on the training and capability, including your scores on writing, reading, language knowledge; Section 4 is for reintegration information: make sure you list only contacts that wish to stay updated; Section 5 is for the JPRC and PRCC use; Section 6 contains all the extra information, like fingerprints, and so on; Section 7 is photos: front full and right profile; Section 8 is for the review information: date and signature; Section 9 must be filled out with personal authentication information. Organizations that work with ISOPREP army DD form 1833 Department of Defense; Headquarters Department of the Army; SIPR Joint Personnel Recovery Agency.
  • Form DD 2977, Deliberate Risk Assessment Worksheet
    What Is Form DD 2977? Form DD 2977 is a fillable deliberate risk assessment worksheet that is used in the U.S. army as the standard form for documenting risk management proceedings for mission tasks and related requirements. What I Need the DD 2977 For? As a military commander in the U.S. army, you need the DD 2977 risk assessment form as part of your risk management process to document hazards. The form integrates with the Army’s standard risk matrix. Use a fillable DD 2977 template to register any countermeasures. Do not treat the form as static; it should be filled out as new information becomes known. How to Fill Out DD Form 2977 PDF? You can use a hard copy of the form or find a DD form 2977 fillable PDF and complete it online. As an alternative, print out a printable blank that is available on the internet. The form consists of three pages; the procedure is as follows: Refer to page 3 for instructions on each block. On page 1, enter details on the event/operation in question, identify the overall residue risk level, and the information used as part of the 5-step risk assessment process. On page 2, use the standard risk assessment matrix, enter any review details for ongoing operations, and capture feedback, if any. Organizations That Work with DD 2977 U.S. army
  • DD Form 370
    What is DD Form 370? DD Form 370 is a blank that is used for getting additional information about the individual who wants to serve in the Armed Forces of the USA. The form is sent to the acquaintance chosen by the applicant.  What I need DD Form 370 for? DD 370 fillable form is used to understand whether the applicant meets the required criteria to serve in the Army or not. You need to fill out the following information: Your relations with the applicant; Provide a short list of applicant's qualities; Provide information about applicant's relationship with drugs and alcohol; Describe the information (if positive) specifically. How to Fill out DD Form 370? You need to enter the address of the facility you need to return the form to. The next box requires the information about the applicant (name, date of birth, dates of employment or school attendance). The next boxes require your reference for the applicant. The information about the name of the recruiting officer, unit, command name, your relationship to the applicant, how long you know the applicant is required. The rate of applicant's qualities, such as trustworthiness, adaptability, ability to work with others, initiative, judgment, physical fitness, leadership, maturity, and dependability is also necessary. The last boxes require you to note the relationship of the applicant with drugs and alcohol. If there are certain reasons why you would not recommend the person for the Army, you should note them as well. Organizations that work with DD Form 370 PDF The Armed Forces of the United States.
  • DD Form 1750
    What Is Form DD 1750? DD 1750 is a U.S. Department of Defense standard form used as a packing list. Its main purpose is to track items that are shipped. Those in charge of the shipment are expected to fill out a blank 1750. The US Army packing list form is mainly used to request everything from office supplies to vehicles. What I Need the DD 1750 For? The main purpose of the form is to improve the traceability of any items sent within the U.S. Army by identifying them. Use a DD 1750 fillable blank to provide information on the items sent. Do not rely on this form for recording the receival and/or acceptance of goods. How to Fill Out a DD 1750? There are two primary options when it comes to completing this form, namely getting an Army 1750 fillable blank as a hard copy or using a DD Form 1750 PDF with fillable fields and completing it online. Alternatively, you can download a PDF version. The form consists of two pages, of which the second bears notes for the consignee. Here are the steps that need to be taken in order to prepare a valid form: Step 1: As a consignor, you are supposed to fill out page 1, starting with packing list information. Step 2: Enter the packer’s name and the details of each item that’s included. Step 3: Type the name and title. Also the military packing list form requires signature. To sign the DD form 1750 army pubs click the sign field and create your signature. Step 4: You can copy page 1 and add more if you have a large list. Organizations That Work with DD 1750 U.S. Department of Defense
  • DD Form 884
    What is DD Form 884? Fillable DD Form 884 is required for transportation of dependents and other close relatives who are supported by the applicant. The blank includes details such as departure and arrival address, car details, dependents' status, and other travel details. The form is to be completed within the country and when arriving outside the country. The form was developed and updated by the U.S. Department of Defense in 2010.  What do I need the DD Form 884 for? Not only should you know how to fill out this document, but you should also know what is a DD Form 884. Use it for the following purposes: When transporting dependents; When crossing borders with dependents and caregivers. Before you download DD Form 884, please read the rules of filling. How to fill out DD Form 884? You may have problems transporting dependents if you do not know how to fill out DD Form 884. This document contains several sections: Document Data. Data about the applicant's name and address of transportation (where to and from). Data about the transport used in the transportation. Details of all dependents who are being transported in the specified transport. In addition, the form must be provided with the personal documents of all those named in the document. To fill out the document online in PDF, you only need to enter the data from the above sections. Then you will be able to print the document and use it for any purpose.  Organizations that work with DD Form 884 Police, Transportation Police, U.S. Department of Defense, Border Patrol. 
  • DD Form 2760
    What is DD Form 2760? Fillable DD Form 2760 is for the purpose of obtaining a permit to possess a firearm. This form was last updated in 2002 and has not been changed since. This form was adopted to comply with the regulations of the Domestic Violence Act. The U.S. Department of Defense uses this form to obtain data about people who are and are not eligible to own firearms.    You can download DD Form 2760 online and print it. You do not have to provide this form in writing. You can also fill out the document as a PDF and email it to the recipient with a digital signature attached.  What do I need the DD Form 2760 for?  This form used for: Obtaining a firearms permit from the Department of Defense; Changing the information on your firearms permit; Other administrative actions for military personnel and civilians. This form is intended primarily for military personnel.  How to Fill Out DD Form 2760? You should know how to fill out DD Form 2760. You do not need detailed instructions to fill out the items on this free form. The document consists of two large sections. The first section details the conditions under which a person may not own or use a firearm. The second section must be personally filled out with items of information. There, it must state whether or not the person has ever been convicted of domestic violence. If the person has indeed been convicted of domestic violence, the person is advised to contact an attorney and a lawyer for help in completing the document. Next, personal information, including residential address, contact information, and more, must be included.  This information will help you learn more about what is a DD Form 2760 form. Specify only truthful information in the document so that there will be no problems in the future when applying for a gun permit. Who Can Issue a Form DD 2760? The DD form 2760 PDF can be issued by any Department of Defense (DoD) military or civilian personnel who has the authority to verify the identity of the individual signing the form. Organizations that work with DD Form 2760 fillable version United States Department of Defense
  • DD 1172 Form
    What is DD 1172? DD 1172 is a form of application that must be completed by recipients for receiving identification cards and DEERS enrollment. This is a Department of Defense form. This form is needed in case you want to receive the ID card and helps you to take part in various benefits programs as a military member or dependent. What I need the DD 1172 for? You need DD 1172 form to: Receive an identification card that will let you access military facilities and organizations; Take part in a program of benefits for military employees and their dependents; Enroll in DEERS program. There is no due date. You will find the form on the official website of the Department of Defense documentation. It can be supplied online or through your command leader. The form activates right after the Department of Defense officials receive it. Filling out DD 1172 This is a one-page long document. You have to fill specific sections. Go step by step via the form, filling out the lines: If you are an employee or a sponsor, you have to fill out Section 1, providing detailed information about you: name, SSN, status, organization, pay grade, citizenship, date of birth, home address, phone number, and so on. Section 2 must contain remarks about your assignment. Sometimes this section is already filled out by the organization you work in; Section 3 is about the sponsoring office: name, address, contact number, etc; Part 4 contains information about dependent if you have one. If you don’t have, just leave the section blank; Section 5 is for the receipt of the card. Organizations that work with DD 1172 Department of Defense; Private organizations that want to become sponsors.
  • DD Form 2890
    What is DD Form 2890? The fillable DD Form 2890 is known as the Multimodal Dangerous Goods Declaration. Taxpayers download DD Form 2890 when they need to transfer hazardous products. If you have a business with dangerous goods shipment, you need this form filled for every transfer you organize. It must be provided to the Department of Defense. What I need the DD Form 2890 for? The blank of DD Form 2890 is used for Department of Defense to easily check the shipment you declare; It is used for assistance in dealing with hazardous materials; You can always call DoD in case of emergency and ask about their help if you are dealing with dangerous items; The form allows us to track the movement of the dangerous product; If you have no space left in the declaration of dangerous items in the form 2890, you have to attach the 2890C form for more information about the shipment. How to Fill Out DD Form 2890? The PDF document with DD Form 2890 fillable version is available on this page. You can download it without any payments as it is free of charge. It is recommended to print this form or open it online and get familiar with it before you start filling it. While the document is only 2 pages long and contain detailed instructions, you still have to be very specific about the information in the boxes: Indicate the address and phone number of dangerous materials’ place of certification; The 2nd box is for ocean shipments. It requires vessel manifest number; Indicate the total number of pages; Put the TCN there; Box 5 must be left blank, while box 6 is for Activity Address Code; Name the vessel carrier; Describe the shipment; Provide the address of the destination. Organizations that work with DD Form 2890 PDF Department of Defense;  US Army; Cargo Control Service.
  • DD Form 1801 - DoD International Flight Plan
    What is Form DD 1801? The Department of Defense uses Form DD 1801 to approve and file an international flight plan. What is Form DD 1801 used for? The international flight plan form is used to provide flight information. It usually records such parameters as departure and arrival times, flight routes, aircraft type, and crew. This form is also used to provide information about passengers on a flight. How to fill out DD Form 1801? DD form 1801 example must be completed in English and contain the following information: Aircraft call sign and identification Departure and destination airports Departure and estimated arrival times Route of flight Fuel on board Alternate airports Passengers and crew Purpose of flight Emergency contact information How to submit DD Form 1801? The completed dd form 1801 pdf must then be faxed or emailed to the DoD air traffic control facility that will be handling the flight. The contact information for each facility can be found on the IFP website. Who should sign the DD Form 1801? Once the dd form 1801 flight plan instructions are complete, they must be printed out and signed by the pilot in command.
  • DD Form 1170
    How to Get a Fillable DD Form 1170? The blank form is available in the PDFLiner form catalog. To start filling out the form, click the “Fill this form” button, or if you would like to know how to find it here later, follow these steps: Log In to your account. Enter “DD Form 1170” into the search bar. Pick your form and click the “Fill Online” button. This is how you get a printable PDF. How to Fill out a Printable DD Form 1170? PDFLiner is the most user-friendly PDF editor, so you won’t have to worry about filling out your form. All you have to do is follow the steps below: Open the template by clicking the blue button. Click on the first fillable field and enter the information that was requested. Move to the following field by clicking the “Next” button or Alt. Fill out all the fields and add your signature if needed. Click the “Done” button and pick a saving or sharing option. As you can see, the process is very straightforward. And in case you don’t see any fillable fields, you can always use the tools from the toolbar to add text, date, or signature to your PDF. You can also add fields by using the “Add Fields” editor.  How to Download a DD Form 1170? To download the document, follow the instructions: Complete the form in the editor. Click the “Done” button. Choose the Save as PDF option or any other saving options. If you would like to download a blank form, you can click the “Download PDF” button on the right sidebar. By using PDFLiner document editing and management tool, you can add all the edits that your DD Form 1170 requires, add fillable fields if needed, share it with your client or co-worker, create your electronic signature in a few clicks, and store all your documents in our cloud storage, so you will be able to access them anywhere you need.
  • DD Form 350 - Individual Contracting Action Report
    DD Form 350 - Individual Contracting Action Report ✓ Easily fill out and sign forms ✓ Download blank or editable online
  • DD 1750 - Package List
    What is DD1750 Form? The fillable 1750 form is the packing list form that was created by the US Department of Defense. It reveals how many boxes were sent and what they contain. You can use the form 1750 packing list to find out the order number and the date when the box was sent to the recipient. What I need the DD1750 Form for? Fillable DD form 1750 allows everyone to track the place of the parcel in the current time; It registers the number of boxes, date, place, and the content of each box; The 1750 packing list is used by both delivery systems, and business owners, and can also be used by private clients; The form allows you to claim the ownership of the box that was lost or delayed; The 1750 DD form is widely used at customs. How to fill out DD1750 Form? The DD form 1750 fillable PDF can be downloaded or filled online on PDFLiner. It is not that complicated, but you still have to be accurate with dates and numbers. If you don’t fill out the form and just want to receive access to numbers, you need to know what to look for in DD form 1750 PDF. The information that is included in the form: The date when the package was formed, number of boxes, order, and end item; It includes the details on the content of each box, box number, unit of issue, initial operation, running spares, and the total amount of every box; There must be a signature and the name and title of the person who is responsible for sending the package and checking the content. Organizations that work with DD1750 Form: Used by the US package delivery systems.
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