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What Is a DD Form 1172-2?

A fillable DD Form 1172-2 is a 2-page application used for DEER enrollment (the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System) and getting or renewing an ID card. It is filled out by reserve, active duty, and retired service members. They need this card to get uniform service benefits and access government systems and facilities.

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What do I need the DD 1172-2 form for?

If you are a reserve, active duty, or retired service member, you need to complete this form:

  • for DEER enrollment$
  • receiving an ID card;
  • renewing your current identification card;
  • to get standardized service benefits;
  • to get access to governmental systems and facilities.

How to Fill Out DD Form 1172-2

To fill out DD Form 1172-2 online, you don’t need to look for a suitable template for long. You can conveniently complete it here, on PDFLiner:

  1. Press the Fill this form button located on this page. You will see a ready-made blank that consists of two pages. However, only the first page is fillable. The second page contains the agency disclosure notice, privacy act statement, and some basic instructions for you to rely on.
  2. Use the Add Text tool on the upper toolbar to complete page 1. In Section 1, provide your name, gender, SSN, status, organization, pay grade, citizenship, birth date, place of birth, current home address, primary email address, and the city/state/country of your duty location.
  3. Section 2 is for sponsor/employee declaration and remarks.
  4. In section 3, a sponsoring official should provide authorization. They should also put their signature to assure the provided data is accurate.
  5. Section 4 serves for verification of another official. They should include such data as site identification and telephone number and sign the form as well.
  6. In section 5, provide the dependent-relevant information. Include personal details such as name, address, gender, relationship, birth date, and others.
  7. Indicate that you are acknowledged with the receipt of a new identification card in section 7.
  8. Put your signature and current date. For this, look at the E-Signature and Add-Date tools available on the upper toolbar.
  9. Save the changes in the document, download it on your PC, or share it with another party by selecting the appropriate button.

DD 1172-2 Form Screenshot

Organizations that work with DD form 1172-2 PDF

  • The US Department of Defense (DOD)

Fillable online DD Form 1172-2
(4.6 / 5) 32 votes
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