24 Department of Veterans Affairs Forms

  • VA Form 10-7959A - CHAMPVA Claim Form VA Form 10-7959A - CHAMPVA Claim Form What is VA Form 10-7959A? CHAMPVA is a government-sponsored health insurance program that provides coverage to the spouses and dependents of veterans who have been rated by the Veterans Administration (VA) as having a service-connected disability.
  • Form VA 21-4142 Form VA 21-4142 What is Form VA 21-4142? The VA form 21 4142 is also known as the Authorization and Consent to Release Information to the Department of Veterans Affairs. This document is vital for disabled veterans who need to receive treatment from the government. The D
  • VA 21-0781 (2021) VA 21-0781 (2021) What Is Form VA 21-0781? The VA form 21 0781 is also called the statement in support of a claim for service connection for post-traumatic stress disorder. This template was created and released by the Department of Veterans Affairs. If you want to receive
  • U.S. Dod Form Dod Va 10 2850c U.S. Dod Form Dod Va 10 2850c What is VA Form 10-2850C? It is a five-page application that healthcare professionals use if they apply for a job with the Department of Veteran Affairs. It is a detailed description of your education and employment history. Completing this document is no
  • VA 10-10EZ VA 10-10EZ What is VA Form 10-10EZ? VA form 10-10EZ is also known as Application for Health Benefits. It is released by the Department of Veterans Affairs and can be used only by veterans. Without the documents that confirm that you are a veteran, you can’t ap
  • VA Form 10-0137, VA Advance Directive VA Form 10-0137, VA Advance Directive VA Form 10-0137, VA Advance Directive ✓ Easily fill out and sign forms ✓ Download blank or editable online
  • VA Form 10 7959C VA Form 10 7959C What Is VA Form 10-7959C PDF Also known as CHAMPVA Other Health Insurance (OHI) Certification, VA Form 10-7959C is a document used to certify and report health insurance coverage for beneficiaries of the Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Departme
  • VA Form 10-2850A VA Form 10-2850A What is the VA form 10 2850a? VA 10-2850A (also referred to as Application for Nurses and Nurse Anesthetics) is used by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to evaluate the qualifications of nurses or nurse anesthetists who are looking for a job with t
  • VA Form 28-0800 VA Form 28-0800 What Is a VA Form 28-0800? The VA 28-0800 form is an application form used by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to collect information from veterans who are seeking disability compensation or pension benefits. This form is also known as the "Ve
  • VA Form 10-10EZR VA Form 10-10EZR What is VA Form 10-10EZR (2023)? The VA form 10-10EZR is the name for the Health Benefits Update document. This template was created by the Department of Veterans Affairs to ease the life of veterans. The document can be used by those veterans who have re
  • VA 21-8940 VA 21-8940 What Is a VA Form 21-8940? The VA 21-8940 form is a Veteran's Application for Increased Compensation Based on Unemployability. VA form 21 8940 unemployability is used to determine if a veteran is eligible for additional benefits based on their inabili
  • VA Form 21-686c, Veterans Affairs VA Form 21-686c, Veterans Affairs What is VA Form 21-686C? The VA form 21-686c is also known as a Notice to the beneficiary regarding the information and evidence needed to support the claim for additional benefits for a dependent or to remove the dependent from an award. If you want to m
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How to Get Department of Veterans Affairs Forms?

The Department of Veterans Affairs issues VA-marked forms that veterans and their families can use to request government assistance through approved veteran support programs. You can find the required template in the PDFLiner library and fill it out and send it to the right address right on the spot. You may download any file to your device for free and fill it in later. This category contains all the issued VA forms needed to resolve a variety of issues. We also provide simple step-by-step guides that make completing applications easier and faster.

Most Popular Department of Veterans Affairs Forms

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs has endeavored to produce forms that highlight and cover all issues that may be related to veterans' assistance. There are more than 30 applications in our collection, but the most commonly used are the following:

  • Financial Status Report. The formal name is VA Form 5655. It is used when you want to request certain financial assistance, debt repayment, or relief from the Department. There are some situations where this document is not required. Still, in most cases, it is the basis for deciding on your request, as it contains information about whether you are eligible to claim certain benefits.
  • Statement in Support of Claim. The formal name is VA Form 21-4138. It is a mandatory document if you claim disability benefits. It collects details that confirm your right to such a request. It can be completed by veterans themselves, as well as their families and other service members who can prove that the veteran has restrictions related to military service and tell in detail how it happened.
  • Application for Nurses and Nurse Anesthetists. The formal name is VA Form 10-2850A. This document is not used by veterans but by medical professionals who would like to work in the Department and provide medical care to veterans and help them adapt to a new environment. It is a fairly detailed form in which applicants should describe their experience and qualifications. Based on this data, a decision is made on whether they can cope with complex responsibilities.
  • CHAMPVA Claim Form. The formal name is VA Form 10-7959A. Completion of this form is required for all people who wish to participate in CHAMPVA. It is a governmental program that deals with the life and health insurance of relatives (spouses and children) of veterans who died in the line of duty or received full and permanent disability as a result of service. Participation in this program can partially cover certain medical expenses and the purchase of supplies. Depending on the age of an applicant, CHAMPVA offers various support plans.
  • FSC Vendor File Request. The formal name is VA Form 10091. This form is used to obtain detailed information about vendors/small businesses/payees that want to work with the Department. Both American and foreign businesses can fill it out. The data from the form is used both to create new profiles and update old information about vendors, as well as to process electronic payments.

What Does the Department of Veterans Affairs Do?

The Department of Veterans Affairs is a government agency that offers a variety of support programs for veterans and their families. It provides rehabilitation and adaptation of veterans in a peaceful environment. It includes retirement benefits, home loans, education, health and life insurance, medical care, etc. The Department also arranges the burials of both veterans and some of their (eligible) relatives. To receive all these benefits, you need to provide various supporting documents and fill out certain Department of Veterans Affairs forms, which you can find in our collection.

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