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What is VA Form 5655?

Form 5655 VA is also known as Financial Status Report. This is an official document created by the Department of Veterans Affairs. You can use the form to claim the acceptance of the compromise, payment plan, and even the information on the debt. The department needs the document to make sure whether the claim can be considered or not.

Only those claims that meet basic demands can be considered by the Department of Veteran Affairs. VA financial status reports can be provided only to specific type of people. Only payees, beneficiaries, veterans, and representatives of the debtors can send the form. Estate representatives may fill the financial status report VA as well.

The VA financial status report form is only voluntary. It proves the eligibility of the applicant for the payment, waiver, and compromise. The document must be printed, faxed, or mailed to the Department of Veterans Affairs. It can be downloaded through the website of the officials.

VA Form 5655 on PDFLiner

Where to send VA form 5655?

There are constant updates that happen with this document. The last one offers to send the form to the email or fax of the Department of Veterans Affairs. You may find all the coordinates on the website of the department. Officials offer you to download the form, whether you find it on the official website or on the PDFLiner, check it, fill it out, and save the edition.

After that, you can either print it and send it by fax or just send it from your device to their email, without extra printing and scanning. You can always print the empty form, complete it by hand, scan it, and send it to the department. However, it will take extra moves from you.

What I need the VA Form 5655 for?

  • You need a VA 5655 financial status report if you want to prove that you are eligible for the payment, compromise, or waiver. It can be provided by the veterans, payees, beneficiaries, or representatives of the person who is a debtor. Real estate representatives can file the document as well;
  • The Department of Veteran Affairs needs fillable VA form 5655 from eligible applicants to make sure that this person can claim for the services provided by the officials. They collect the data on these people before they consider whether the person can be considered as the applicant. It can’t be claimed by people who don’t match general requirements.

How to Fill Out VA Form 5655?

You can check out VA form 5655 download on PDFLiner. The document is available and free of charge. You have to press the icon of the form and enter it. There are detailed tips and explanations on how to fill the document provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs. If you have questions about the form, you can contact the phone written in the document. Read the instructions for VA form 5655 in advance. Once you fill it out, you can send the document online to the Department.

You don’t have to hand in the form manually. Here is what you need to include inside the blank:

  1. Provide your personal data in section 1, including name, address, phone, date of birth, marital status;
  2. Complete your previous employment record for you and the spouse if you have any for the last 2 years;
  3. Include the information about your own income and the income of your spouse, calculating payroll, gross salary for a month, social security, retirement, income tax, deductions, and veteran benefits if you have any;
  4. Put the numbers of your expenses in section 3, including rent, food, utilities, living expenses, and total monthly expenses;
  5. Describe discretionary income in section 4 if you have any;
  6. Name all the assets you have in section 5, including cash in the bank and on your hands;
  7. Describe your debts and installment contracts;
  8. Add extra data in section 7 if you have any;
  9. Sign the document, put the date, and ask the spouse to sign it in section 8.

Organizations that work with VA Form 5655

  • Department of Veterans Affairs United States of America.
Fillable online VA Form 5655, Financial Status Report
(4.9 / 5) 52 votes
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