53 Department of Defense Forms

  • DoD Operations Security (OPSEC) Program DoD Operations Security (OPSEC) Program The online DoD Operations Security (OPSEC) Program document is an instruction for Army, Navy, Space Force, Air Force, and Marine Corps. The program is applied to create a process for critical information identification and determining whether any friendly actions can
  • DD Form 884 DD Form 884 What Is DD Form 884? Fillable DD Form 884 is required for transportation of dependents and other close relatives who are supported by the
  • Motor Equipment Utilization Record Motor Equipment Utilization Record What is a Motor Equipment Utilization Record form? Motor Equipment Utilization Record is used for monitoring the operation of various types of vehicles (from generators and loading equipment to military transportations) that the government owns. It is als
  • DD Form 2760 DD Form 2760 What Is DD Form 2760? Fillable DD Form 2760 is for the purpose of obtaining a permit to possess a firearm. This form was last updated in 2
  • DD Form 2648 DD Form 2648 What is the DD Form 2648? The fillable DD Form 2648 is used for the active component, active guard reserve, active reserve, full-time support, and reserve program administrator. Download the DD Form 2648 to count the benefits and preseparation services pr
  • DD Form 2367 DD Form 2367 What is DD Form 2367? DD Form 2367 is a form that was developed by the U.S. Department of Defense in 1999. This document is to be filled o
  • DD Form 1540 DD Form 1540 DD Form 1540
  • DD Form 1354 DD Form 1354 What is the DD Form 1354? DD Form 1354 is used by military departments to legally transfer the real property of the Department of Defense. What I need the DD Form 1354 for? To legally send or accept the real military property
  • DD Form 1149 DD Form 1149 What is DD Form 1149? Fillable DD Form 1149 is a form that was created by DoD (Department of Defense) in order to record all the invoices and shipping procedures of different materials between shipping party and receiver. DD Form 1149 is required for part
  • DD Form 2890 DD Form 2890 What Is DD Form 2890? The fillable DD Form 2890 is known as the Multimodal Dangerous Goods Declaration. Taxpayers download DD Form 2890 when they nee
  • DD Form 1450 DD Form 1450 What is a DD 1450 form? DoD Space Requirements Data (the fillable DD Form 1450) is a form issued by the US Department of Defence (DoD). The form can be filed by a department or an agency of the US army to report particular space requirements for a unit. T
  • DD Form 2326 DD Form 2326 What is the blank DD Form 2326? The blank DD Form 2326 is called “Preservation and Packing Data” and is used to indicate the details on i
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