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95 Department of Defense Templates

  • Defence Civilian Pay System (DCPS) Non-Payroll
    What is Defense Civilian Pay System Non-Payroll? This is a blank online PDF form that is used for getting access to the defense civilian pay information. One can fill it out online or download the Defence Civilian Pay System Non-Payroll document, print it, and complete it manually. What I need the Defence Civilian Pay System Non-Payroll for? This document is needed to be presented by all those who are going to get access to the Defense Civilian Pay System Non-Payroll. The document is not for business purposes. You don’t have to send it to IRS as it is not about taxes. How to fill out the Defence Civilian Pay System Non-Payroll form? The fillable Defense Civilian Pay System Non-Payroll contains many sections. It should be performed by a user himself or an authorized official. The document should comprise the user’s credentials, employee’s ID, affiliation. In section 5 the person filling out the form should indicate that he or she has completed a special security awareness certification. In some sections, the user will have to choose user type, authorization type, and the number of authorization. Finally, the user puts his or her signature at the end of the document followed by the date of completion. Organizations that work with the Defence Civilian Pay System Non-Payroll form Department of Defence
  • DD Form 293
    What is DD Form 293? DD Form 293 is a form that is completed to review the category and reason for discharge from the United States Armed Forces. Members of the Armed Forces may be discharged from the military for several reasons. Among them are violation of the statute, retirement age, injuries, health problems, or violation of the law. You can download DD Form 293 right now to fill out the form and submit it to social service agencies. You can download the blank for free in high quality PDF format.  What do I need the DD Form 293 for? You will need a Fillable DD Form 293 in several instances:  To change your military discharge category (for example, if you were discharged for misconduct); Confirm your military discharge status with Social Security (e.g., for benefits and entitlements). This form is also required for adoption or guardianship eligibility. You may also use this form if you have been convicted by a court-martial within the last 15 years.  How to fill out DD Form 293?  You should know what a DD Form 293 is. This document contains a detailed description of the conditions for changing the category of separation from military service. There are 15 sections of the form to complete. You need to include your own contact information, military service information, date of separation, reason for separation and other conditions of military service. Next, you need to describe the reason why the special commission should review the conditions of discharge. For example, the applicant may indicate that he or she has changed his or her views and deserves to be corrected. On the second and third page there is a detailed description of the conditions of the document. Read the information in the document to find out how to fill out DD Form 293. Use the free online version of the document or download it to print out. Organizations that work with DD Form 293 U.S. Department of Defense
  • DD Form 285
    What is DD Form 285 for? This free online blank PDF document is used for the appointment of mail orderly, the appointment of military postal clerks, or unit mail clerks. You can fill it in on the website or print it. The document is designed for militaries only. It is not about taxes and business and it is not subject to IRS. What I need the DD Form 285 for? This document is needed to be completed once a person is assigned to be a mail or postal clerk. The leader of the unit has the right to designate one mail clerk only and three alternate officials. If the branch does not have its mailroom, the leader can designate mail orderlies. This DD Form 285 fillable version is for all appointees. You can download DD Form 285 PDF from PDFLiner website or complete it online How to Fill Out Form DD 285? The document is divided into sections. The first one requires the exact date when the document was completed. The second is to remain blank until the document is withdrawn. The third and the fourth section is designed for the appointed person credentials. The social security number of the person should be written in section 5. Next, there is a box with the titles. Here one needs to put Unit Mail Clerk, Mail Orderly, or Military Postal Clerk depending on the title. Next following sections are for providing information about the activities of the body, the installation of the designated person, the initials of the executive who will approve the document. Organizations that work with DD Form 285 The Ministry of Defence
  • DD Form 372
    What is DD Form 372? DD Form 372 is a form for filling out birth information for a child. This document has been used by the U.S. Department of Defense since mid-2020. This blank is different from a medical birth certificate, so you need to be careful when filling it out. You should read carefully beforehand what is a DD Form 372.  What do I need the DD Form 372 for? You will need to fill out this form to verify your child's birth record. This form is for use only by military and civilian employees of the Department of Defense. This form should be completed and submitted at your place of employment or duty station for those who are planning to go on leave or a business trip. There may be other reasons to use this DOD form.  How to fill out DD Form 372?  Fillable DD Form 372 has three sections with information: Applicant's personal information (including first name, last name, gender); Information about the child's birth, along with information about the child's parents and place of residence; Address of residence and place of service, military unit address, and other information. It is important for many users to know how to fill out DD Form 372 in order to provide this document on time when requested. Take the convenient opportunity to download DD Form 372 for free in digital PDF format, fill it out online and print it. It won't take much time. You can submit the document in any form you wish.  It is recommended that you read the data protection regulations on the back before completing.  Organizations that work with DD Form 372 U.S. Department of Defense
  • DD Form 1056
    DD Form 1056
  • Request for Activity
    Request for Activity
  • Medical Recommendation for Flying or Special
    Medical Recommendation for Flying or Special
  • Pay Adjustment Authorization
    Pay Adjustment Authorization
  • DD Form 2873
    DD Form 2873
  • DD Form 1348-1A
    DD Form 1348-1A
  • DD Form 362
    What is a DD form 362? DD form 362 fillable used by the Department of Defense to document collections of cash, checks, and money orders received by a federal agency. The form is also used to document the disbursement of these funds. Who should fill out a DD form 362? The individual who is responsible for collecting the cash should fill out the statement of charges/cash collection voucher. For example, if an individual goes to a store to purchase an item and pays with cash, the store clerk would fill out the document. How to fill out DD 362 form?  The DD form 362 instructions are pretty simple. Open the editor and follow the steps: Enter the date of the request at the top of the form. Specify a voucher number. Write an Organization and accounting details Fill out the items sheet with the requested items and prices. The purpose of line 8 on the DD Form 362 is to indicate the type of security clearance that is required for the position. The options for this line are "Top Secret," "Secret," and "Confidential." Or action, if the individual already has the required clearance. After that, you need to provide your personal information and sign the form.
  • Record of Trial by Summary Court-Marital
    Record of Trial by Summary Court-Marital
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