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What Is DD 2215 Form?

Also known as Reference Audiogram, DD Form 2215 is a document used by the US Department of Defense. Its purpose is to establish and maintain an individual's baseline audiometric information. This baseline serves as a reference point to monitor and protect the hearing health of military personnel who may be exposed to hazardously noisy environments.

2215 DD form vs. 2216 DD form

Distinctions between 2215 DD Form and 2216 DD Form (Hearing Conservation Data) are as follows:

  • Purpose. 2215 is for baseline audiometric data; 2216 is for annual audiometric tests;
  • Usage. 2215 establishes reference; 2216 tracks annual hearing changes;
  • Frequency. 2215 is a one-time document; 2216 is annual;
  • Monitoring. 2215 comes down to baseline; 2216 involves trends.
  • Personnel. 2215 is all exposed; 2216 is for regular audiometric monitoring.

How to Fill Out DD Form 2215

DD form 2215 screenshot

Filling out this file using PDFLiner is a systematic process to ensure accuracy and compliance with the US Department of Defense requirements. Follow these 7 crucial steps to cope with this task while preventing mistakes and confusions:

  1. Launch the DD Form 2215 PDF via PDFLiner’s online template gallery. 
  2. Enter the individual's personal details, including name, date of birth, and Social Security Number.
  3. Fill in the audiogram data as accurately as possible. This includes thresholds for both ears at various frequencies.
  4. Certify the form, confirming the accuracy of the audiometric information.
  5. Digitally sign the document where required.
  6. Carefully review the completed form for any errors or omissions, making corrections if needed.
  7. Save the completed DD Form 2215 as a PDF file on your device.

When you’re through, based on your submission requirements, either print the doc for physical submission or submit it electronically. 

Who should use DD form 2215 audiogram?

The document is intended for use by the US Department of Defense, specifically for military personnel exposed to potentially hazardous noise levels during their service. The audiogram is employed to establish and maintain baseline audiometric information, helping to monitor and safeguard the hearing health of these individuals over time. It ensures compliance with safety regulations and the protection of military personnel from auditory dysfunctions.

Organizations that work with the blank DD form 2215

  • Department of Defense

  • How to read military audiogram results?

    To interpret military audiogram results, examine the audiogram graph. The horizontal axis represents frequencies, while the vertical axis denotes the hearing threshold levels. The lower lines on the graph indicate better hearing, while the higher lines show hearing loss, with varying degrees and frequencies involved.

  • Which hearing conditions disqualify individuals from the military?

    Auditory dysfunctions that can disqualify individuals from the military service typically include complete hearing loss in both ears, severe bilateral hearing loss, or conditions affecting speech discrimination and communication capabilities, as these may impede operational effectiveness and safety.

  • What are OSHA’s requirements for a hearing conservation program?

    The program mandates include audiometric testing, noise monitoring, hearing protection, training, record-keeping, and a hearing protection device (HPD) requirement for employees exposed to specific noise levels to safeguard workers' auditory health.

Fillable online DD Form 2215
(4.8 / 5) 97 votes
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