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What is a DD Form 2660?

DD Form 2660 is used for claiming the replacement of lost or canceled checks. It contains only two pages, one of which is detailed line-by-line comments and recommendations. When submitting this document, you should also attach the corresponding Leave and Earnings Statement.

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What do I need the DD Form 2660 for?

  • The fillable DD Form 2660 is used by those who get U.S. Treasury checks for doing Army or Navy business.
  • Use it if the issued check is lost, stolen, destroyed, or you have never received it.
  • If you are not the recipient of such papers, you cannot use this document.
  • Also, you cannot submit a completed paper if 30 days haven't passed since the check was issued to you.

How to Fill Out DD Form 2660 PDF?

Filling out DD form 2660 is a simple process with the right tool. You can fill out this document online:

  • Open the PDF form and look through the instructions on the second page to avoid mistakes.
  • Also, read the information at the top of the first sheet, which talks about liability for submitting incorrect data.
  • Then, fill in your payee or financial organization name, SNN, contact phone number, and address where the check was sent.
  • Further lines refer directly to the financial document. You should indicate the purpose for which the check was issued, as well as what exactly happened to it that it became necessary to fill out this free form.
  • Sign and date. Leave lines 16 and 17 blank, as the disbursing office should fill them up.
  • Download DD Form 2660 to your device to print it and mail it.

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Organizations that work with DD Form 2660 fillable version:

  • Department of Defense;
  • Department of Justice.
Fillable online DD Form 2660
(4.9 / 5) 108 votes
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