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What Is a PS Form 1528?

The fillable PS Form 1528 (Request for Exception to Current/Proposed Delivery Mode Due to Physical Hardship) is an official USPS form that is used for requesting an exception to delivery mode. If you are a customer with a form of physical hardship, you can file this form to ask for assistance in sending your mail and delivering items. Additional documents are not required unless the USPS request them.

What I need the USPS 1528 hardship mail delivery form for?

  • You need this form if you have certain difficulties in using your current type of delivery and you wish to request another type justified by your current physical condition;
  • Don’t file this form if the current delivery mode satisfies you independently from your condition;
  • Resend the form if your request was rejected by mistake and you can prove it.

You can download PS Form 1528 from our free form library and even fill out the entire form online and print it for signing and submission.

How to Fill Out PS Form 1528?

To fill out this single-page PDF blank properly, you have to enter the following data:

  • personal information, such as name, address, telephone, ZIP;

PS Form 1528 screenshot step 1

  • delivery address;

PS Form 1528 screenshot step 2

  • date and signature;

PS Form 1528 screenshot step 3

  • the current type of delivery (box, neighborhood delivery, or other in written form);

PS Form 1528 screenshot step 4

  • the type of delivery you wish to request (in written form).

PS Form 1528 screenshot step 5

Organizations that work with USPS hardship form 1528:

  • United States Postal Service.
Fillable online PS Form 1528
(4.6 / 5) 66 votes
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