44 U.S. Postal Service Forms

  • USPS Form 3602-NZ (2022) USPS Form 3602-NZ (2022) USPS Form 3602-NZ (2022) ✓ Easily fill out and sign forms; ✓ Download blank or editable online.
  • PS Form 1528 PS Form 1528 What Is a PS Form 1528? The fillable PS Form 1528 (Request for Exception to Current/Proposed Delivery Mode Due to Physical Hardship) is an official USPS form that is used for requesting an exception to delivery mode. If you are a customer with a form of p
  • PS Form 3602-NZ PS Form 3602-NZ What Is PS Form 3602-NZ? The fillable PS Form 3602-NZ is designed for the nonprofit mailer, unlike 3602-EZ which is designed for small business mailers. This is a statement for the mailers who use USPS Marketing Mail letters and flats. Download PS Form 36
  • PS Form 3575 - Change of Address Form PS Form 3575 - Change of Address Form What is USPS Form 3575? Fillable Form 3575 is a legal document, which allows you to change your mailing address. Via this document, you can notify the United States Postal Service (USPS) that all of your mail/correspondence should be rerouted to a
  • PS Form 3877 - Firm Mailing Book For Accountable Mail PS Form 3877 - Firm Mailing Book For Accountable Mail What is a USPS Form 3877? Firm Mailing Book for Accountable Mail Form (also called Form 3877 certificate of mailing) is an official document that lets the sender obtain the requested proof of mailing along with a list of items mailed. You can request the
  • Shippers Letter of Instructions Shippers Letter of Instructions What Is a Shipper’s Letter of Instructions Template Form? A Shipper's Letter of Instruction (SLI) is a document instructing a freight forwarder or carrier on the details of a shipment. It includes information about the consignor, consignee, carr
  • PS Form 3575 - Change of Address Form (2008) PS Form 3575 - Change of Address Form (2008) PS Form 3575 - Change of Address Form (2008) ✓ Easily fill out and sign forms ✓ Download blank or editable online
  • PS Form 1000, Domestic or International Claim PS Form 1000, Domestic or International Claim PS Form 1000, Domestic or International Claim✓ Easily fill out and sign forms ✓ Download blank or editable online
  • Commercial Invoice UPS Commercial Invoice UPS What Is a Commercial Invoice for UPS? Let’s say, you’re a business owner in China who’s about to export goods to a buyer in Europe. Then, what’s a legitimate agreement between the two of you? It’s referred to as the Bill of L
  • Treatment Verification for Wounded Warriors Leave Treatment Verification for Wounded Warriors Leave Treatment Verification for Wounded Warriors Leave
  • PS Form 8076, Authorization to Hold Mail PS Form 8076, Authorization to Hold Mail What Is a PS Form 8076, Authorization to Hold Mail ? PS form 8076 is a request for information form used by the United States Postal Service (USPS). Form PS 8076 uses to gather information from individuals or organizations that are seeking information abo
  • PS Form 3602-NZ (2021) PS Form 3602-NZ (2021) Where to Get Fillable PS Form 3602-NZ (2021)? You can get the form online at here at PDFliner. To get the form Either hit the "Fill this form" button or do the steps below: Enter our main page. Write “PS Form 3
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What Are U.S. Postal Service Forms?

The U.S. postal service forms were made by the USPS to regulate shipments inside and outside the country. There is a wide range of forms used by the postal service and regular citizens. The United States Postal Service is the main source of shipments, which is indispensable nowadays. Regular customers and business owners use USPS forms to send and receive mail and packages. Each form has its own requirements and is used for a specific purpose.

Based on your aim, you need to pick the recipient. Not all forms must be provided to the USPS or local post. Some of them are made for Customs, while others can be kept for private use. For example, a Customs declaration is required by the Customs and Border Protection officials, while an application for the post office box service must be sent to the local USPS department.

Most Popular USPS Forms

There are dozens of forms created by the USPS for customers. You will find over 50 USPS forms on PDFLiner. New templates appear from time to time on the USPS official website as well. It is easy to get lost there. You might need a particular form for a specific type of business. Here are the most widely used documents created by USPS:

  • PS Form 3602-NZ.This form is made mainly for nonprofit use. Any mailer can work with the USPS Marketing Mail letters to provide in this template. It is made for the postage statement, and you can easily fill it with the information on the letters you send. Apart from that, you require this form for the flyers and newsletters as long as there are nonprofits. If you are a business owner, you need a 3602-EZ template;
  • Form 3575. This form is known as the Change of Address Template. You will need it to provide the new mailing address to the USPS. The department that received your notification has to reroute your correspondence to the new address that was indicated. Not only letters but packages you’ve ordered on eBay or Amazon must be resent. This way, a person significantly eases their life, without the need to write to all the senders and report the change of address;
  • Form 1583. This template is called an application for the delivery of mail through an agent. The form is widely used by private citizens who want to authorize other people to receive mail on their behalf. Some agents can receive commercial mail in another person’s name once the form is filled out. They are called CMRAs. You can hire this person or ask your friend to do it for you. This template is perfectly suited for citizens who rent PO boxes, postal mailboxes, or use the services of virtual mail providers;
  • Form 1314. You might already know this document as the Regular Rural Carrier Time Certificate. The form is barely used nowadays. It was popular before the digital payroll program came out. The MGMT calculated the hours and wrote them on the template. Carriers received the document every Friday. You can still ask your provider about the form if you want to compare the numbers you received digitally or if you don’t trust them. The form became more digital, and you can use it to verify numbers. If you need to make corrections, you have to contact the officials.

How to Get USPS Forms

You may start by visiting the USPS official website. There are lots of USPS customs forms created by the postal service over the years. You can open some of them online and download them on your device. However, you will not be able to work with them without an appropriate editor.

If you want to fill the template, use PDFLiner. This website offers numerous forms, so you will easily find the one you need. Once you find it, open it, and read the description and guide on how to fill it out. Now you can use various tools to fill empty sections in the form provided by the PDFLiner. All these tools are in front of you. Don’t worry, if you make a mistake, you can edit the document even after saving it.

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