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What Is NAVPERS 1336-3?

The NAVPERS 1336 3 special request authorization form is known as Navy Special Request Chit. This request and authorization form is widely used in the Navy by commanding officers or any other employee who needs specific stuff or services. This document is the list of things that are requested by the Navy member. It can also contain the request for authorization of the actions described in the list.

It was created by the Navy Personnel Command back in 2011 and since that it significantly simplified the work in the Navy. You have to send your requests in this form to the commander. This is the simplest way to communicate with the employer on an official matter.

The form can be considered as the official demand to provide commuted rations, leave, or special liberty to the author. It must be sent to the commanding authority that has a higher position than the employee. Special liberty can be requested even to attend the funeral of a family member.

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What I need the NAVPERS 1336-3 for?

  • The NAVPERS 1336 3 fillable form is widely used among Navy personnel who need to receive specific authorization for the action. It can be used also to request for leave, funeral attendance, a hospital visit to a family member, extra liberty that is explained, and even commuted rations;
  • The form is needed by any commander who received a request from an employee about special authorization. Commander can’t grant any leave or satisfy the request if it was not accompanied by an official form. This document has to be saved in the archives for any proof of the decision made by the commander and the request made by the employee.

How to Fill Out NAVPERS 1336-3?

You will find NAVPERS 1336 3 PDF on PDFLiner. The form is available for anyone free of charge. You can download it on your device or fill it out online, using the tools from the editor. Once you complete it you can save the original on your computer or phone, and send the form to the commander. You can print it and hand it to the commander.

The form is only one page long. You will quickly learn how to fill it. However, you need to be specific in your request or you will not receive approval. This is an official document. Here is what you need to include based on NAVPERS 1336 3 instructions:

  1. Write down your name and your rate;
  2. Name the ship or the station you are currently at;
  3. Put the correct date when you make a request;
  4. Include information in your department and the duty section;
  5. Put the tick in the most appropriate box describing the nature of your request;
  6. Specify the number of days you want to receive, name the first day of leave and the day when the person comes back;
  7. Describe the distance in miles, and pick the type of travel;
  8. Name the address of the place and the phone number so you could be contacted;
  9. Describe the reason for the request;
  10. Sign the document.

NAVPERS 1336-3 Form Screenshot

Organizations that work with NAVPERS 1336-3

  • Navy Personnel Command of the United States of America.
Fillable online NAVPERS 1336-3
(5 / 5) 76 votes
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