33 Military Forms

  • DD Form 2058, State of Legal Residence Certificate, February DD Form 2058, State of Legal Residence Certificate, February What is DD Form 2058? The DD Form 2058, State of Legal Residence Certificate, is used by the Department of Defense (DoD) to determine an individual's state of legal residence for purposes of taxation. The form is used by active duty service members, r
  • Recommendation For Award (DA 638 form) Recommendation For Award (DA 638 form) What Is the DA 638 Form? DA 638 is the form that may be signed by an army servant who wants to recommend another soldier for the award. A soldier cannot recommend himself/herself. There can’t be self-recognition in the army, but if you are aware of
  • DA 31 Army Leave Form 2022 DA 31 Army Leave Form 2022 What is DA 31 Army Leave Form? DA 31 is a U.S. Army form, also known as "Request and Authority for Leave." It is used by soldiers to request time off from their duties and to obtain approval for that leave from their commanding officer. The form
  • NAVPERS 1336-3 NAVPERS 1336-3 What Is NAVPERS 1336-3? The NAVPERS 1336 3 special request authorization form is known as Navy Special Request Chit. This request and authorization form is widely used in the Navy by commanding officers or any other employee who needs specific stuff or se
  • DA Form 5960 DA Form 5960 What Is a DA Form 5960? A DA 5960 form is also known as the personnel action form. You might also notice the longer name on the army DA 5960 blank, which is Authorization to Start, Stop, or Change Basic Allowance for Housing and or Variable Housing Allowa
  • DA Form 2142 - Army Pay Inquiry Form DA Form 2142 - Army Pay Inquiry Form What Is a DA Form 2142? Wondering what is a DA Form 2142? Many people know this document by another name, which is the Army Pay Inquiry Form. The blank allows asking for payment for specific occasions. Only army employees can file the Army Pay Inquiry For
  • DA FORM 1380, Record of Individual Performance of Reserve Duty Trainng DA FORM 1380, Record of Individual Performance of Reserve Duty Trainng What Is DA Form 1380? Also referred to as a Record of Individual Performance of Reserve Duty Training, it’s a document issued to you if you’re in the Army Reserve or National Guard. We’ll cover the purpose of this form and instructions o
  • DA Form 4610 R DA Form 4610 R What is DA Form 4610 R? DA 4610 R (aka Equipment Changes in MTOE) is a two-page document that is a simple application used by the US Army. With its help, responsible persons can request the replacement of obsolete equipment and receive in return the new o
  • Da Form 705 Da Form 705 How to Redact and Fill Out DA Form 705 Online If you have a question about how to properly fill out a Da form 705, you've come to the right place. Da Form 705 is also known as the Army Physical Fitness Test Scorecard, and it is used by soldiers to doc
  • DD Form 2870 DD Form 2870 What is DD Form 2870? The DD Form 2870 fillable is a one-page document that allows military people to authorize TRICARE to release confidential information such as their insurance, medical, and dental information to third parties. No additional documents
  • DD Form 149 DD Form 149 What is DD Form 149? The DD form 149 is also known as Application for Correction of Military Record Under the Provisions of Title 10, US Code. This document follows the Code, title 10, section 1552. You have to read it, as well as the Privacy Act Statemen
  • Military Health Service South African Military Health Service South African What Is a South African Military Health Service Form? The SA Military Health Service Form is a document used to apply for a South African Medical Aid Scheme (SAMHS) Medical Scheme Dependent (MSD) Application Coupon. The coupon is used to claim a benefit f
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What Are Military Templates Used For?

A military template is an important tool that helps the military operate smoothly and efficiently. For both current and future service members, it is a valuable resource.

You can use military templates to monitor each soldier's skills and training. You may also use these layouts to determine what positions each person is best equipped for and plan for future needs. 

You can use the information in the military template to identify workforce trends. For example, if the template shows a need for more medical personnel, the military can take steps to meet that need. Military templates are also used to create a database of potential recruits. You of course, can use these databases to quickly find and connect with people who may be interested in enlisting in the military.

What Are Military Templates?

In the military, a template is a standardized tool or guide used to achieve optimal effectiveness in various tasks. For example, you can often use templates in areas such as logistics, engineering, and operations.

Using templates helps to streamline these tasks and save time and resources. In some cases, you might use templates to automate tasks fully. Templates are an important part of military operations and are used by personnel at all levels, from senior commanders to junior enlisted personnel.

Types of Military Templates

There are many types of military patterns, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Below is a summary of the most popular types of templates used by the military.

  • Recommendation For Award Form

You are encouraged to use the recommendation for awards form to make recommendations for awards, scholarships, and other recognition programs. The form must be completed and signed by the recommender and then forwarded to the appropriate department.

  • NATO - 9 Line MEDEVAC Request Form

When requesting MEDEVAC in the NATO system, the 9-line MEDEVAC request form is used. You would use this form to request the evacuation of sick or wounded personnel from the battlefield.

  • Firearm Registration Form

You will need to fill out this form when you purchase a firearm. You will definitely need to give your name, address, and the type of firearm you are purchasing. You will also need to submit a background check and fingerprinting.

  • Estimated Earnings During Military Service Form

This form is important for you if you are going to enlist in the military to have an idea of your potential earnings. The form takes into account various factors such as rank, time of service, and duty station. Importantly, the estimates are just that, estimates. They are not a guarantee of your earnings.

  • Request and Authority for Leave

You will need to use this form to request leave authorization from your commanding officer. The form must be submitted at least seven days prior to your planned leave and must be approved by your commander before you can take leave.

What Should Include in Military Templates?

When it comes to military forms and templates, there are several key elements that you should keep in mind and that should always be included. First and foremost, all forms should have a clear and concise instructions section. This ensures that users will know exactly how to fill out the form or template. In addition, all forms and templates should be stored in a central location so that they can be easily accessed by anyone who needs them.

Finally, you should make sure that all military forms and templates comply with the latest security regulations. This includes ensuring that all personal information is protected and that only authorized users have access to sensitive data. By following these simple guidelines, you can ensure that your military forms and templates are compliant.

How to Create/Write/Make Military Templates: Step by Step

  1. The first thing you need to do is get a quality template. You can download military templates for free at PDFliner or purchase them from various sources. Once you have a template, the next step is to start adapting it to your particular requirements.
  2. You should also keep in mind one of the most important aspects of creating a military template is ensuring that all of the information is accurate. This means that you will probably have to do some research to fill in the missing information.
  3. Another important thing you should keep in mind in creating a military template is to make sure that it is easy to read and understand. So that means you should use simple language and avoid using jargon.
  4. After you have all the information you need, the next step is for you to start putting it together.
  5. Once you have everything put together, your final step is to test military template. That s important because you want to make sure that everything is working properly. You can do this by sending it out to a few people who you know will be able to give you feedback.
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