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What is OPNAV 5239/14?

OPNAV Form 5239 14 is a two-page document used by the US Navy. It is a questionnaire filled out by authorized users who need access to the internal data of the Ministry of Defense in particular and the government in general. It also details what the accessed person can do and what is prohibited.

What do I need the Navy OPNAV 5239/14 for?

  • This form is used by a limited circle of people who want and can (through their work) get access to the DoD and USG information systems.
  • These can be both military and civilian specialists, as well as independent contractors involved in various government programs and initiatives.
  • Completing the OPNAV 5239/14 fillable form is optional. However, not doing so may result in you not getting access.

OPNAV 5239 on PDFLiner

How to Fill Out OPNAV 5239/14 Rev 9/2011?

Step 1: Fill in the application date, request type, and the name and location of the system you need access to.

Step 2: Then fill in the personal information: name, position, organization, official contact details, and nationality. Also, specify if you have completed AI Awareness Training.

Step 3: The following part should be completed by the person who is authorized to provide access. They need to enter the reason for access, type, expiration date, and contact details of a supervisor.

Step 4: The user should read the conditions for obtaining access and their obligations and prohibitions and sign the paper.

Step 5: The last two parts are filled out by the security manager and authorized staff who handle this case.

OPNAV 5239 14 on PDFLiner

Organizations that work with OPNAV 5239/14 PDF

  • US Department of Defense

Fillable online OPNAV 5239 14 2011-2021
(4.6 / 5) 56 votes
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