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Get your DA FORM 1380, Record of Individual Performance of Reserve Duty Trainng in 3 easy steps

  • 01 Fill and edit template Fill DA FORM 1380, Record of Individual Performance of Reserve Duty Trainng
  • 02 Sign it online Sign DA FORM 1380, Record of Individual Performance of Reserve Duty Trainng
  • 03 Export or print immediately Export DA FORM 1380, Record of Individual Performance of Reserve Duty Trainng

What Is DA Form 1380?

Also referred to as a Record of Individual Performance of Reserve Duty Training, it’s a document issued to you if you’re in the Army Reserve or National Guard. We’ll cover the purpose of this form and instructions on its completion later in this post. Meanwhile, make the most of our extensive and absolutely free template catalog to find a new DA form 1380 template and fill it out online.

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What DA form 1380 is used for

Here’s what this document is utilized for:

  • evaluating an individual’s Reserve Duty Training program;
  • identifying training deficiencies;
  • providing a record of a person’s performance.

When it comes to the pre-made template of the DA form 1380 army pubs, it’s used for the purpose of making your administrative affairs as time-saving as possible. With a ready-made draft of any document at your regular disposal, you are guaranteed to save heaps of your precious time working on your docs.

How to Fill Out the DA Form 1380

Being a member of the Army Reserve, completing a specific amount of yearly training is a must-do. The Record of Individual Performance of Reserve Duty Training form is utilized for the purpose of monitoring your progress and performance. The document consists of two pages, with only the first being fillable. The second page contains important completion instructions.

Below, you’ll find a summary of vital steps you’ll need to take to fill out this form digitally via our online platform:

  1. Open the template and wait until the editing tools load.
  2. Provide your personal data, such as your full name, rank, and SSN.
  3. Proceed by spelling out the training program you’ve completed. Indicate the date, training type, and location.
  4. Provide a record of your individual performance throughout the training. It includes details about your attendance, participation, and test scores received.

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How to submit the DA Form 1380

You’re welcome to file this form online via the Reserve Component Management system (RCMS). Alternatively, mail it to your personnel office. Find the address on the RCMS or by getting in touch with your unit administrator. Generally speaking, the fastest and most convenient way to submit your forms is online. And that’s what PDFLiner is guaranteed to help you with.

Who Should Sign the DA form 1380

Your commander should sign the form before you are promoted or reenlisted. Don’t forget that our service is where you can also add safe, legally-binding, and instant digital signatures to all your files. E-sign your docs with PDFLiner on the go wherever you are. Or send them to your recipients for a super speedy e-signature. That’s what we call limitless convenience.

Where can I download army forms?

This form, along with other army documents, is available on the Army Publishing Directorate website. Alternatively, now that you are here, feel free to explore a breadth of army forms presented in our almost limitless template catalog. We’re constantly updating our database of templates, ensuring that they are fresh, relevant, and up to the point.

Fillable online DA FORM 1380, Record of Individual Performance of Reserve Duty Trainng
(4.7 / 5) 81 votes
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