Form Vs-4 Commonwealth of Virginia - Report of divorce or Annulment


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Understanding the Virginia VS 4 Form

In the legal realm, divorce and annulment proceedings have essential paperwork needed to ensure that the process is properly recorded and maintained. The Virginia VS 4 form, also known as the Report of Divorce or Annulment Form, is imperative if you are getting a separation or annulment in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Purpose and importance of the form

The Virginia VS-4 form provides a systematic method for collecting, analyzing, and disseminating data on divorces and annulments. These data help with essential functions like policy-making, allocation of resources, and public health planning. Besides, the form statutorily registers your separation, a crucial step toward legitimizing the divorce process.

How to Complete the Virginia VS 4 Form PDF

To fill out this Virginia form template, you need a few steps:

  1. Once you access the form, read the stated instructions under the "Total This Section" part. After understanding the instructions, start providing the requested details. 
  2. In the first section, titled "Circuit Court for City or County of, State File Number;" mention the name of the city or county where the divorce or annulment will be/has been filed. Also, provide the state file number.
  3. The VS 4 form Virginia requires you to provide details of both Party A and Party B. Under the "Party A" section, check the appropriate box to identify whether Party A is the Husband, Wife, or Spouse. 
  4. Subsequently, provide their full name, Social Security Number, Place of Birth, Date of Birth, Race, Sex, number of marriages this person has had, their level of education, and their current residence. 
  5. Repeat step 3 for Party B.
  6. In the "Place of Marriage" section, provide information on where (City, County, and State) the marriage took place.
  7. State the Date of Marriage and the Date of Separation in the respective sections.
  8. Provide the total Number of Children Under 18 in the family and specify the number of these children whose custody was awarded to Party A or Party B or Both.
  9. Mention who was/were the Plaintiff(s), i.e., Party A or Party B or Both, and to whom the divorce was granted.
  10. In the "Legal Ground or Cause of Divorce" section, clarify the main reason for the divorce or annulment.
  11. The Informant's Signature, Name, and complete residential address are required under the "Informant’s Signature", "Name of Informant", and "Address of Informant" sections. 
  12. Check the appropriate box under "divorce or annulment," furnish the date of divorce or annulment, and the court file number.
  13. The form must be signed by the Clerk of Court or Deputy under their designated area. Include their respective names in the "Name of Clerk or Deputy" box.
  14. Review all the filled details to ensure all the information provided is accurate. Correct any errors and submit the finalized form. 

Where and when to submit the Virginia VS-4 form

Now that you have a basic understanding of the form, you may wonder where you should submit it. The Virginia VS 4 fillable forms should be submitted to the Virginia Department of Health’s Division of Vital Records. As for the timing, it's crucial to submit this form within one month of the divorce or annulment for the record to be up-to-date and accurate.

Fillable online Form Vs-4 Commonwealth of Virginia - Report of divorce or Annulment
(5 / 5) 87 votes
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