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If you’ve decided to divorce or separate from your spouse, one of the most important aspects to take into account is how it will influence your children. To sort that out in a smart way, you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse will need to work out a custody schedule and consider granting your ex-partner a temporary custody agreement. That is to say, Temporary Custody Agreement is a document that allows temporary custody of a child to another person.   

What do you need a temporary custody agreement for

There are various reasons why a parent may grant a temporary custody agreement to another person. Some of them include:

  • Separation/divorce: soon-to-be-ex-partners may decide to grant a temporary custody agreement until the court decides on their child custody case;
  • Family violence: A temporary custody agreement may be issued by the court if threats are made against the child;
  • Money issues: when a parent is unemployed and/or doesn’t have finances to provide for their child, temporary custody may be granted to another person;
  • Health issues: when a parent is sick, they may ask a friend or a family member to temporarily take custody of their child;
  • Busy lifestyle: when a parent is excessively busy at work, they may ask a trusted person to temporarily take guardianship of their child.

How To Fill Out the Temporary Guardianship Agreement Form

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In order to fill out the Temporary Custody Agreement form in a proper way, you’re going to need to provide the following information:

  • Date when the agreement begins and ends.
  • Details on where the child will live.
  • Details on the parent’s visitation rights.

Also, parents’ personal details must be provided in the Temporary Guardianship Agreement, along with the information about the trusted individual to whom guardianship rights are granted.

In addition to this, the document typically includes details on the couple’s financial decisions and chain of custody form. Keep in mind that in order to have legal effect, your Temporary Custody Agreement must be notarized. 

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Organizations that work with the temporary custody agreement form

  • Banks and most other financial institutions 

The agreement is filled out in two copies. Each party must keep the notarized copy of the agreement, having previously notarized it at a local bank or other financial institution.

Fillable online Temporary Custody Agreement
(5 / 5) 104 votes
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