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What is NC Youth Employment Certificate?

Youth Employment Certificate is a form that must be filled for all employees under 18 if they want to be hired officially. It is required by the state department of labor. This form gives permission to work for young people. It guarantees the protection of employees. Besides Youth Employment Certificate, future employees must provide the document that proves their age.

What I need the Youth Employment Certificate for?

You need Youth Employment Certificate for:

  • Feeling secure about proper treatment at work;
  • On-time payments of the amount of money specified in the agreement;
  • Fixed number of hours employee will have per week;
  • Being officially hired by the employer;
  • Feeling protection of the state department of labor.

Youth Employment Certificate must be prepared and signed before the young worker under 18 starts working in the organization. All the documents must be attached to the agreement. The worker could not be hired officially without this form.

Filling out Youth Employment Certificate

Youth Employment Certificate is simple to fill out. There are no complicated lines to fill out. Still, you need to:

  • Give the personal information: the name of the youth you want to hire, their address and age;
  • Provide a description of the job they will perform, name of the company, business type.

Both parties have to sign this form. After the certificate is signed, it must be sent to the Department of Social Services. Only after all the information is verified, it has to be submitted to the employer. The original can be saved by the youth, and the employer may receive a copy of the document.

Organizations that work with Youth Employment Certificate

  • Any company that may hire youth;
  • Department of Social Services.
Fillable online NC Youth Employment Certificate
(4.7 / 5) 81 votes
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