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IRS tax forms

This category has all the forms that didn’t get into the previous ones. For example, here you may find a form for low-income credit, reimbursement of bank charges, foreign earned income, as well as forms for tax payment postponing and tax information authorization. The search may be a bit trickier here than in other sections, but still, in it, you will find everything you need that is tax-related.

  • Form 8917
    What is an 8917 form? This form is used for partial deduction of higher education costs. The document should be accompanied by Form 1098-T, completed by a school, which indicates your transaction amount per tax year. The sum you can get back depends on the payments you made in the first months of this year or during the previous one. What do I need Form 8917 for? You have the right to complete this blank and deduct for a college education to ease your financial burden. In some cases, the amount can be as high as $4000 annually. If your spouse and/or dependent you listed on your tax return receive a college degree, you can also request a refund. Obtaining such a deduction will reduce the amount of your income tax. If, for example, you have a business and your annual income is higher than $80000, you can't claim a deduction for such expenses. How to fill out Form 8917? Open fillable Form 8917 and read requirements at the top of the page. Note that you will need data from Form 1040 to complete this online document. Provide the student's first, last name and SSN, as well as adjusted qualified expenses. To obtain this figure, subtract educational assistance (free of tax) from your tuition fees. If there is more than one student, add up the costs and put the total on the second line. In the third and fourth paragraphs of the PDF file, enter the specified data from Form 1040. To obtain the fifth line data, subtract the sum of the third line from the fourth one. The sixth paragraph is directly devoted to the calculation of the amount of deduction. When finished, you can download Form 8917, submit to the desired organization, or print it. Organizations that work with Form 8917 IRS
  • Form 3911
    What is a 3911 Form? Form 3911 is used for filing a claim that you have not received a refund. This document is directly linked to your annual tax return. If you filled it out correctly and submitted it on time but did not receive the refund, you can request the revenue service to conduct a review. To complete this document, you will need data from your tax return. What do I need Form 3911 for? The main purpose of this free form is to track missing tax refunds. If you received a check but lost it, you can request to send it again. Since the refund can be issued as a direct deposit, you can also use this online paper to declare that you have not received it. The blank can also be used to search for stimulus payment that you may not have received on time. If you have lost a check that you already signed, and it was cashed by someone else, the service will not be able to send it to you again. How to fill out Form 3911? The fillable Form 3911 lists all possible options and reasons why you did not receive a refund. Your task is to provide personal (or business) information to help the revenue service understand the problem. The first section is devoted to your personal data and the info about your spouse. In section two of this PDF file, you should indicate the complete information about the refund that you should have received. You can get it from your tax return. In the fourth section, you should put your sign. If it was supposed to be a joint return, then your spouse should also sign the form. The fifth point is filled in by the revenue service. When done, download Form 3911 to your device and print it to send to the IRS. Organizations that work with Form 3911 IRS
  • Form 8849 (Schedule 1)
    What is form 8849 (Schedule 1)? Form 8849 can be used to get a refund of excise taxes, and its Schedule 1 is dedicated to certain fuels used in a nontaxable way. The list includes gasoline, kerosene, undyed diesel fuel and a variety of alternative fuels.  What I need form 8849 (Schedule 1) for? As an ultimate purchaser of fuel, you can use Schedule 1 to make a claim for tax refund. However, there are some requirements to be met: The total amount claimed should exceed $750. You can make such claim for any quarter of your tax year or simply aggregate amounts from multiple quarters to reach that level; Your claim must be filed during the first quarter following the last quarter included in the claim. That means a claim including amounts from months of January through March and April through June must be filed between July 1 and September 30. Only one claim is allowed for every quarter.  How to fill out form 8849 (Schedule 1)? You can fill Schedule 1 online following these steps: Enter your name and EIN/SSN in the first two fields. Make sure that this information matches the main form 8849. Then enter the period of claim in MMDDYYYY format in the corresponding fields below; Look through Schedule 1 and find a fuel type you want to make a claim for. Enter its type of use code (you can find them in the Type of Use Table in the main form 8849) and the number of gallons. Then multiply that number by the rate shown in column (b). Repeat for every type of fuel you want to claim, leaving other fields blank; Add all amounts in column (d) and enter the total sum in the Total refund box at the top. Make sure it exceeds $750, or you won’t be able to get a refund from the IRS. Attach Schedule 1 to your form 8849. Organizations that work with form 8849 (Schedule 1) Companies that use nontaxable fuels.
  • Form 4810
    What is form 4810? Form 4810 can be used to request immediate assessment of tax from the IRS. You can choose your own format of such request, but make sure to list the same information as required by this online form. What I need form 4810 for? Form 4810 allows you to request prompt assessment for any kind of income, gift, employment or excise tax. Please note that you should file this form only after you file all of the tax returns for which prompt assessment is required, or you will have to file a separate form 4810 for any tax returns later.  How to fill out form 4810? Use the fillable form 4810 to file it online without having to print or download PDFs. Follow these steps: In the first section, you need to enter your personal information, including your name, phone number and address. Don’t forget to check one of the boxes in the Kind of tax section to clarify what tax you want to get assessed; The second section requires that you provide information about your tax returns. For each tax return, enter the corresponding form number, the date of tax period expiration, your SSN or EIN, address and name as shown on that form. Don’t forget to specify what service center was used to file the form and when it was filed. If you need to request assessment for multiple kinds of tax, use a separate form 4810 for every one of them; If corporate income tax returns are listed, make sure to choose one of the boxes below the tax returns table – and if that’s not that case, leave those boxes blank. You can also include any applicable forms and other attachments, but don’t forget to list them in the form: check the box or describe them. Sign the form at the bottom and file. Organizations that work with form 4810 Taxpayers requesting prompt assessment.
  • Form 4506
    1. What is a 4506 Form? The fillable Form 4506 is an official tax form by the IRS (US Internal Revenue Service) that is designed to let you request a copy of your annual tax return. Usually, this form is required for disclosure of the tax information to banks and similar third-parties that have the right to request this information. A reissued document can serve as proof of the financial stability of the claimant. No supporting documentation is required.  2. What I need the 4506 Form for? This form can be used to requesting a copy (or multiple copies) of your W-2, 1120, 1040, 941, or another tax return form; Submit the form to get copies of tax returns for the last seven years or less.  Don’t use the form itself as proof of financial stability as it doesn’t carry the needed information and serves only as a request to the IRS.  3. How to fill out Form 4506?   To start filling out the blank, you can download Form 4506 right from PDFLiner or complete it online, using our cloud PDF editor with a direct print option. Downloading is free. Completion takes around 10 minutes and requires: your personal information (name, address, SSN, phone number; the name of the needed tax return form copy; requested periods (in years, up to 8 different periods); third party (business entity, federal organization) mail address and contacts, if you want the IRS to file the return directly to a requesting organization;  total fee amount. Multiply the current fee for a copy (it changes yearly) by the number of copies requested to figure out the total fee; your signature and your spouse’s signature if you filed at least one of the returns jointly.  4. Organizations that work with Form 4506 Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Related Form 4506 Tax Documents Fillable 4506-T Fillable 4506-A Fillable 1099-misc Fillable 1040 IRS Form 4506-T Resources Download 4506 form blank Instructions for the Requester of Form 4506
  • Form 4506-T
    What is IRS 4506-T? Form IRS 4506-T is widely known as the Request for Transcript of Tax Return. It was created for taxpayers who want to get a copy of tax return documents. It can be a printout of the previous tax return form or the transcript. You receive the document right after you send the request. If you want to receive copies of the transcript, complete 4506 form. What I need the IRS 4506-T for? This form is usually requested from authorities by people or companies who want: To check the information on their tax return; To read the transcript of the document; To have complete information about tax return while filling out the application for the loan. Usually, IRS 4506-T does not need any attachments to it. However, you may need to provide your authorization document, if you are filling the form on behalf of the other person. There is no due date for this form, and you can fill it out whenever you want. However, IRS will process it only if they receive the form during 120 days after the original tax return document was signed. Filling out IRS 4506-T There are only 9 fields in the form. Each of the fields is supported with a brief but easy to get instruction. Five first sections must be completed with the personal information about the filer. You have to provide the following information: Your name/ name of your client; The address; SSN; If there is a third party involved, you have to provide the information about him/her, including the name and address. The rest of the fields usually contain the data about the forms that are requested and the signature of the person that is filling out this form. You still have to read all the instructions before completing the form. Organizations that work with IRS 4506-T Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Security. Related Form 4506 Tax Documents Fillable 4506 Fillable 4506-A Fillable 1099 int Fillable 1040 es IRS Form 4506-T Resources Download 4506-T form blank Instructions for the Requester of Form 4506-T
  • Form 14446
    What Is 14446 Form? Form 14446 is required if a taxpayer applies for free tax calculation assistance from VITA/TCE remotely, via one of the specializing sites. This form is used for getting the taxpayer’s consent to have their data processed digitally and reviewed by IRS employees if necessary. What Do I Need Form 14446 for? This form is used for making agreements between VITA/TCE sites and taxpayers using their services, regardless of their business. If you are a taxpayer, you only need to provide your personal data and confirm your consent. A VITA/TCE side needs to fill its part of the Form (Page 1 and 2) and send it to the taxpayer, with the instructions how to fill out form 14446 Page 3.. Then the taxpayer fills Page 3 and files the form back to the s How to Fill Out Form 14446? Form 14446 is filled online by two sides. If you represent a VITA/TCE site, you are required to fill Page 1 and Page 2. Provide site details as required on Page 1 Tick the boxes to select tax preparation methods you use on your site Describe the details of your communication with taxpayers on the site. The last part of it may require more than one try and so a draft or several. You better download a fillable Form 144446 PDF and perfect your explanation. If you are a taxpayer using VITA/TCE services to calculate your tax return, you are required to fill Page 3. Confirm your consent to have your return revised by an IRS employee by ticking the box Confirm your consent to provide your data to Virtual VITA/TCE Process Provide your personal data (name, date of birth, electronic or type/print signature) You can download Form 14446 blank version and print it in order to examine it before the appointed time. This way, you can feel more assured about it. Organizations that work with Form 14446 VITA/TCE sites IRS
  • Form 656
    What Is 656 Form? Form 656 is the form used for applying for tax compromise, to actually pay less than you owe. This form is meant for you to report your circumstances and the reasons you apply for an offer in compromise (OIC). You can fill the Form 656 if you do not have sufficient assets to pay your tax debt, you consider you are not the person responsible for tax failure, or What Do I Need Form 656 for? To apply for tax compromise To report your current financial situation ·To react to unpredicted circumstances that make your tax return impossible at the moment How to Fill Out Form 656? Originally, Form 656 is developed for tax professionals. It may be too complicated for unexperienced people to fill. Still, here are some hints so you can at least check whether it’s done right. If you have enough experience or time and background to make out how to fill out form 656, here are some hints. Fill the fields with your personal or family information correctly on Page 1. Check your recent tax periods to fill out this information correctly on Page 1 as well (if you are representing yourself) or Check your business’s recent tax periods if you are representing your business to fill out the required information correctly on page 2 On-Page 3, Check the reason why you apply for OIC. Analyze your financial wellbeing to estimate how much you can actually pay within the next months. Calculate how many months it will require. Fill in those sums on Page 4, regarding the time you need to pay (under or over 5 months). We recommend you download Form 656 and print as many blank copies as necessary to examine and practice filling it. On PDFLiner, you can have your fillable Form 656 PDF file for free. This form can be filed online or via regular mail. Organizations that work with Form 656 IRS
  • Form 886-H-EIC
    What Is an 886-H-EIC Form? Form 886-H is a form that parents or persons having custody of a child fill to claim earned income tax credit. Along with this form, you may have to send documents proving that the child has been living with you for at least a half of the tax year. School records Medical records Court records Adoption or child placement documents If there are any complicating circumstances (you are divorced, living apart from the other parent, or you are claiming a relative other than your child or grandchild), you need to download or use a fillable online version of Form 886-H-DEP along with 886-H-EIC. What Do I Need Form 886-H-EIC for? To claim an earned income tax credit if you have a qualifying child living with you To check which documents you need to send to claim this credit This form is meant for personal taxation, not for business. Your business details, though, may be required as a reason why you are claiming EITC. How to Fill Out Form 886-H-EIC? This form is not used for filling and sending. It’s an instruction on what to do to get earned credit tax credit. With it, you know how to claim EITC by proving three things: Your relation to the child The fact that the child has been living with you in the USA for more than a half of the tax year The child’s age You may tick blank boxes at the end of Page 2, but you do not have to. Neither do you need to print the PDF file or edit it. They are there to remind you what data and documents you need to provide. Just make sure you download the most up-to-date version which we provide for free. Organizations that work with Form 886-H-EIC IRS
  • Form 8822-B
    What is a Form 8822-B? Here you can learn what this form is used for, learn how to fill it, where and when to file it, and who may need it. What Is a Form 8822-B? Form 8822-B is a form you need to file when your business has changed its mailing address or responsible party when you change your actual location. By filing Form 8882-B you make sure your new address is registered and your data is updated. It requires no extra forms to fill, but you need to wait until you get an answer. What Do I Need Form 8822-B for? You need to inform the IRS by filing the 8822-B if you have changed one of the following: business location Business mailing address Identity of the responsible party You also need to notify the IRS if this address location affects any changes in your tax returns by ticking the corresponding box. The form should be sent within 60 days after the actual change took place. How to Fill Out Form 8822-B? First of all, you need to know how to fill out Form 8822-B if you need to send one. It’s simple: Mark what your address change affects Enter your business name Enter correctly your old mailing address Enter correctly your new mailing address When you decide where to send this form, it has it straight that you should make a choice according to your old address. Then it will be updated, and after you get a confirmation, you can send your IRS forms where you are supposed to with your new address. On our site, you can fill out fillable Form 8822-B online for free. It is available as a PDF document that you can download, print, and file by regular mail if you prefer dealing with papers. Otherwise, than download Form 8822-B, you can fill out its blank version in the online editor. Organizations that work with Form 8822-B IRS
  • Form 8996
    What is form 8996 This is a standard tax form necessary for launching a Qualified Opportunity Fund (QOF). It is a special type of fund that seeks to invest in the so-called qualified Opportunity Zones. They include depressed areas, small towns, etc. You can see their full list here. Upon filing the form, you will qualify for such bonuses as: Tax deferrals. Capital gains exclusion. The step-up basis for capital gains, etc. A unique feature of that document is that an investor should specify how every single on of the qualified investments earned the tax benefits.    What I need form 8996 for? If you run a company or partnership that operates in a qualified opportunity zone, then filing this form is unavoidable. With it, you can claim certain benefits like a 10% step-up in tax basis after five years and other bonuses. How to fill out form 8996 The 8996 form consists of four parts. It is believed to be one of the most complex forms issued by IRS, as it lists such specialized concepts as working capital assets, eligible gain, and so forth. In the first part, you need to select the taxpayer type: partnership or corporation. Plus, in this same part, you should name the first month when your company became a QOF, which is important for the tax calendar. In Part II you’re supposed to list the assets owned by your company, the qualified opportunity zone property that also belongs to you, and so on. Part III is based on calculations that involve data from the previous two parts. It’s one of the reasons why experts advise outsourcing filling out this form to a professional. The concluding part IV also involves some math, such as calculating the ‘underpayment rate’ per month. Organizations that work with form 8996 This form is a legal documented released by the IRS. You can download form 8996 on PDFLiner and edit it right in your browser for free.
  • Form 13614-NR
    What is form 13614-NR Form 13614-NR is a Nonresident Alien Intake and Interview sheet blank. It is provided by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This document is necessary for tax returns, but only under the specific conditions that apply to nonresident aliens. What I need the form 13614-NR for? As commented by the IRS, the form is meant for the volunteer tax-preparers who are arranging tax returns for the non-residents. (Both individuals and households). Such a form should contain all necessary personal data of a nonresident alien as the tax law demands. The resident alien status is shared by the following individuals: Mentor/science researcher who stays longer than 2 years; Foreign student who states in the US longer than 5 years; Non-resident/dual-status alien who’s married to a permanent resident. In case you belong to the resident alien category and there’s no one to assist you, you can get some volunteer help with the taxes from VTAP. How to fill out form 13614-NR The first section of the fillable 13614-NR form requires the volunteer’s personal data. It includes the full name, telephone number, ITN or social security, passport, birthdate, home address, and so forth. In the second section you must provide personal information about the Dependent. It implies their full name, entry immigration status, visa type, primary activity during the stay, residence address in the home country etc. Finally, you should provide all tax-related info regarding the Dependent. It involves any taxation they were subjected to both in or outside the US, scholarship, pensions, grants, salaries and other similar payments. Organizations that work with form 13614-NR Both the IRS and the Department of Treasury work with the form. You can get it here for free.
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